WebObjects Developer's Guide

Sams Publishing, 2002 - 371 pagina's

WebObjects is an object-oriented Web application server that is used to generate scalable Web and Java applications from reusable templates. A product of Apple Computer, WebObjects client list includes such Fortune 500 companies as Disney, Adobe, and the BBC. The product s support for Java 2 Enterprise Edition and its competitive pricing are expected to expand WebObjects growing position in the market for Web application servers, a market that is expected to grow by more than $2 billion in revenue by 2002 (Forrester Research).

WebObjects Developer s Guide is a unique, step-by-step guide for intermediate- to advanced-level developers. It uses a hands-on instructional approach to make the sophisticated and sometimes complex WebObjects technology accessible to developers. The book explains WebObjects concepts and paradigms, and it illustrates the art of modeling applications with the Enterprise Object Framework.

The author provides practical insight into WebObjects development based upon his extensive experience as a consultant for major international corporations.


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A WebObjects Primer
DHTML and WebObjects
Optimizing WebObjects Components
Building Bookmarkable Applications
XHTML and WebObjects
SVG and WebObjects
A Game of Crazy Eights Beginning Enterprise Objects
Case Study I Online Forum
File Uploads and Downloads
Organizing Code Fixing Bugs and Handling Exceptions
Security Logging and Statistics
SOAP and WebObjects
Reports Charts and New Interfaces
Stress Testing and Deploying Applications
Troubleshooting Guide
Developer Resources and Tools for WebObjects

Prototyping with DirectToWeb
Rapid Prototyping with WebObjects
Managing Users Sessions and Personalization

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Over de auteur (2002)

Ravi Mendis is a developer who, among other things, developed the SVGObjects Framework, which uses SVG to generate quality custom charts, diagrams, and images from WebObjects applications.

Mendis is an international consultant who specializes in WebObjects application development. He has worked in Europe, Asia, and Australia for such companies as Apple Computer, American Management Systems, and American International Group.

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