Conversational Phrases and Dialogues in French and English: Compiled Chiefly from the Eighteenth and Last Paris Edition of Bellenger's Conversational Phrases, with Many Additions and Corrections

J. Munroe and Company, 1837 - 121 pagina's

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Pagina 55 - Il fait beau temps. Il fait un temps charmant. Il fait un temps superbe. Nous aurons une belle journée. Il fait de la rosée. Il fait du brouillard. Il fait un temps pluvieux. Le temps est à la pluie. Le ciel est pris de tous côtés. Le ciel se brouille. Le ciel se couvre. Le, ciel se rembrunit. Le ciel se noircit. Le soleil commence à se montrer. Le soleil se montre.
Pagina 52 - Is there a thoroughfare across this field ? Let us take this path. It is the nearest way to go home. It is not late. I want to be home in good time. We have only half an hour's walk. We shall reach home in good time.
Pagina 109 - Two, Deux. Three, Trois. Four, Quatre. Five, Cinq. Six, Six. Seven, Sept. Eight, Huit. Nine, Neuf. Ten, Dix. Eleven, Onze. Twelve, Douze. Thirteen, Treize. Fourteen, Quatorze. Fifteen, Quinze. Sixteen, Seize. Seventeen, Dix-sept.
Pagina 95 - The dafibdils will soon corne out. Are your tulips blown ? Yes. We shall see them presently. What a fine bed you have of them ! The hyacinths are almost over. What flower is this ? What is the name of this flower ? What a beautiful double wallflower ! Here is a fine double stock. Are you fond of pinks ? Yes.
Pagina 106 - I want a needle. What are you going to sew ? I am going to mend my gown. This needle is too large. Here is another. This is too small. Give me some thread, some silk, some cotton, some worsted. What color do you want ? I want some red.
Pagina 55 - It is very cloudy. It is dreadful weather. It is fine weather. We are going to have a fine day. It is dewy. It is foggy. It is rainy weather. It threatens to rain. The sky becomes very cloudy. The sky is getting very dark. The sun is coming out. The weather is clearing up again.
Pagina 88 - That is a very good idea. I am of your opinion. Let us do that. Let us do so. It is the best way. I would rather . . It is better. . . . Would it not be better It is the best thing we can do. It js the best thing we can do.
Pagina 38 - I am very well. Very well, thank God. How does your father do? He is very well, Sir. How does all the family do ? How do they all do at home ? And how is your mother?
Pagina 60 - I don't know exactly. I cannot tell you exactly. Look at your watch. It is not wound up. I forgot to wind it up. It does not go. It has stopped. What o'clock is it by yonrs f Does yours go well ? Mine, does not go well.
Pagina 83 - Now, I have only the address to write. The letter is not sealed. There is no sealing wax. Bring me a wafer. I cannot find my seal. What is become of my seal ? What have I done with the seal? I have found it. I have it. Now I have done. Carry this letter to the postoffice. Pay the postage of it.

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