The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, Volume 22

J.B. Lippincott, Company, 1851

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Pagina 4 - ON INTERMARRIAGE; Or, the Mode in which, and the Causes why Beauty, Health, and Intellect, result from certain Unions, and Deformity, Disease, and Insanity, from others.
Pagina 232 - ... peritoneum would have been opened without the least consideration, and supposedly as a matter of necessity; that also the danger of the proceeding is much lessened, if so delicate and easily inflamed a structure as the peritoneum is not meddled with. Experience has already amply shown the truth of this; but, on the other hand, it cannot be denied that there are many good surgeons who look upon this mode of operating not only with great suspicion, but who consider it to be both unsatisfactory...
Pagina 282 - G. Emerson, Philadelphia ; Agency of the Refrigeration produced through Upward Radiation of Heat, as an Exciting Cause of Disease.
Pagina 281 - ... learn it so as to retain it, and afterwards use it. He kept a slate, on which the words he required most were written, and to this he referred when he wished to express himself. He gradually learned these words ' and extended his vocabulary, so that after a time he was able to dispense with his slate.
Pagina 211 - The disease consists in some change in the kidney by which fibrin, albumen, blood-globules and salts are allowed to pass out, whenever the circulation through the kidney is increased; and if at the same time fat is present in the blood, it escapes also into the urine. That this change of structure is not visible to the naked eye on post-mortem examination, Dr. Prout long since demonstrated ; and in a case of this disease which was in St. George's Hospital, and was examined at Plymouth, no disease...
Pagina 211 - During perfect rest the albumen ceases to be excreted; and it does not appear in quantity in the urine even after food is taken, provided there is perfect rest. A short time after rising early the urine may coagulate spontaneously, although no fat is present; and this may happen previous to food, when the urine is free from fat. 3. Though the urine made just before and a short time after bleeding was as milky as it usually was at that hour of the day, yet the serum of the blood was not milky: it...
Pagina 453 - MR. LIONEL J. BEALE, MRCS THE LAWS OF HEALTH IN THEIR RELATIONS TO MIND AND BODY. A Series of Letters from an Old Practitioner to a Patient.
Pagina 432 - The operation is by no means free from danger, and requires the most consummate skill for its successful execution. None but a madman or a fool would attempt it, unless he had a profound knowledge of the anatomy of the parts, and a thorough acquaintance with the use of...
Pagina 213 - ... rather increased than diminished by such doses, repeated the experiments with carbonate of ammonia, hoping to obtain more decided results. Although, from these experiments, it was again apparent that no diminution of the acid reaction resulted from taking carbonate of ammonia, yet the fact of any great increase in the acidity of the urine could not be determined. In his former paper, the author suggested that an inquiry into the occurrence of nitric acid in the urine would probably give the solution...
Pagina 212 - ... and leaves behind a brown extract, possessing a delicate odour of roasted meat; this extract, when dissolved in about thirty parts of water, and flavoured with salt, yields, at any moment, a most excellent broth. The advantage of extract of flesh for the nutrition of invalids, its use in hospitals, or in field service, as well as in domestic economy, is sufficiently obvious. We see, likewise, that bonebroth, broth-tablets, &c., being preparations essentially different from a true broth from flesh,...

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