at the

Charles Little Gilmour, of Craigmillar and 19, Patrick, youngest son of Lieut. Gen Libberton. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Sinclair of Lybster. At London, James Hunter, brewer.

Lawson, Esq. F. R. S. director of the maApril 1. At the Nursery, Leith Walk, chinery of his Majesty's mint. He was a James Niven Shanklie, youngest son of Mr son of the late reverend Archibald Lawson, J. Shanklie, seedsman, East Register Street, minister of Kirkmahoe.-At Edinburgh, Edinburgh.--At his house in Dean Street, Miss Helen Renny, daughter of the late London, William Preston, Esq. in the 77th Robert Renny, Esq. of Borrowfield, For. year of his age, a gentleman who may pro- farshire.-10. At Bonnington Park, James perly be designated a pioneer in literature, Paterson, jun. Esq. merchant, Leith.-At having conducted, through the press of the North Berwick, Mr James Dickson, student house of Messrs Strahan, the most celebra- of divinity, a native of Carlaverock, near ted works of the last century. At Edin. Dumfries. At Arbroath, after a long and burgh, Miss Margaret Baird, eldest daugh- severe illness, Mr Alexander Hay, young, ter of Thomas Walker Baird, Esq. advocate, est son of the late Alexander Hay, Esq. of

age of 17 years.--At Chester le street, Letham, in the 15th year of his age. At in the county of Durham, at a very advan- Glasgow, Mrs Elizabeth Gilmour, widow ced age, Mrs Catherine Oswald, sister of the of Hugh Morton, Esq. of Greenbank.late Mr James Oswald, the celebrated com- Aged 90, Henry Duncombe, Esq. of Copposer of Scottish music.—2. At Hadding- grove, near Knaresborough, many years reton, Mrs Susanna Stewart, wife of Mr Robt presentative of the county of York. The Stewart, there.-At Glasgow, Claud Ha- Rev. James Oliphant, minister of Dummilton, Esq. collector of his Majesty's Cus- barton, in the 84th year of his age.-11. toms.--3. At her house in St John StreetAt Morton Bank, John Thomson, Esq. Edinburgh, Mrs Tod, widow of Lt-col C. aged 77.- At Glasgow, Mary, third daughTod of Dryburgh. Lieut.-colonel Colville, ter of the late Captain John Goldie, the 71st year of his age, commandant of At her house, 51, Fountain Bridge, Miss the Royal Hibernian Military School, Phoe- Catharine Wardrobe, daughter of the late nix Park, Dublin.-4. At Castlehill, La- David Wardrobe, Esq. surgeon in Edinnark, in her 85th year, Martha French, burgh.--At the manse of Wemyss, the Respouse of Mr Thomas Carmichael.-At Lon- verend George Gibb, minister of that padon, Mrs Robert M‘Brair, second daugh- rish, in the 68th year of his age and 34th ter of the Reverend Dr Johnston, North of his ministry.-12. At Gask House, Miss Leith.-At Fife Place, Leith Walk, Isabel- Tarleton, daughter of General Sir Banastre la, infant and only daughter of Robt Wat- Tarleton, Bart.