The Routledge Research Companion to Border Studies

Doris Wastl-Walter
Routledge, 1 apr. 2016 - 728 pagina's
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Throughout history, the functions and roles of borders have been continuously changing. They can only be understood in their context, shaped as they are by history, politics and power, as well as cultural and social issues. Borders are therefore complex spatial and social phenomena which are not static or invariable, but which are instead highly dynamic. This comprehensive volume brings together a multidisciplinary team of leading scholars to provide an authoritative, state-of-the-art review of all aspects of borders and border research. It is truly global in scope and, besides embracing the more traditional strands of the field including geopolitics, migration and territorial identities, it also takes in recently emerging topics such as the role of borders in a seemingly borderless world; creating neighbourhoods, and border enforcement in the post-9/11 era.

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List of Figures and Maps
An Unattainable Dream or a Realistic Aim
The Mask of the Border
Borders and Memory
Border Regions as Neighbourhoods
Towards an Analysis of Political
National Minorities in European Border Regions
Persian Identity Makes Iran
Labour Migration and the Political Economy
A Crossboundary Mega Cityregion in China under Two
Singapores Hinterland and the Contested
Crossborder Cooperation and Regional Responses to NAFTA
Everyday Practices of Bordering and the Threatened Bodies
Women and Migration in Asia Eroding Borders New Fixities

Borders Border Studies and EU Enlargement
A Contested Boundary in Flux
Territoriality Identity Security
Polar Regions Comparing Arctic and Antarctic Border Debates
Spaces Territorialities and Ethnography on the Thai Sino
Enforcing North American
Analysing the USs
A Retrospective Look at the Nature of National Borders in Latin
The InterKorean Border Region Metaborder of the Cold
Western Sahara Territoriality Border Conceptions and Border
Interaction and Cooperation at Finlands
Borders and Neighbourhoods in the CarpathoPannonian Area
The Institutionalization
Natural Resources and Transnational Governance
One Decade of Transfrontier Conservation Areas in Southern
An Incomplete
Names Index
Places Index

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Over de auteur (2016)

Professor Doris Wastl-Walter, Director of the Institute of Geography, University of Bern, Switzerland

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