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E. D. Taylor Company, printers, 1897 - 147 pagina's

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Pagina 104 - SIR EDWARD SEAWARD'S NARRATIVE OF HIS SHIPWRECK, and consequent Discovery of certain Islands in the Caribbean Sea: with a detail of many extraordinary and highly interesting Events in his Life, from 1733 to 1749. as written in his own Diary. Edited by Miss JANE PORTER.
Pagina 19 - Blossoms from the King's Garden : Sermons for Children. By the Rev. C. BOSANQUET. 2nd Edition, small post 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. Blue Banner (The); or, The Adventures of a Mussulman, a Christian, and a Pagan, in the time of the Crusades and Mongol Conquest. Translated from the French of LEON CAHUN. With Seventy-six Wood Engravings. Imperial l6mo, cloth, gilt edges, Js. 6d. ; plainer binding, 5*. Boy's Froissart (The), 'js. (>d. See "Froissart" Brave Janet: A Story for Girls.
Pagina 126 - The Old Gentleman's Teetotum. — "Woe to us when we lose the Watery Wall."— My College Friends: Charles Russell, the Gentleman Commoner.— The Magic Lay of the One-Horse Chay.
Pagina 17 - THE PREACHER AND THE KING; or, Bourdaloue in the Court of Louis XIV.; being an Account of the Pulpit Eloquence of that distinguished era. Translated from the French of LF BUNGENER, Paris.
Pagina 59 - IVAN DE BIRON ; or, the Russian Court in the Middle of Last Century. By the Author of
Pagina 126 - IX. Rosaura : A Tale of Madrid. — Adventure in the North-West Territory.— Harry Bolton's Curacy.— The Florida Pirate.— The Pandour and his Princess.— The Beauty Draught. VOL. X. Antonio di Carara.— The Fatal Repast.— The Vision of Cagliostro — The First and Last Kiss.— The Smuggler's Leap.— The Haunted and the Haunters.— The Duellists. VOL. XI.
Pagina 98 - Love, mystery and superstition ; After the ball ; False or true ; Confessions of an odd-tempered man ; Illustrations of lying. Opie, J. Lectures on painting.
Pagina 18 - EVELINA; or, The History of a Young Lady's Introduction to the World. By Miss BURNEY (Madame D'Arolay).
Pagina 79 - CAPTAIN OF THE JANIZARIES. A story of the times of Scanderbeg and The Fall of Constantinople.
Pagina 115 - ROGERS.— THE WAVERLEY DICTIONARY: An Alphabetical Arrangement of all the Characters in Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Novels, with a Descriptive Analysis of each Character, and Illustrative Selections from the Text.

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