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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageMethod of inhibiting fibrosis with pyridoxal benzoyl hydrazone and analogs thereof: Patented by Saood Murad, Sheldon R. Pinnell and Huanshu Yang on March 1, 1997. Abstract: Methods of inhibiting fibrosis comprising administering certain pyridoxal benzoyl hydrazones or analogs thereof are disclosed. Preferred hydrazones are pyridoxal benzoyl hydrazone, 3-hydroxyisonicotinaldehyde benzoyl hydrazone and salicylaldehyde benzoyl hydrazone. The methods are useful in treating fibrosing disorders, including dermal fibrosing disorders, fibrosis of internal organs and fibrotic conditions of the eye.Bibliographic UsageAbbas O., Chedraoui A., Ghosn S. Authors of Frontal fibrosing alopecia presenting with components of Piccardi-Lassueur-Graham-Little syndrome, published in Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, vol. 57, in August 2007.Agusti, C., et al. Aerosolised ribavirin in patients with advanced cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis: a pilot study appears in Thorax written by C. Agusti, A. Xaubet, E. Ballester, A. Alarcon and C. Picado. Published in January 1993.Aires N.B., Sotto M.N., Nico M.M. Authors of Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy: report of two cases, published in Acta Dermato-venereologica, vol. 87, no. 6, p. 521-4, in 2007.Al Faraidy, K., et al. Alteration of the dismal natural history of fibrosing cholestatic hepatitis secondary to hepatitis B virus with the use of lamivudine appears in Transplantation written by K. Al Faraidy, E. M. Yoshida, J. E. Davis, R. K. Vartanian, F. H. Anderson and U. P. Steinbrecher. Published on September 27, 1997.Al-Jarad, N., et al. High resolution computed tomographic assessment of asbestosis and cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis: a comparative study appears in Thorax written by N. Al-Jarad, B. Strickland, M. C. Pearson, M. B. Rubens and R. M. Rudd. Published in August 1992.Allgayer, H., et al. Drug-induced fibrosing colonopathy in inflammatory bowel disease after 5-ASA? appears in Digestive Diseases and Sciences written by H. Allgayer, P. Bohne and W. Kruis. Published in August 1999.Alton, E. W., et al. Advanced cryptogenic fibrosing alveolitis: preliminary report on treatment with cyclosporin A appears in Respiratory Medicine written by E. W. Alton, M. Johnson and M. Turner-Warwick. Published in July 1989.Amerson, J. L. and R. R. Ricketts. Idiopathic fibrosing pancreatitis: a rare cause of obstructive jaundice in children appears in The American Surgeon written by J. L. Amerson and R. R. Ricketts. Published in April 1996.Anttinen, H., et al. Elevated serum galactosylhydroxylysyl glucosyltransferase, a collagen synthesis marker, in fibrosing lung diseases appears in Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry written by H. Anttinen, E. O. Terho, P. M. Jarvensivu and E. R. Savolainen. Published on May 15, 1985.

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