Anstruther; w: } 1401

his salary for life, and also to present him the Commission ought not to have been with a piece of plate of the value of 100 omitted without cause shown to the Great guineas.

Seal, of which the Lord Chancellor would 19.—John Hendry, late tacksman of the judge for himself, after due and just invescorn mill at Kirkmichael, is apprehended tigation. and imprisoned in Ayr jail, on suspicion of 24. Burgh Reform.-From the Scots. having committed an extraordinary compli- man.-List of such of the royal burghs of cation of crimes throughout Carrick. Scotland as have, within the last six months,

On Tuesday se'ennight, one of the men openly espoused the cause of Reform, and employed in cutting a road through the voted resolutions, condemning the practice ruins of the castle of Dingwall, the strong- of self-election, with the total population of hold of the Earls of Ross, found a massive each, according to the census of 1811. gold ring, set with a single large diamond,


Population. six feet beneath the surface. Although it Edinburgh... 102,987 Dingwall ..........1,500 bears no inscription, yet, from the work- Glasgow.......100,749 Haddington..... 4,370

Aberdeen .......21,639


.1,712 manship, it seems to have been made in an

Dundee .........29, C16 Jedburgh..... 4,454 age when the arts were in their infancy. 5 Perth...... 16,945 20 Forres...... .2,925 The diameter is nine-tenths of an inch

Dumfries ........9,262 Fortrose..........1,312

Inverness.......10,757 Lanark....... .5,667 within, and one inch four-tenths when

Dunfermline.. 11,649 Annan.... ..3,341 measured over.

Montrose.........8,955 Sanquhar ........2,709

10 Ayr... 20._Melancholy Shipwreck.The brig

.6,291 25 Wigtown...... .2,711

Irvine .5,750 Whithorn........1,935 Leander, Fish, 236 tons per register, of and Inverury


Aber brothock.,5,280 for Shields, from London, in ballast, being Elgin.... 4,602 28 Peebles............2,485


.5,506 driven northward by the late furious gales,

15 St Andrews......4,311 Total population379,360 found herself embayed in the dreadful storm from S.E. in the night between the 4th and

List of royal burghs which have not hith, 5th inst. and soon after struck, about one

erto moved in the cause of Reform. A.M. on an outer rock in that dreadful part



Inverbervie ........927 of the coast at Longside, near Slains Castle.

Stirling ...........5,820

Brechin............5,559 Inverkeithing...2,400 The vessel being thereby thrown on her

, E.

Dornock .... .2,681 beam ends, fell with her gunwale under a


.2,384 5 Pittenweem.....1,096 25 Wick

.5,080 shelving rock on the main-land, on which,

Crail ..........

..1,600 Kirkwall .........1,715 at this awful moment, two of the crew Kilrenny .........1,233 Dumbarton .....3,121 jumped, and had with difficulty only just

Cambelton ...... 7,807 Renfrew...........2,305

Rothsay..........3,544 Rutherglen......5,529 secured themselves, when looking round,

10 Inverary..........1,11330 Dunbar..... ..3,965 they found their unfortunate vessel, with Banff... ...3,600 North Berwick.1,727 all left on board, eight men and a young

Cullen.............1,070 Nairn...... .2,504

Kintore............ 863 Linlithgow...... 4,022 woman, had totally disappeared. Left in Burntisland......1,934 Selkirk.....

..2,466 this nearly hopeless situation, the survivors, 15 Kirkcaldy.

........3,747 35 Kirkcudbright. 2,763

Kinghorn .2,201 Lochmaben... 2,392 Andrew George and James Durward (young


New-Galloway.. 659 men, and the only two on board unmarried), Forfar ............,5,652 38 Stranraer.........1,923 clung to the roek, exposed to all the horrors

Culross .......1,611 of that most tempestuous and dreadful night,

20 Queensferry..... 558 Total population102,233 in vain expecting the dawning day to bring

From this statement it appears, that of the prospect of their deliverance; for, on the the sixty-six Scottish royal burghs, twenty, return of day-light, they found themselves eight, or nearly one half of the total num. under an impending precipice of prodigious

ber, have voted resolutions in favour of reheight, from which there was hardly a pos

form. And it also appears, that the popu. sibility of their being seen from the land, lation of those burghs which have taken or of their escaping from their perilous situ- measures for the abolition of the practice of ation but by the ocean, into which, after self-election, is to the population of those passing the day in a state of despair not to which have not expressed themselves on the be expressed, the poor seamen, although subject, nearly as four to one. much exhausted, threw themselves, and As the above list is interesting in a statisswimming round a point, got to an accessi- tical point of view, from its containing an ble point of the steep cliff, and with the account of the population of the different greatest exertion gained the summit in the royal burghs in this part of the kingdom, evening.

we shall add an additional list of some other Commission of the Peace for Fifeshire.-- principal towns, not royal burghs, with their The names of Dr Charles Stuart of Dunpopulation, according to the same census. carn, and Mr James Stuart, younger of


Population. Dunearn, which were omitted from the last Paisley

.19,907 Beith ....


