The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, Volume 13

J. Johnson, J. Nichols, R. Baldwin, Otridge and Son, J. Sewell, F. and C. Rivington, T. Payne, R. Faulder, G. and J. Robinson, R. Lea, J. Nunn, W. Cuthell, T. Egerton, ... [and 12 others], 1801
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Pagina 147 - What I did, I can assure you was not for life, but ease ; for I am at present in the case of a man that was almost in harbour, and then blown back to sea — who has a reasonable hope of going to a good place, and an absolute certainty of leaving a very bad one. Not that I have any particular disgust at the world; for I have as great comfort in my own family and from the kindness of my friends as any man ; but the world, in the main, displeases me, and I have too true a presentiment of calamities...
Pagina 446 - I am so stupid and confounded, that I cannot express the mortification I am under both in body and mind. All I caB say is, that I am not in torture; but I daily and hourly expect it. Pray let me know how your health is, and your family. I hardly understand one word I write. I am sure my days will be very few; few and miserable they must be.
Pagina 454 - I should have been at the head of the army, and you of the church, or rather a curate under the Dean of St. Patrick's. The...
Pagina 421 - tis man we love. Then too, when fate shall thy fair frame destroy (That cause of all my guilt, and all my joy...
Pagina 345 - But I followed them to Windsor ; where my Lord Bolingbroke told me, that my scheme had come to nothing. Things went on at the same rate ; they grew more estranged every day. My lord-treasurer found his credit daily declining. In May before the queen died, I had my last meeting with them at my Lord Masham's. He left us together ; and therefore I spoke very freely to them both ; and told them, " I would retire, for I found all was gone.
Pagina 346 - I loved my lord your father better than any other man in the world, although I had no obligation to him on the score of preferment ; having been driven to this wretched kingdom, to which...
Pagina 329 - My sincere love for this valuable, indeed, incomparable man, will accompany him through life, and pursue his memory, were I to live a hundred lives, as many of his works will live; which are absolutely original, unequalled, unexampled. His humanity, his charity, his condescension, his candour, are equal to his wit ;* and require as good and true a taste to be equally valued.
Pagina 186 - Garth said he was glad when he was dying ; for he was weary of having his shoes pulled off and on. As for my part, I am resolved to make the remains of my life as easy as I can, and submit myself entirely to the will of God.
Pagina 389 - April 2, 1738. I WRITE by the same post that I received your very obliging letter. The consideration you show toward me, in the just apprehension that any news of the Dean's condition might alarm me, is most kind and generous. The very last post I writ to him a long letter, little suspecting him in that dangerous circumstance. I was so far from fearing his health, that I was proposing schemes, and hoping possibilities for our meeting once more in this world. I am weary of it ; and shall have one...
Pagina 34 - ... be taken according to your order. I differ with you extremely, that you are in any likelihood of dying poor or friendless : the world can never grow so worthless. I again differ with you, that it is possible to comfort one's self for the loss of friends, as one does upon the loss of money. I think I could live on very little, nor think myself poor, or be thought so ; but a little friendship could never satisfy me ; and I could never expect to find such another support as my poor friend. In almost...

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