Art Applied to Industry: A Series of Lectures

John Henry and James Parker, 1865 - 123 pagina's

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Pagina 127 - THE PRIMEVAL ANTIQUITIES of ENGLAND and DENMARK COMPARED. By JJA WORSAAE. Translated and applied to the illustration of similar remains in England, by WJ THOMS, FSA, &c. With numerous Illustrations. 8vo., cloth, 5s.
Pagina 122 - AN INQUIRY INTO THE DIFFERENCE OF STYLE OBSERVABLE IN ANCIENT GLASS PAINTINGS, especially in England, with Hints on Glass Painting, by the late CHARLES WINSTON.
Pagina 41 - Few men can clasp the thumb in their arms, and the fingers are larger than most statues. Where the limbs are broken asunder, vast caverns are seen yawning in the interior. Within, too, are to be seen large masses of rocks, by the aid of which the artist steadied it while erecting it.
Pagina 127 - WORKS PUBLISHED IN PHOTOZINCOGRAPHY. DOMESDAY BOOK, or the GREAT SURVEY OF ENGLAND OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, 1086 ; fac-simile of the Part relating to each county, separately (with a few exceptions of double counties). Photozincographed, by Her Majesty's Command, at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, Colonel SIR HENRY JAMES, RE, FRS, &c., Director. 35 Parts...
Pagina 122 - THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY. With Commentaries and Descriptions by MM. LASSUS and QUICHERAT. Translated and Edited, with many additional Articles and Notes, by the Rev. ROBERT WILLIS, MA, FRS, Jacksonian Professor at Cambridge, &c. With 64 Facsimiles, 10 Illustrative Plates, and 43 Woodcuts. Royal 4to., cloth, 11.
Pagina 122 - JOHN HEWITT. ANCIENT ARMOUR AND WEAPONS IN EUROPE. By JOHN HEWITT, Member of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain. Vols. II. and III., comprising the Period from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century, completing the work, 12.
Pagina 124 - GILBERT SCOTT, RA, FSA With Appendices supplying Further Particulars, and completing the History of the Abbey Buildings, by Several Writers. Second Edition, enlarged, containing many new Illustrations by O. Jewitt and others. Medium 8vo., 10s.
Pagina 127 - CRUCIS NOSTR^E IN MONTE ACUTO ET DE DUCTIONE EJUSDEM APUD WALTHAM," now first printed from the Manuscript in the British Museum, with Introduction and Notes by WILLIAM STUBBS, MA, Vicar of Navestock, late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.
Pagina 125 - With an Historical Introduction by the Rev. FRANCIS GROSVENOR. Illustrated by Engravings by JH Le Keux, O. Jewitt, &c. 8vo., cloth, 5s.
Pagina 127 - SKETCH OF THE LIFE OF WALTER DE MERTON, Lord High Chancellor of England, and Bishop of Rochester ; Founder of Merton College. By EDMUND, Bishop of Nelson, New Zealand; late Fellow of Merton College, DD 8vo., 2s.

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