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A, B. A. See M. H. Beyle.

A., D. V. R. D. See V. Rodriguez De AreLlano.

A., J. See J. Aymon.

A., L. S. D. See T. A. D'aubigne.

A bas les brigands. See F. V. Aigoin.

A Io que obliga el honor, comedia. See A. EnriOJ.EZ Gomez.

A padre malo, buen hijo, comedia. See V. RodriGuez De Arellano.

A qual mejor confesada, y confesor, San Juan de la Cruz, y Santa Teresa de Jesus, comedia. See J.

de Casizarf.s. [Comedias], vol. i.

A quclque chose malhcur est bon, ou bienfaits pour

lesquels on est dispense' de reconnoissance. [17S9?]

7 pp. 8° No. 1 in G.3561.9

Chiefly upon the administration of Necker.

A secreto agravio secreta venganza, comedia. See P. Calderon De La Barca. Comedias, 1760, vol. 6: 1S27, vol. 1.

iun cultivateur, sur les municipality's. See A. F. C. com/e Ferrand.

Abaelliiio, the great bandit, drama. See W. DunLap.

Abailard, or Abelard, Pierre, 1079-1142.

Cartas de Helovsa y Abclardo, en prosa y en verso, con la vida de estos desafortunados amantes. Nueva impresion. Per/iilan, 1815. (2), 159 pp. Sm. 12° G.3535.1

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Abbe de l'Epee; or, the orphan, drama. See

A. F. F. v. Kotzebue. Abbo, of Neustria, monk of St. Germain dcs Pres,

— 933?

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Abbotsford, Scotland.

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Abelard. See Abailard.
Abei conway abbey, Wales.

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See The Mirror.
Abingdon, Eleanor, countess of. See E. (L.)

Abingdon papers. See T. Thorpe.

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L'infame. New York, 1S67. 102 pp. 8°.

No. 4 in G.3560.17

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No. 11 in G.3521.7 Abraham.

Abraham. In Towneley mysteries. 1836.

Abraham's sacrifice. In Coventry mvsteries. 1841.

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Trapp. Abrantes, duchesse d'. See L. P. Jcnot. Abiege de la grammaire suedoise a l'usage des (Strangers. Stockholm. [1S46.] (0'99PP- IO°

G.38.58 Abroad and at home, comic opera. See J. G.

Holman. Abrocomes and Anthia. See Xenophon Efhe

sius. Absalom.

Absalon, of de gestrafte hcerschzucht, trevrspcl. Haarlem. (12), 80 pp. 160 No. 2 in G.38.51

Duche De Vancy, J. F. Absalon, tragddie. Absalom and Achitophel, poem. See J. Dryden. Absent man, farce. See I. Bickerstaff. Absentee, The, novel. See M. Edgevvortii. Tales

and novels, 1832, vol. 9. Abstinence.

Porphyrin's. Abstinence from animal food. 1823. Abuelo, El, y la nieta, comedia. See L. F.

Comella. Abuiar, ou la famille arabe, tragedie. See J. F.

Ducis. CEuvres, 1818, vol 3. Abulcacim Tarif Abentarique, pseudonym of M.

de Luna.

Abuses stript and whipt, poem. See G. Wither.

Poems, 1820, vol. 1. Academia espaflola, Madrid.

Diccionario de la lengua cnstellana. ya ed. Paris, 1824. 2 v. 8° G.3357.6

Academie bourgeoise, opeVa-comique. See C. F.

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Histoirf. litteYaire de la France. Academie francaise.

Dictionnaire de l'Academie francoise. 5e 6d. Paris, 1814. 2 v. 40 G.3531.1

Same. 6c <<d. Paris, 1835. 2 v. 40 G.3531.2 Academie francoise. See P. de La Primaudaye. Academies.

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Academy of natural sciences, Phita.

Act of incorporation and by-laws. Also, List of members and correspondents to Nov., 1836. Phita., 1836. iv,8,16pp. 8° No. 1, 2 in G.313.2; *2135.17

Catalogue of [its] librarv. Phita.. 1837. x, 300 pp. 8° No. 3 in G.313.2; No. 3 in *2135.17 Acadia. See Nova Scotia. Acajou et Zirphile, conte. See C. P. Duclos. Acaso, astucia y valor vencen tiram'a y rigor, comedia. See J. Concha. Accepted addresses; or, proemium poetarum. Added, Macbeth travestie [with burlesque annotations after the manner of Dr. Johnson, G. Steevens, and the various commentaries], and miscellanies, by different hands. London, 1813. (8), 19s pp. 12°


Same. 3d ed. London, 1813. (8), 19^ pp. 12°

G.4015.40 Accius, or Attius, Lucius, B.C. 1st century.

