Russia's War

Penguin Books Limited, 29 jul. 1999 - 416 pagina's
RUSSIA'S WAR is the epic account of the greatest military encounter in human history. In a vivid, often shocking narrative, Richard Overy describes the astounding events of 1941-45 in which the Soviet Union, after initial catastrophes, destroyed Hitler's Third Reich and shaped European history for the next half Century.

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LibraryThing Review

Gebruikersrecensie  - EricCostello -

Solid history of Russia's fight during World War II. Weaknesses of the book are that for the most part, it covers very familiar ground, and the last chapter, extending things into the early 50s, isn't ... Volledige review lezen

LibraryThing Review

Gebruikersrecensie  - PhilJackson - LibraryThing

At only 300 and some pages this is quite a concise history of an enormous conflict but what it conveys very strongly, painfully so, is the sheer bloody awfulness of the war in the East. The levels of ... Volledige review lezen

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Over de auteur (1999)

Richard Overy is Professor of Modern History at King's College, London. He is also the author of "The Road to War".

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