Lifting the Veil: Two Centuries of Travellers, Traders and Tourists in Egypt

Bloomsbury USA, 24 mei 2011 - 289 pagina's
From James Bruce’s intrepid journey up the Nile to the departure of the last British troops from Suez, Lifting the Veil portrays the shifting interests, dreams and failures, passions and intrigues of an extraordinary cast of characters. From Napoleon Bonaparte with his schemes to control the overland route to India, to tomb raiders such as Giovanni Belzoni; from scholars such as hieroglyph-decoder Champollion to Thomas Cook and his wide-eyed tourists and Cromer and his bureaucrats, this fast-paced and richly described narrative illuminates a bygone world and charts the end of imperialism and the advent of Egyptian independence

Over de auteur (2011)

Anthony Sattin is a writer of history and travel, a specialist on the Middle East and North Africa. The author of several highly-acclaimed books, including The Pharoah's Shadow, The Gates of Africa and A Winter on the Nile, he is also a regular contributor to the Sunday Times and Conde Nast Traveller and has been widely published in the UK and around the world. His broadcast work includes several high profile radio documentaries on the Arab world. He sits on the editorial advisory board of Geographical Magazine and has contributed to several guidebook series, including the Lonely Planet volumes on Egypt and Algeria.

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