Foil practice

W. Clowes, 1861 - 46 pagina's
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Pagina 12 - ... quarte, or quarte to tierce (high lines) ; septime to seconde, seconde to septime (low lines) ; or when the point is raised and lowered from the high to the low, or from the low to the high lines on the saine side, eg, from quarte to septime, septime to quarte.
Pagina 13 - As a general Parry, a circular or deep elliptic movement of the point directly in front of the body, from right to left, or left to right (the hilt maintained at the centre, and the sword passing rapidly through each line of Defence) may be adopted (see dotted lines).
Pagina 25 - ... with the intention of touching, but always waiting until the position of defence is perfectly recovered before passing the disengagement. After a few thrusts, on both sides, from the engagement of Quarte, and upon which the counter of Quarte should...
Pagina 25 - Ntep backwards, falling on guard; beat twice with the right foot; bring the left foot up to the right, again assuming the upright position, salute in quarte and tierce, fall on guard, the right foot in advance of...
Pagina 29 - To yield the wrist and blade to the adversary's action without quitting his weapon, —when he attacks by encircling the blade, for by yielding the wrist, the sword is brought round again to the original engagement.
Pagina 10 - Now a swordsman presenting his point to the front, either defensively or offensively, may be himself attacked in...
Pagina 25 - ... to the right, reassuming the upright position, and at the same time salute each other by bringing the hilt...
Pagina 37 - Before my point is raised, lower your own without any movement of the shoulder by the action of the wrist and fingers, with the nails up, and in straightening the arm. You have parried, Half-circle, in the inside line low...
Pagina 10 - Diagram), the sword in both Parries being placed in a similar direction, the parries themselves differing only in the Position of the sword's edge, the sword-hand being held in the one case in supination (the nails turned upwards), and in the other in pronation (the nails turned downwards).
Pagina 31 - The shoes should be also of soft leather for the ' uppers,' and of stout buff for the soles...

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