--Mr James Gardner, aposon, Esq. merchant, Leith.-In Audley thecary, George Street, Edinburgh.-13. At Square, London, the Hon. Gen. Henry St Dundee, Mrs Margaret G. Young, spouse John, aged 80, brother to the late Viscount to Mr David Cobb, writer there.—At PaisBolingbroke, and colonel of the 36th regi- ley, Mr Peter Lyall, aged 37, much rement, having been 63 years in his Majes- gretted. At Castlebarns, Mr Richard Porty's service.-5. At Jedburgh, Margaret teous, Lochrin Distillery.-At the Grove, Neil, at the advanced age of 100. She re- Fountain Bridge, Andrew Bell Bonar, setained her senses and faculties to the last. cond son of the late Thomson Bonar, Esq. At the manse of Alves, the reverend Wm merchant in Edinburgh. At her house, Macbean, minister of Alves.-Mrs Eliza- New Street, Canongate, Miss Elizabeth beth Abernethie, wife of Mr Patrick Rid. Spence.-14. At her house, Leith Walk, dell, Craiglockhart.-At Grangehill, Ayr- Mrs Ann Ogilvy, relict of Mr David Steshire, Robert Beresford, the infant son of venson, shipmaster, Leith.-15. At EdinR. Patrick, Esq. of Trearne. At his father's burgh, Miss Mary Ann Hay, youngest house, 20, Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Jas daughter of the late Lewis Hay, Esq. bankColquhoun Thomson, student of medicine, er in Edinburgh.–At Netherbyres, Miss aged 20 years-a victim to typhus fever, Elizabeth Crow, daughter of the deceased caught in the ardour of his profession. At William Crow, Esq. of Netherbyres.-At Ayr, Daniel M‘Carter, printer, son of St James's Square, Edinburgh, Mr John Mr David M‘Carter, printer, there.-6. Muir, merchant.-At Edinburgh, Miss At Glasgow, Miss Euph. Watson, daugh. Elizabeth M. Ross, daughter of the late ter of the late David Watson, Esq. of Stob. Lord Ankerville.-18. Of a water in the cross.-At Glasgow, John Robertson, Esq. head, Thomas, third and only son of Mr long a distinguished member of the society Smith, tailor, College Street, aged ten of Friends.-7. At her brother's house, Pils years and seven months.-18. At Edinrig Street, Edinburgh, Agnes, youngest burgh, Miss Watson, eldest daughter of the daughter of Mr Wm Řhind, Inverlochty. late Dr Watson, principal of the United At Inverness, A. Fraser, Esq. merchant.- College of St Andrews.-At Edinburgh, in At Dildawn, Archibald, only son of Arch. the 19th year of his age, Mr Robert C. M.Dougald, Esq. of Dildawn.-8. At his Forbes, second son of the late Duncan Forhouse, Heriot's Bridge, Mr John Pearson, bes, Esq. general examiner of excise. - 20. merchant, Edinburgh.-9. At Glasgow, At Buceleuch Place, Mrs May, Clark, reMargaret, sixth daughter of the late Robert lict of William Thomson, Esq. of the Island Dennistoun, Esq.-0f typhus fever, aged of St Kitt's.-At Edinburgh, at an advan