Greenock......... Commission of the Peace for the county of

..3,049 19,042 Stewarton .....

Nelston.......... 4,949 Dunse..... .3,082 Fife, owing to the Lord Lieutenant not re- Kilinarnock ........10,148 Peterhead.. .4,707 commending their names to be inserted in Alloa................ 5,096 St Vigeans.

.4,771 Clackmannan...... 3,605 Falkirk

..9,929 it, were, a few days ago, restored by the

7,636 special order of the Lord Chancellor, who

Port-Glasgow...... 5,116 St Ninians...

Crieff.............. 3,300 Newton-Stewart....2,847 was at the same time pleased to desire, that

4,408 Kinross

.2,214 it might be understood that he conceived

Melrose...... 3,132 Musselburgh.........6,393

Hamilton............ 6,453 Dalkeith...........4,709 the rule to be, that a name once inserted in Maybole ............. 3,946

High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh.- Andrew Forgie, spirit-dealer there, was On Wednesday came on the trial of the pursuer, and John Henderson, excise-officer Reverend Joseph Robertson, minister of in Dunfermline, was defender. the Leith Wynd Chapel of Ease, in Edin- The issue sent from the Second Division burgh, and William Pearson, spirit-dealer of the Court of Session to the Jury to try, in Canongate, accused of falsehood, fraud, was, “Whether, on the evening of the 27th, and forgery, and of celebrating unlawful or morning of the 28th of September 1816, marriages. The pannels pleaded Not or about that time, the defender did, in the Guilty, and the trial proceeded. After Bridge Street of Dunfermline, or the neighhaving examined a number of witnesses on bourhood thereof, violently assault, and both sides-Mr Drummond for the Crown, cruelly beat and bruise the pursuer, to the Mr Maitland for Mr Robertson, and Mr effusion of his blood, with a pistol, or otherPringle for Pearson, severally addressed the wise, or whether the pursuer did first assault Jury, when Lord Gillies summed up the and strike the defender.” whole in a very able manner; after which The damages were laid at £1000. the Jury, without leaving the box, unani- Mr John Clerk addressed the Jury for the mously found Robertson guilty of clandes- defender, and Mr Jeffrey spoke in reply. tinely celebrating the marriages libelled, The evidence having been summed up by and both the prisoners guilty of feloniously the Lord Chief Commissioner, the Jury reusing certificates of proclamation of banns tired for about half an hour, and returned as genuine, knowing them to be forged. a verdict for the pursuer._Damages £70. Next day Lords Succoth and Reston having High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh.delivered their opinions on the case, Lord Wednesday came on the trial of Patrick Gillies, who presided, after addressing the Main, George Stewart, George Aitchison, prisoners, sentenced them both to three and John M‘Nicol, prisoners in the jail of months' imprisonment in the jail of Canon- Edinburgh, accused of theft and housegate, and Mr Robertson thereafter to be breaking. banished Scotland for life, in terms of the One of the pannels, Stewart, died in statute, and Pearson for the period of four. prison since his indictment was served upon teen years, with the usual certifications. him. A woman of the name of Jane Con

26. Ross-shire. In consequence of the nal was also charged in the indictment as a notice in the Inverness papers, a numerous resetter ; but a certificate was produced from and respectable meeting of the members of a surgeon, on soul and conscience, stating, the Ross and Sutherland-shires Highland that owing to her having been, within a few Society, clad in the complete costume of days, delivered of a child, she could not their respective clans, took place at Tain with safety be removed. on the 19th inst. After fixing on a code of John M‘Nicol, having failed to appear, regulations, whereby it was resolved, not was outlawed. only to revive the dress and language of The diet against Jane Connal was contheir forefathers, but also to establish a fund tinued. for some benevolent purpose, and agreeing, It appeared, that a gang of these boys, that the society shall in future be denomi- from ten to sixteen years of age, had lived nated “ The Ross, Cromarty, and Suther- and slept in the house for a considerable land-shires Highland Society ;” and after time. ballotting several gentlemen as members, There was produced along with one of elected office-bearers for the ensuing year. Main's declarations, a letter he had con.

