A Record of the Boston Stage

J. Munroe, 1853 - 479 pagina's

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Pagina 423 - Wherever God erects a house of prayer, The Devil always builds a chapel there: And 'twill be found upon examination, The latter has the largest congregation.
Pagina 8 - MORAL DIALOGUES, IN FIVE PARTS, Depicting the Evil Effects of Jealousy and other Bad Passions, and Proving that Happiness can only Spring from the Pursuit of Virtue.
Pagina 9 - MR. HALLAM — Will delineate a young and thoughtless officer who is traduced by Mr. Allyn and, getting drunk, loses his situation and his general's esteem. All young men whatsoever take example from Cassio. The ill effects of drinking would you see ? Be warned and fly from evil company.
Pagina 95 - ... by more despised, And lost to friends, oppressed by foes, Sinks to the nothing whence he rose. O glorious trade! for wit's a trade, Where men are ruined more than made! Let crazy Lee, neglected Gay, The shabby Otway, Dryden gray, Those tuneful servants of the Nine, (Not that I blend their names 31 with mine,) Repeat their lives, their works, their fame, And teach the world some useful shame.
Pagina 178 - His features, though not sufficiently regular to be termed handsome, were capable of almost illimitable expression ; his eyes, as it were, played with the passions...
Pagina 73 - It is related on good authority, that when Mr. Ross performed the character of George Barnwell in England, in the year 1752, the son of an eminent merchant was so struck with certain resemblances to his own perilous situation, (arising from the arts of a real Millwood,) that his agitation brought on a dangerous illness, in the course of which he confessed his error, was forgiven by his father, and was furnished with the means of repairing the pecuniary wrongs he had privately done his employer. Mr.
Pagina 228 - I disclaim all intention of offering any thing in the shape of disrespect towards the inhabitants of New York ; they received me from the first with an enthusiasm, grateful in those hours to my pride, in the present to my memory.
Pagina 3 - ... to him or them that shall inform or sue for the same in any of his Majesty's courts in the plantation where such offence shall be committed . . . III.
Pagina 178 - the hollow and not unmusical murmur of the midnight sea after the tempest had raved itself to rest'; for the last time those tones 'sank into the heart like the sighing of the gentle breeze among the strings of an aeolian harp, or among the branches of a cypress grove...
Pagina 228 - That I have committed an error, appears too evident from the alldecisive voice of the public; but surely it is but justice to the delinquent, (whatever may be his enormities,) to be allowed to make reparation where the offences were committed.

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