Fragmenta. [Latin and French.] In Theatre compiet des Latins, 1820, vol. 15. G.285.82.15

Accomplished fools, comedy. See 5iVR. Steele.

The tender husband. Accorambona, Vittoria, 1557-1585.

Webster, J. Vittoria Corombona; or, the white devil, a tragedy.

Account of memorials to Congress; praying that the mails may not he transported, nor post-offices kept open, on the Sabbath. New York, 1829. 32 pp. 8° No. 8 in G.185.61

Account of the European settlements in America.

See E. Birke. Account shewing the progress of the colony of

Georgia. See B. Martyn. Accusation; or. the family of D'Anglade, drama.

See J. H. Payne. Aceilly, chevalier d', pseudonym of J. de Cailly. Achaintre, Nicolas Louis, editor, 1771-1830.

Horace. CEuvres completes. 1S23.


Gay, J. Achilles, opera.

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De Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus lib. vin. Longi De Daphnidis et Chloes amoribus lib. IV. Parthenii Nicaensis De amatoriis affectibus lib. 1. Iterum ed. Grace ac Latine. In bibliopolio Commcliniano. [I/eidclberga:] 1606. Sm. 8° G.298.57

The paging is very irregular, sometimes bv folios, sometimes by pages. There are also typographical errors.

De Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus libri vm. Graece et Latine. Textum recognovit Christ. Guil. Mitscherlich. Biponli,i-]t)2. xx, 363 pp. Scriptores erotici. 8° G.284.64.2; *B.162.4.1

Achmet et Almanzine, drame. See A. R. Le Sage.

CEuvres, 17S3, vol. 14.
Acis and Galatea, a serenata. See J. Gay.
Acosta, Joseph de, 1540-1599.

America' nona et postrema pars. Qya de ratione elementorvm; de Novi orbis natvra: de hvivs incolarvm svperstitiosis cultibus pertractatur: Catalogo regum Mexicanorum omnium addito. His accessit designatio illivs navigationis quam 5 naues HollandiciC anno 1598 tentarunt: quomodo S. de Weert a cateris dispulsus an 1600 domum reuersus sit. [Omnia per 6. Jansz descripta.] Addita est tertio navigatio recens quam O. a Noort suscepit. Omnia e Germanico Latinitate donata, et riguris aneis coornala sumptibus T. de Brv vidua et binorum filiorum. Franco/. Apud AI. Bcckervm. 1602. (8). 362, c,6, (1). 100pp. 25. 14plates. Map. T. de Brv. Collcctiones. F°

No. 1 in G.281.51.4; No. 3 in *,*2360.26.3 Acoustics.

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N'e\v Sweden, or, the Swedish settlements on the Delaware. Trans, bv Nicholas Collin. In New York hist, soc'v- Collections, 1841, 2d ser., vol. I.

G.3'625.1, 2d ser., 1; M371.ll, 2d ser., 1 Acte de naissance, comddie. See L. B. Picard.

CEuvres, 1821, vol. 4. Acteurs de bonne foi, comedie. See P. C. de C.

de Marivaux. CEuvres, 1781, vol. 2. Acteurs deplacds, ou 1'amant comddien, comddie.

See C. F. Pannard. Theatre, 1763, vol. 1. Actor, The; or a treatise on the art of playing. With theatrical anecdotes [etc.]. London": R. Griffiths. 1750. (10). 326 pp. 12°

No. 1 in G.3823.6; 2588.11.1

The actor: or a treatise on the art of playing. A new work, by the author of the former, and adapted to the present state of the theatres. Containing observations on Garrick, etc. London, R. Griffiths. 1755. (0,284, (19) pp. 12°

No. 2 in G.3823.6; 2588.11.2

Ascribed by Lowndes to Aaron Hill, but of this there is doubt. The author, on page 19 of No. a, says: "Aaron Hill, an author of allowed merit, requires to be studied as a classic, etc."

Actor, or guide to the stage; with examples from the most popular modern pieces. New York, 1823. 32 pp. 12° No. 3 in G.3822.3

Actor, The, poem. See R. Lloyd.
Actors and acting.

