Tales and Novels: Murad the Unlucky. The manufacturers. The contrast. The grateful negro. To-morrow

Harper & brothers, 1835
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Pagina 61 - Alas! regardless of their doom The little victims play; No sense have they of ills to come Nor care beyond to-day: Yet see how all around 'em wait The ministers of human fate And black Misfortune's baleful train!
Pagina 27 - So, bowing to the ladies, he departed. "Really, I am glad that man is gone," said Lady Clonbrony. ' ' What a relief to one's ears ! I am sure I wonder, my lord, how you can bear to carry that strange creature always about with you — so vulgar as he is." "He diverts me," said Lord Clonbrony, "while many of your correct-mannered fine ladies or gentlemen put me to sleep.
Pagina 232 - Turner's Sacred History of the World, attempted to be Philosophically considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son.
Pagina 235 - The Principles of Physiology, applied to the Preservation of Health, and to the Improvement of Physical and Mental Education.
Pagina 190 - Mr. Granby? Dear! Why did you not make me guess? I should have guessed him directly. But why do you call him our friend? I am sure he is no friend of mine, nor ever was.
Pagina 229 - THE ANCIENTS HAD OF INDIA ; and the Progress of Trade with that Country prior to the Discovery of the Passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope.
Pagina 231 - Historical and Descriptive Account of British India. From the most Remote Period to the Present Time.
Pagina 229 - The History of Modern Europe. With an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ; and a view of the Progress of Society, from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in 1763.
Pagina 207 - If of these the whole power is not accurately delivered, it must be remembered, that while our language is yet living, and variable by the caprice of every one that speaks it, these words are hourly shifting their relations, and can no more be ascertained in a dictionary, than a grove, in the agitation of a storm, can be accurately delineated from its picture in the water.
Pagina 230 - PALESTINE, OR THE HOLY LAND. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By the Rev. M. RUSSELL, LL.D.

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