Civic Realism

MIT Press, 1999 - 255 pagina's
A civic place belongs to everyone and yet to nobody in particular. In Civic Realism, Peter G. Rowe looks at the shape and appearance of civic places, and at the social, political, and cultural circumstances that bring them into existence. The book is as much about the making and reshaping of civic places as it is about urban architecture per se. According to Rowe, the best civic place-making occurs across the divide between the state and civil society. Topics covered in the book include the role of the state and civil society in the construction of civic spaces, aesthetic and architectural dimensions of realism, individual and collective uses of urban space, and how civic places constitute as well as represent the civic aspects of our lives. The examples, mostly from the modern period, include recent public spaces in Barcelona, several of the Grand Projects in Paris, neorealist projects in postwar Rome, contemporary transformations of the Manhattan grid, and Plecnik's water axis in prewar Ljubljana.

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An Organization of Public and Civic Life 9
Sienas Piazza del Campo 24
Underlying Themes of Civic Realism 34
The Urban Public Spaces of Barcelona 46
Civic Interaction between the State and Civil Society 58
Civic Place Making and the Parisian Grand Projets 68
Strains of Aesthetic Realism 85
Neorealism and Romes Postwar Development 100
Contents Definition of Architectural Realism 116
Transformation of Space into Place 129
Resistance Manifestation and New Yorks Grid 142
Regionalism and Plans for a City 167
Plecniks Water Axis in Ljubljana 180
The Civic the Real and the Specific 203

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Thomas E. Graedel is Clifton R. Musser Professor of Industrial Ecology, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Geology and Geophysics, and Director of the Center for Industrial Ecology at Yale University. He is the author of Streamlined Life-Cycle Assessment and lead author or coauthor of a number of other books.

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