ced age, Mrs Penelope Watt, relict of Mr the murderous encounter at Waal in HolD. Campbell, surgeon in Fort William.. land, where his regiment was nearly anni21. At the Vice Regal Lodge, Phænix Park, hilated. His last appearance on the field of Dublin, the Honourable Walter Chetwyn honour was in 1759, on the heights of ATalbot, son of their Excellencies the Lord braham, where the immortal Wolfe breathLieutenant and Countess .of Talbot, in the ed his mighty soul in the arms of victory. 6th year of his age. At Richmond, Surrey, His strength was such, considering his great Captain Edward Cumming, formerly of the age, that he scarcely passed a day without Honourable the East India Company's ser- walking three or four miles ; and, to the vice, and brother to the late Sir A. P. Cum day of his death, was able, without the aid ming Gordon of Altyre, Bart.-In Bolton of glasses, to read his Bible, which afforded Street, London, Harriet Elizabeth, only him exquisite delight through a long course child of Charles MóVicar, Esq.-At Edin- of years.--At London, Lieuto-general Sir burgh, Mrs Margaret Duncan, wife of Mr A. Gladstanes.-At Penzance, the Countess Campbell Gemble, perfumer, George Street. of Bellamont, daughter of James, Duke of -22. At Muirhall, Mr James Black, far. Leinster.---At Madeira, the Hon. John mer. At Southfod, John Stenhouse, Esq. Perceval, eldest son of Lord Arden. At younger of Southfod...23. In the Old As- Upper Canada, Captain Sir Robert Hall, sembly Close, Edinburgh, Mrs Isobel Tay- K.C. B. commander-in-chief of his Majeslor, aged 105. She was born in the parish ty’s naval forces on that station.–At Lonof Crieff, county of Perth, on the 4th of don, Mr Hill Darley, a gentleman well March 1713, in the reign of Queen Anne. known in the sporting world. He was killHer memory remained nearly unimpaired, ed in the Haymarket, by a horse in a break and she would converse on the events of 100 taking fright.-In Charterhouse Square, years since with surprising correctness.. London, Mrs Tait, wife of Mr William Her hearing and sight were good to the last Tait of St Paul's Church Yard, and daughday of her life, and her recollection con. ter of Dr John Hunter, Professor of Hu. tinued till within an hour of her death.--At manity in the University of St Andrews. Edinburgh, Eliza, daughter of Mr James At Ladyfield Place, Edinburgh, aged 19, Burness, writer. In his 8th year, William, Margaret, second daughter of Alexander son of Dr Beilby, George Street.-24. At Fergusson, Esq. of Baledmund.At Rhins. Westfield, near Cupar Fife, Henry Walker, · dale, Andrew Aitchison, Esq. formerly sur. Esq. of. Pittencrieff.-25. At Edinburgh, veyor of taxes, and late clerk to the comMr Andrew Bell, late farmer at Hillhead, missioners of property tax, Lanarkshire.county of Edinburgh, aged 78. This gen- At Spanish Town, Jamaica, David, son of tleman was one of the few survivors who the late Robert Milligan, Esq. of Rosslyn. fought under the banners of the 25th, or - At New York, Archibald Bruce, M. D. Edinburgh regiment of foot, at the battle Professor of Mineralogy in the Medical In. of Minden, where six battalions of British stitution of that city.–At Dumfries, Wm troops, and two of Hanoverians, beat 15,000 Babington, D. D. in the 70th year of his French.-At Surinam, Robert, fourth son age. At Limehouse, John Macgeorge, Esq. of the late Mr Robert Ramsay, writer, captain in the royal navy. His death was Dumfries. Having occasion to go on board occasioned by a fall consequent upon a pa. a merchant ship lying in the river there, he ralytic affection, brought on by his length fell from an open boat and unfortunately of services in the West Indies. He served perished.-26. At Balcarras, Mrs Ann Mur. at the reduction of the West India Islands, ray Keith, daughter of the deceased Robert and commanded his Majesty's ship Wel. Keith, Esq. sometime his Majesty's envoy lington, at the surrender of Guadaloupe. extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary At Peterhead, the Reverend Dr Geo. Moir, at the court of Russia.27. At Edinburgh, 55 years minister of that parish.The Rev. Mr Jonathan Pew, late farmer at Drylaw. James M'Auley, minister of the seceding -29. At Hawthorn Bank, Selkirk, Mrs congregation of Castleblaney, aged 80. He Wilhelmina Anderson, wife of Mr John had been minister of that congregation 53 Anderson.

