The Cabinet History of England, Civil, Military and Ecclesiastical: From the Invasion by Julius Caesar to the Year 1846, Volume 1

Blackie and Son, 1851

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Pagina 12 - Let Erin remember the days of old Ere her faithless sons betrayed her...
Pagina 191 - And now, therefore, be it known to you all, that I have dedicated my life to God, to govern my kingdoms with justice and to observe the right in all things. If...
Pagina 233 - I could not in any way hold : my royalty is not my own ; I could not lay it down against the will of the country, nor can I, against the will of the country, take a foreign wife. As for my sister, whom the duke claims that he may marry her to one of his chiefs, she has died within the year; would he have me send her corpse?
Pagina 98 - England," said the dying monarch, " I bequeath it to no one, as I did not receive it, like the duchy of Normandy, in inheritance from my father, but acquired it by conquest and the shedding of blood with mine own good sword. The succession to that kingdom I therefore leave to the decision of God, only desiring most fervently that my son William, who hath ever been dutiful to me, may obtain it, and prosper in it.
Pagina 63 - The system of Druidism is thought to have been formed in Britain, and from thence carried over into Gaul ; and now those who wish to be more accurately versed in it, for the most part go thither (that in, to Britain) in order to become acquainted with it.
Pagina 97 - He lingered for six weeks, during which he was surrojinded by doctors, priests, and monks. On the nearer approach of death his heart softened, and though he preserved the kingly decorum, and conversed calmly on the wonderful events of his life, he is said to have felt the vanity of all human grandeur, and a keen remorse for the crimes and cruelties he had committed. He sent money to Mantes to rebuild the churches...
Pagina 137 - was fought, and Normandy won, upon Saturday, being the vigil of St. Michael, even the same day forty years that William the Bastard set foot on England's shore for his conquest ; God so disposing it (saith Malmesbury) that Normandy should be subjected to England that very day, wherein England was subdued to Normandy.
Pagina 67 - Thrice happy they beneath their northern skies, Who that worst fear, the fear of death, despise : Hence they no cares for this frail being feel, But rush undaunted on the pointed steel ; Provoke approaching fate, and bravely scorn To spare that life which must so soon...
Pagina 163 - The sacred banners of St. Cuthbert of Durham, St. Peter of York, St. John of Beverley, and St. Wilfrid of Ripon, hung from a pole fixed in a fourwheeled car, which stood in the centre of the host. ' I who wear no armour,' shouted the chief of the Galwegians, 'will go as far this day as any one with breastplate of mail ; ' his men charged with wild shouts of

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