The Works of the Right Reverend William Warburton, D.D., Lord Bishop of Gloucester, Volume 1

Luke Hansard & Sons, near Lincoln's Inn-Fields, 1811
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Pagina 248 - ... whom they are subject, is author ; only the works and operations of God have him both for their worker, and for the law whereby they are wrought. The being of God is a kind of law to his working : for that perfection which God is, giveth perfection to that he doth.
Pagina 186 - ... an incongruity in the claim, urges the mind to reject it with laughter and contempt.
Pagina 111 - What this philosopher thought of his commission, I think of human life in general, good brown ochre is the complexion of it.
Pagina 94 - He employed, through a long life, in the support of what he firmly believed, the Christian Religion, and of what he esteemed the best Establishment of it, the Church of England. He was born at Newark-upon-Trent, Dec. 24, 1098 ; was consecrated Bishop of Gloucester, Jan. 20, 1760 ; Died at his Palace, in this City, June 7, 1779, and was buried near this place.
Pagina 111 - ... at Bath, as the other for her health. Thus you see, my good friend, we have all something to make us think less complacently of the world. Religion will do great things. It will always make the bitter waters of Marah wholesome and palatable. But we must not think it will usually turn water to wine, because it once did so.
Pagina 120 - as I found myself able, and in the manner I judged most fit, discharged my duty to this incomparable man : a duty which he seemed to expect would be paid to him by one or other of his surviving friends, when, in the close of his preface to Mr. Pope's Works, he has these affecting words — ' And I, when envy and calumny take the same advantage of my absence (for, while I live, I will trust it to my life to confute them) may I find a friend as careful of my honest fame as I have been of his.
Pagina 309 - Fear made her devils, and weak hope her gods; Gods partial, changeful, passionate, unjust, Whose attributes were rage, revenge, or lust; Such as the souls of cowards might conceive, And, formed like tyrants, tyrants would believe.
Pagina 66 - He has crowned the liberty of the " press. And yet he has a considerable post under " the government. I have a great mind to do justice " on his arguments against miracles, which I think " might be done in few words. But does he deserve " this notice? Is he known amongst you? Pray, " answer me these questions. For if his own weight " keeps him down, I should be sorry to contribute to " his advancement to any place, but the pillory.
Pagina 189 - And so has the reasoning of Spinoza made many atheists : he has founded it, indeed, on suppositions utterly false ; but allow him these, and his conclusions are unavoidably true. And if we must reject the use of ridicule, because, by the imposition of false circumstances, things may be made to seem ridiculous, which are not so in themselves ; why we ought not in the same manner to reject the use of reason, because, by proceeding on false principles...

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