Daring Robbery.-On the night of Friday trived to send out of the jail to a boy of the last, about eight o'clock, Peter Mair, car- name of Cameron. It was as complete a rier betwixt Blackburn and this city, was, flash production as ever was produced, and on his way home, attacked by three villains, only intelligible to the gang. In his declanear the village of Tollcross. Two of them ration, Main fully explained the meaning of seized him, and laid him prostrate upon the all the flash words. “Attached to the letter foot-path, while the other searched him ; were three verses of a flash song. but not finding what he wanted, he went to The Jury returned a verdict, unanimousthe cart, and discovered his great coat, ly finding both pannels Guilty of the crimes which contained a pocket-book, with near- libelled, but Aitchison not guilty of being ly £200 in bank-notes : without offering habit and repute a thief. Thereafter, the any violence to his person, the robbers made Chancellor of the Jury stated, that the Jury, clear off with their booty. It is somewhat by a very great majority, almost amounting singular, that although the carrier had about to unanimity, recommended Aitchison to £2 in silver upon him, and a silver watch, mercy, no attempt was made to deprive him of these Lord Gillies stated, that this was a most articles. "It is therefore probable, that the melancholy and distressing case; for it was a robbers had previously known of what pro- lamentable fact, that the greater part of the perty he was possessed, which we undercrimes committed in this country were by stand belonged chiefly to weaving agents. youthful depredators, of which the numbers

The Jury Court proceeded on Wednes- who had of late appeared at that bar were day to try the issue, in which Andrew For- most woful examples. gie, weaver in Dunfermline, eldest son of Lord Hermand proceeded to pass scn

tence of death upon the prisoners, when a four times. This strongly shows, that this scene of the utmost distress presented itself. mode of punishment is disregarded by the The prisoners cried most piteously, and young depredators in this city and neighwhen desired to stand up, they fell down bourhood. below the bar. After some minutes delay, 14.--A bill of suspension and interdict, they were supported by the police officers; at the instance of James Stuart, Esq. youngand Lord Hermand, after a suitable admo. er of Dunearn, and others, proprietors in nition, in delivering which he seemed to be Prince's Street, against the completing the extremely agitated, and was often interrupt- road from the Earthen Mound, presently ed by the cries and lamentations of the prisforming through the Park, in front of oners, sentenced them to be executed at Princes Street, towards the public markets, Edinburgh, on Wednesday the 29th day of having been lately presented, the Lord OrApril next.

dinary on the Bills appointed the bill to be 30.-Friday, the sitting Magistrate in answered. Answers for the Lord Provost the Council Chamber sentenced Alexander and Magistrates of Edinburgh having been Aitchison, Jacob Wagner, George Hardie, given in, Lord Bannatyne, upon application George Macqueen, George Thomson, and from the suspenders, agreed to hear counsel Duncan Mackenzie, to be confined for six- upon the question of interdict; and on ty days in Bridewell, at hard labour, for Monday, upon hearing Mr Cunningham as stealing a quantity of articles from the shop counsel for the suspenders, his Lordship obof Mr Alexander Spence, goldsmith, Bank served, that it was unnecessary for Mr Laing, Street. The above culprits are all young on the part of the city, to state any thing, boys, some of them not exceeding ten years as his Lordship was disposed to refuse the of age ; and the whole have formerly been interdict, which he did accordingly, but in Bridewell, some of them not less than passed the bill quoad ultra.


I. CIVIL. Edward Langdon Oke, Esq. is appointed Copsul at Southampton for the kingdom of Hanover, in room of Thomas Bedingfield Day, Esq.

Mr Harington is approved of as Consul at the Cape of Good Hope, for his Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias.

Mr Isaac Hadwen is approved of as Consul at
Gibraltar, for ditto.

The Prince Regent has presented the Rev. James
Sievwright, minister of the presbyterian meeting at
Gateshead, Newcastle, to the church and parish of
Markinch, presbytery of Kirkcaldy, vacant by the
translation of the Rev. D. Wright to Stirling.

His Royal Highness has also presented the Rev. Mr Laidlaw, Newcastle, to the church and parish of Kirkton, presbytery of Jedburgh, vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr Elliott.

III. MILITARY. 4 D. G. C. W. Evors to be Cornet by purch. vice Mimmack, ret.

12 Feb. 1818. J. F. S. Clarke to be Cornet by purch. vice Scott, prom.

19 do. J. Clemison to be Cornet by purch. vice Ramsay, prom.