years.--At his house in Katharine Street, Lately-At Delnies, near Nairn, in the Edinburgh, Mr John Grant, aged 83.-At 104th year of his age, John Reid, supposed Dublin, Sir R. Musgrave, Bart. collector of to be the oldest soldier in his Majesty's do excise in the port of Dublin, author of the minions, having entered the service in the History of the Irish Rebellion, &c. At 2d battalion of the royal Scots, 85 years Aberdeen, the Rev. Adam Annand, Episago. His first encounter with the enemy copal clergyman, St John's Chapel.- At was in 1743, at Dettingen, where the Bri. Seaforth House, near Arbroath, James Ar. tish, under the command of that gallant and rott, Esq. of Edinburgh, surgeon, R. N. true Seotsman, the Earl of Stair, defeated 76.–At Keith, Miss Grant, eldest the French with immense slaughter. In daughter of the late John Grant of Gallovie, 1745 he fought at Fontenoy. In 1746 he Esq.-At Mapperton House, Miss Grant, fought with his regiment at Culloden. In daughter of John Francis Grant, Esq. late 1749 he was one of the storming party at of the island of St Vincent.

Oliver & Boyd, Printers

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Observations on the Writings of George Petrarch's Letter to Posterity...moma....313 Buchanan

251 The British Ready Reckoner, and UniThe Story of Shakrak and the Magician versal

.........317 of Constantinople ; (being a subject for Principal Baird's Report on the Managea Melo-drama )

258 ment of the Poor in Scotland 320 On the State of Music in 265 Note to the Editor, (enclosing a Letter Time's Magic Lantherr, No V. Dialogue to the Author of Beppo between Lord Bacon and Shakspeare. 270 Notices of the Acted Drama in London, No VI. Johnson's Midnight Walk 274 No VI...

2229 Kidd and Brander

277 History of Dr Brewster's Kaleidoscope, Poetical Account of an Oxford Exami- with Remarks on its supposed Resemnation

280 blance to other Combinations of plain The Old Indian and Alpinam........


un 331 Notice of Zacharie Boyd's “ Last Battel of the Soule”:




A few Thoughts on Public Feeling.....294
The Cranidlogist's Review, No II. Greek

Works preparing for PUBLICATION...342



344 No IC. Oliver Cromwellsoon...300 No IV. ib. No V. Voltaire......... masomore ib.


~301 Jeffrey and Hazlitt........

..303 Scottish 349 Captain Thurston's Narrative of the tak

Commercial Report

356 ing of the Island of Timor, by H. M. Meteorological Report ........mwan

360 S. Hesper, in the year 1811 ( Commu- Promotions and Appointments .... 361 nicated by Professor Pictet of Geneva ) 306 | Births, Marriages, and Deaths....363

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[merged small][merged small][merged small][graphic][merged small][subsumed][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

But loyalty, as is of late well known,

Is of our work and us a shining quality ;
And we derive great pleasure, we must own,

From knowing that much good comes in reality Out of this mania, that so, rife has grown

Among the literary commonalty,
Of cramming thus that “ Bocca di Lione,”
Our silent, ravenous, mouth-piece of Ebony.

We understand that the Post-Office here

Finds business so increas'd since we began, That they're to leave their present shop next year

For one upon a more extensive plan. If Ministers did right, we think it clear,

They'd give a jolly treat to our divan, By way of marking their respect official, For writers to the Fisk so beneficial.

VIII. (We do not wish to make a new digression,

But merely in parenthesis to state, That persons of the critical profession,

Should in these dog-days pay attention great, Their wasted carcasses each night to freshen,

And the expended moisture recreate
By copious draughts of claret or old hock,
Or any shilpit liqueur in their stock.

if these foreign luxuries be beyond

The measure of their lean and limber purses; Still we'd by no means have them to despond,

Or vent a hasty spleen in envious curses. For tho' of dainties we're extremely fond,

We find we scribble fairish prose and verses ; Altho' our only tipple is at times, A little weak rum-punch with ice and limes.)

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XVII. We can't express our hatred of this WE,

Were vanity our foible, (which it an’t) We bear the monosyllable a grudge ;

The notice of such heroes were enough Tully, we think, in his Curulian glee,

To turn the head of the most pious saint ; First introduc'd at Rome the pompous fudge : Think only of a Lord, (with gesture gruff, But now it is a standing vanity,

Back'd by a Banker) making sore complaint From which no modern editor will budge ; About a little monthly piece of stuff! From Mr Jeffrey down to Mr Hone,

A whole Society of such renown
They all preserve the same imposing tone.

Harangued to put one Irish Ensign down.

Even we, (remark the tyranny of fashion !)

