Bohemians: The Glamorous Outcasts

Tauris Parke, 2003 - 275 pagina's
Since the early 19th century, the bohemian has been the protagonist of the story the West has wanted to hear about its artists - a story of genius, glamour, and doom. This book analyzes the many shifting meanings that constitute bohemia and the bohemian. With a huge cast of real-life characters, from Chatterton to Jackson Pollock to Augustus John, she explores the bohemians eccentric use of dress, the role of sex and erotic love, the quest for excess, and their intransigent politics. She demonstrates how, rather than disappearing from Western culture, bohemia is at the core of the most heated cultural debates at the end of the second millennium.

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Bohemians: the glamorous outcasts

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Bohemianism is not so easy to define as one might think, but in this serious historical analysis, Wilson (cultural studies, Univ. of North London) does an excellent job of illuminating its multiple ... Volledige review lezen

Over de auteur (2003)

Elizabeth Wilson is a professor of cultural studies at the University of North London. She has published several books, including The Sphinx in the City and Hallucinations: Life in the Post-Modern City.

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