25 Dec. 1817 1 Dr. John Dillon to be Cornet by purch. vice Dillon, ret.

5 March 1818. Assist. Surg. W. Gardiner, from 20 F. to be

Assist. Surg. vice Hickson, dead 12 Feb. 15 William Elton to be Cornet by purch. vice Lane, prom.

do. 16 James Cannon to be Comet by purch. vice M'Dougall, prom.

do. 17 Lieut. A. B. de C. Brooke, from R. Horse

Gds. to be Capt. by purch. vice Supple,

26 do. 19 George Mecham to be Cornet by purch. vice Georges, prom.

do. 25 Wm Gleadowe to be Cornet by purch. vice Wildey, 13 Dr.

12 do. James M.Douall to be Cornet by purch. vice Amiel, prom.

19 do. C.F.G. C. Ricketts to be Ens. and Lt. by purch.

vice Armytage, York Rang. 5 March 1 Foot. Lieut. J. Stoyte, from h. p. to be Lieut. vice Bothamley, dead

10 Feb. ---J. Jeffries, from h. p. to be Lieut. vice Miller, dead

11 do.

1 Foot. Ensign J. Dixon to bc Lieut. by purch. vice Hendrick, prom.

12 Feb. - J. Stoyte, from h. p. to be Ensign, vice Grant, dead

ll do. A. Graham to be Ensign by purch. vice Dixon

12 do. Surg. B. Sandford, from h. p. 83 F. to be Surg. vice Roberts, cancelled

do. 2 Lieut. W. Hunt to be Adj. vice Imlack, res.

26 do. 8 Lieut. D. Vans Machen, from h. p. 75 F. to

be Lt. vice Briscoe, superseded 5 March 20 Hosp. Assist. J. Clarke to be Assist. Surg. vice Gardiner, 14 Dr.

12 Feb. 32 Lieut. W. Havelock, from 43 F. to be Capt.

by purch. vice Hames, ret. 19 do 43 Ensign R. W. H. Drury to be Lieut. by

purch. vice Havelock, 32 F. 5 March

Halford to be Ensign by purch. vice Drury

do. 48 Capt. P. Macdougall, from h. p. 11 F. to be Captain

do. Lieut. H. M'Quarrie, from 86 F. to be, Lieut.

do. 58 Ensign Campbell to be Lieut. vice Rogers, dead

12 Feb. Geo. Fitzroy to be Ens. vice Campbell do. 68 Capt. F. C. Crotty, from h. p. 39 F. to be Capt.

26 do. Lieut. S. Douglas, from h. p. 50 F. to be Licut.

25 do. Essign J. Kearns to be Licut. 26 do, Arthur Mair to be Ensign, vice Kearns, prom.

5 March 69 Gent. Cadet J. E. Muttlebury to be Ensign, vice Weir, prom.

19 feb. 73 Gent. Cadet J. F. Woodward to be Ensign

by purch. vice Dixon, cancelled do. 74 Capt. W. Brownson, from h. p. 23 F. to be Capt.

26 do. Lieut. W. Black, from h. p. to be Lieut.

25 do. Ensign S. Spooner to be Licut. 26 do. Hon. M. Arbuthnot to be Ensign, vice Spooner

6 March 77 Lieut. J. Wilson to be Capt. by purch. vice Rogers, ret.

5 do. Ensign J. G. Rogers to be Lieut. by purch. vice Wilson

do. H. Massingberd to be Ensign by purch. vice Rogers

do. 88 John Gibson to be Ensign by purch, vice Smith, ret.

12 Feb

ney, dead

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89 Lieut. R. M. Lockwood, from Rifle Brig. Lieut. Mitchell, from 9 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

to be Lieut. vice Gray, ret. upon h. p. 6 Mahon. h, p. 49 F.

5 March

Rogers, from 30 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. 90 Lieut. R. Myddleton, 12 F. to be Lt. vice Steuart, h. p. 11 F. Eager, ret upon h. p. 12 F. 19 Feb.

Hill, from 45 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Reed, h.p. 97 John Nichols to be Ensign by purch. vice Armstrong, from 48 F. with Lt. Heard, 55 €. Digby, ret.

12 do.

Davidson, from 89 F. with Lt. Noble, h. p. 4W.I.R. Ensign H. Watts to be Lieut. vice Dela- Worsley, from Rifle Brig. rec. diff. with Lt.

25 do. Crawford, h. p. 45 F. M. B. G. Reed to be Ensign by purch. vice Campbell, from Rifle Brig. with Lt. BrockTrousdale, ret.