Behold the Thistle of our native land
Even we, tho' singular enough and single, 'Mid the gay garden rising like a queen!
We can't forbear, in spite of all our passion, How beautiful the airy leaves expand,
The same absurdity ourselves to mingle,

How soft the virgin coronal's purple sheen. With every sentiment we cannot dash on, But stay, rash stranger, stay thy venturous hand;

Thro' one short stanza of our triple jingle; Grasp not the modest garment of her green. In short we should be sadly at a loss,

Our's be the emblem! Fops and fools beware, Were we restricted froin our stately NOB.

Admire in safety, touch us if ye dare !

But let that pass there's nothing half so wise, After this prelude “ Bion” will not stare,
As going on in the old jog-trot way;

Though we reject his quizzical “ Lament ;” “ Never no good doth come of novelties,"

We think it has a very wicked air, Se we'll be we until our dying day :

To such outrageous fury to give vent ; We wish, instead of aiming to surprise,

Moreover, still the Bailies' hopes are fair, By dash, originality, display,

For still the Court of Session may relent. We had from our commencement been thus sober, Besides it is a trick of good “ old John's," (Hang that confounded 20th of October !)

Of differing from them all to make no bones.

Then had our course of life been smoothly gliding There is no saying about things which lie
In moderate unenvied calm prosperity;

Far in the Fates' inscrutable dark womb,
Worthy old women then had not been chiding Of prophecies the wise are very shy,

Our deafening whirls and cataracts of asperity, But, 'spite of all the SCOTSMAN's boded gloom, Nor all the godless wits their faces hiding, We see not in the Magisterial sky Idoloclastis ictubus perterriti,

Any such symptoms of a dismal doom ;
Nor whiggery's meteor dimly forced to twinkle Instinctive reverence still we entertain
Before the rising star of LAUERWINKEL.

For resolute Mackenzie's gown and chain.

No acid drop had tainted then the jorum

Heroic Provost !Hast thou ever been Of them that love the Yellow and the Blue .

Present when Shakspeare's Richard 3d was played ? Jeffrey had still been princeps criticorum, Remember how the Pit applauded Kean, The undisputed oracle of gout ;

With hand disarmed still daring Henry's blade. And plain Scots heads had boo'd more majorum, Such awe was our's, when, on that real scene, To that despotic democrat Review,

Even in the front of Boyle, most bold Kincaid !
That over-rated much, but smart miscellany, In front of Craigie, Bannatyne, and Miller,
Which now we're boldly thrashing to a jelly nigh. Ste and stern, stood firm our civic pillar.

Then Hunt and Hazlitt, Haydon, Webb and Keats, The “ Letter on Election” is too long,

Had quaffed at Hampstead currant-wine in peace, Too ethically, querulously sad ;
In gentle interchange of “ fine conceits,"

Bailies and Bailie's Wives have stomachs strong, of “ Laurel Garlands," and of mutual grease ; And punch is, at this season, far from bad ; Such, we may gather, are their Cockney treats. And Candidates would do exceeding wrong

(Alas ! that joys so heavenly e'er should cease ; To change old fashions to please any lad That envy such a paradise should visit,

That takes't into his head he is their betters, In the vile demon shape of crooked Z.)

Who do not drink green tea, or write dull letters.

Then had Odoherty (mad bard !) not rushed It gives a Scottish Borough quite a spring,
On the high corpus of F. R. S. E's;

When civil gentlemen come hurrying down, Nor from the tongues of cits hot foam had gushed, with heads agog on schemes of canvassingAgainst some blarney about Irish fees ;

They kiss the voters' spouses thro' the town, Nor philosophic Peers with fury flushed, They kiss their daughters also, and they fling, Poissarded Ebony's enormities.

To every boy they meet with, half-a-crown ; (Imprudent mineralogist and banker,

Hot dinners and hot suppers are the word, For individual notice dost thou hanker ?)

And every Deacon is as drunk's a Lord.

2 I

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