THE Edition of Bishop WARBURTON's Works by Bishop HURD, published in 1788 in seven volumes quarto, being out of print, it has been thought advisable to give this new Edition a form more adapted to the prevailing taste; to improve the arrangement, and to make the whole correspond, in size and appearance, with the intended Edition of the Works of Bishop HURD. In the annals of our Church, it would not, perhaps, be easy to find two Prelates of equally splendid fame, who were so closely united by the sympathies of personal esteem and similarity of literary pursuits : and this unform exhibition of their respective Writings, may be regarded as an attempt to render them inseparable as was the friendship of the Authors.

In transforming the Volumes to a smaller size, without losing sight of propriety and system, much care and attention were required. These, the Editors hope and think, have been exerted in such measure, as cannot fail to be satisfactory.


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Brief enumeration of the CONTENTS:

The first Six Volumes are occupied by THE
Divine LEGATION, divided, agreeably to the original
plan of the Author, into three parts, as follow :

The First Part, comprising Books I. II. III. with
their appropriate preliminary matter, Appendices and
Notes, occupy the first, second, and third Volumes.

The Second and Third Parts of the Divine Legation,
comprising Books IV. V. VI. & IX. also with their
respective preliminary matter, Appendices and Notes,
followed by a GENERAL INDEX, and a List of
AUTHORS quoted; occupy the fourth, fifth, and sixth

It had been objected to former Editions, that the
margins of the Divine Legation were too much
crowded with Notes, and with extracts under the
name of Postscripts or Appendices : We have there-
fore followed the mode adopted by Bishop Hurd, in
the quarto edition, of printing these at the end of each
Book, referring to them in the Text.

The Seventh Volume contains THE ALLIANCE
and Equity of an Established Religion, and a Test-
Law, demonstrated. A work, in the opinion of the late
Bishop Horsley, exhibiting “one of the finest specimens
that are to be found in any language, of scientific
reasoning applied to a political subject.”—Here also,
as in the Divine Legation, the Notes are placed after
each Book; and at the end is given a copious INDEX.


The Eighth Volume includes Julian, or, A Discourse concerning the Earthquake and Fiery Eruption, which defeated that Emperor's Attempt to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem; and, The Doctrine or GRACE, or, The Office and Operations of the Holy Spirit vindicated from the Insults of Infidelity and the Abuses of Fanaticism.

The Ninth and Tenth Volumes comprise the Sermons and DISCOURSES of our Author : Together with A CHARGE to the Clergy of the Diocese of Gloucester, in 1761; A DISCOURSE on the Nature and End of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper; and DIRECTIONS for the Study of THEOLOGY.

The two last Volumes (the Eleventh & Twelfth) contain Bishop Warburton's CONTROVERSIAL TRACTS; concluding with A LETTER from an Author to a Member of Parliament, concerning LITERARY ProPERTY ; and his CORRESPONDENCE with Doctors Middleton and Lowth.

In the First Volume, is given a Portrait of the AUTHOR, from an Original Picture: And in the Fourth Volume, the 4th and 6th Sections of Book IV. of the Divine Legation, are illustrated by Engravings.

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