26 do. man, h. p. 81 F. R.Y.R. Capt. T. Baylis, from h. p. to be Captain, Farrar, from York Chass, with Lt. Suthervice Ware, dead

4 March land, h. p. IF. Lieut. H. Armytage, from Coldst. F. Gds. Imlach, from 2 F. with Lieut. O'Brien, h.p. to be Capt. více Finch, R. W. R. 5 do.

87 F. R.W.I.R. Capt. Hon. J. Finch, from R. Y. Rang.

Walsh, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Sterto be Major, vice Massey, ret. do. ling, h. p. Ensign P. Gray to be Adj. vice Kent, res. Ross, from 26 F. with Lt. M‘Niven, h. p.

25 Nov. 1816.

42 F. R. Eng. Gent. Cadet W. Trevelyan to be 2d Lieut.

Dowling, from 77 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. vice Tweed. prom.

18 Nov. 1817 Marshall, h. p. 4 F. S. W. Dixon to be 2d Lieut.

Nott, from 80 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Archer, vice Williams, prom.


Colls, from 2 W. I. R. with Lieut. Grassi, Staff

h. p. York Lt Inf. Vol. Major G. W. Walker, 59 F. to be Dep. Adj. Gen. Ensign Penniger, from 70 F. with Ensign Sher

in Ceylon, with rank of Lt. Col. in the army, vice burne, h. p. 1 F. Erskine, dead

5 March 1818

Powell, from 43 F. with Ensign O'Donnell, Dep. Inspec. W. W. Fraser, with temp. rank, to be

h. p. 27 F. Dep. Insp. of Hosp.

12 Feb.

Hart, from 74 F. with Ens. Gore, h. p. 9 F. Hosp. Assist. D. Williams, from h. p. to be Hosp.

O'Brien, from 20 F. rec, diff. with ad Lieut. Assist. to the forces in Birmingham

do. Douglas, h. p. 21 F. Assist. Surg. F. Sievwright, from h. p. 6 W. I. R.

Quarter-Master Ross, from 68 F. with Quarter-Mr to be Supernumerary Assist. Surg. in the East Macbeath, h, p. 62 F. Indies

19 do. Assist. Surg. Sheppard, from 80 F. with Assist. Sur, Assist. Surg. B. Campbell, from h. p. 25 F. to be Regan, h. p. 93 F, Sup. Assist. Surg. in the East Indies

do. Assist. Surg. T. Napier, from 95 F. to be Sup. Ass.

Resignations and Retirements. Surg. in the East Indies

Major Supple, 17 Dragoons

26 do. Assist. Surg. J. Ligertwood, from 12 F. to be Sup.

Hames, 32 Foot Assist Surg. in the East Indies

Rogers, 77 do.

do. Assist. Surg. A. Sinclair, from h. p. Sicilian Regt.

Massey, R. W. I. Rangers To be Sup. Assist. Surg. in the East Indies. do.

Cornet Mimmack, 4 Dragoon Guards

Dillon, 1 Dragoons

Ensign George, 75 Foot
Lt. Col. Everard, from 31 F. with Lt. Col. Dunkin,

Smith, 88


do. 77 F.

Digby, 97

Trousdell, 4 W. I. Regt.
Capt. Stirling, from 1 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Captain
Northcote, h. p. 8 Dr.

Appointment Cancelled.
Lieut. Dunne, from 2 Life G. with Lieut. Har.ey, Ensign Dixon, 75 Foot | Surg. Roberts, 1 Foot
h. p. 10 F.
Kingsley, from 3 Dr. rec diff. wiin Lieut.

Lloyd, h. p.

Lieutenant Briscoe, 8 Foot
Farmer, from 4 Dr. rec. . with Lieut.

Daly, h. p. 76 F.

Captain White, 2 Ceylon Regt.



Heyland, 62 F. 14 Nov. 1817 M'Lean, 64. F. March 1817
James Cameron, 79 F.

Hon. E. S. Erskine. 2 Ceyl. Reg. | Salkeld, R. Eng. 22 Jan. 1818

Dr High, Dep. Insp. of Hospitals Dep. Adj. Gen. Ceylon

Rogers, do.
27 Dec. 1817

7 March 1818 G. Robertson, h. p. Canadian


Deakin, Staff Surg. 14 Jan. Fenc. 23 Feb. 1818 Delany, 4 W. I. R.

Capt. French, Ordnance Store-

keeper at Stirling Castle
Ware, R. York Rangers
Taylor, h. p. 27 F. 17 March 18

7 March.

[blocks in formation]

Wil. & Mary, yt.


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