Historical Development of Legal Literature on Customary Laws in Assam: A Critical Study

Kalpaz Publications, 2005 - 307 pagina's
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1. Introduction Introductory Concept of Human Conduct, Culture and Custom Problem to be Investigated Methodology and Literature Survey Adopted in the Research Work Conclusion 2. History of Legal System Introduction Legal System of India History of Legal System of Assam 3. History of Legal Literature Meaning of Law and its Kinds The Meaning and Kinds of Literature Legal Literature, its Meaning and Kinds 4 .. Survey of customs in the Context of Legal Literature Custom: Its Interpretation Difference Between the Tribal Areas of Assam and the Rest of India in respect of Administration of Justice An Analysis of the Surveyed Tribal Areas in Respect of Impact of Customs in Law Courts Survey of Religious Literature dealing with Customary Laws Instances of Some Acceptable and Non Acceptable Customs of General Communities and Other Tribal Groups 5. Conclusion Introduction Findings Recommendations Bibliography Index

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