Actor, The; or, a treatise on the art of playing. «75o.

Actors' remonstrance. 1643.

Bernier, F. Thdorie de l'art du comddien. 1826.

Brewer, J. N. Histrionic topography. 1S1S.

C, H. Answer to strictures on the profession of an actor. 1S05.

Grant, G. Essay on acting. 1828.

Heywood, T. Apology for actors. 1612.

Manager's note book. 1837.

Mathews's gallery. Catalogue of theatrical portraits. 1833.

See Drama. Actors and editors, a poem; bvan undergraduate. London, 1817. 44 pp. 8° "No. 10 in G.3824.13

Actor's budget. See W. Oxberry.
Actors' remonstrance for the silencing of their
profession, and banishment from their playhouses.
London, E. Nichson. 1643. Reprinted. 1S22. 7 pp.
8C No. 2 in G.3823.5; 2575.10

Actrice nouvelle, comddie. See P. Poissox.
Ad majorem gloriam virtutis, poeme. See P. S.


Adair, Robert Alexander Shafto, baron Waveny, Isii —. National defences and organization of the militia of the United kingdom. In Cambridge essays. 1858.

G.3853.2.4; 2555.16.4 Adalbero, bishop of Laon, 95o?-io3o.

Poeme adresse a Robert roi des Francais. In Guizot, F. P. G. Collection. 1S24, vol. 6.

G.3675.3.6; *2618.2.6 Adam, sacred drama. See G. B. Andreini. Adam, maltrc. See A. Billaut. Adam de la Ilallc, i?lh century. Jeux. In Thdatre francais au moyen age. 1839.

G.190.54 Namely: Li jus Adan, ou de la fcuillie; Li jus du pelerin; Li gieus de Hobin ct de Marion.

Contains also a notice of Adam de la Halle, with specimens of his music.

Adam le Roi. See Adenez.

Adam, Jacques, 1663-1735.

Alembert, J. le R. d'. Eloge. In his CEuvres, 1805, vol. 10.

Adams, Miss Abigail, daughter of John Adams.

See Abigail (A.) Smith. Adams, Charles Francis, 1807 —.

Horace Walpole's Letters and memoirs. [Cut from North Amer. rev., Oct., 1845, pp. 422-455.]

No. 4 in G.3857.4 Adams, John, 2d president of the U. S., 1735-1826.

Correspondence, originally published in the Boston patriot. Boston, 1809. lv, 572 pp. 8° G.3634.5 ■—.»«/ Adams, Samuel

Four letters [dated 1790]: on the subject of government. Boston, 1802. 32 pp. 8°

No. 4 in G.324.1; 5568.12

Brackenridge, H. M. Eulogy on J. Adams. In his Speeches, 1829.

Strictures on John Adams's Defence of the constitutions of the United States. [Signed, Camillus.] In Political reformer. 1797.

Adams, John Quincy, 6th president of the U. S., 1767-1848.

Correspondence between J. Q^ Adams and several citizens of Massachusetts concerning the charge of a design to dissolve the union. Boston, 1829. 80 pp. 83 No. 5 in G.321.12; No. 9 in M443.78

Oration on Lafayette. 31st Dec, 1834. Washington, 1835. 94 pp. 8° G.3633.4

Oration to the citizens of Quincy, 4th July, 1831. Boston, 1831. 40 pp. 8°

No. 5 in G.321.15; No. 4 in 4320a.l22.2

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Catharine. By the author of " Agnes and the little key." Boston, 1859. 192 pp. 120

G.3651.15; 5446.50

Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803.

Adams, J., Ox/adams, S Four letters, 1790.
Wells, W. V. Life of Samuel Adams, 1S65.

Adams, 'William, — 1631.

Adventures in Japan, 1611-1617. In Harris. J. Collection, 1744, vol. 1. G.280.52.1

Adamson, Edward Hussey.

Scholar Novocastrensis alumni. [Worthies of Queen Elizabeth's grammar school, Newcastle.] 43 PP- Newcastle reprints, 1846. 8°

No. 5 in G.3845.2.5

Adamson, Henry, — 1639.

Muses threnodie: or, mournings on the death of Mr. Gall. Containing poetical descriptions, with the antiquities of Scotland, especially of Perth. By H. Adamson. Printed at Edinburgh, 1638. To this new edition are added notes, King James's charter of confirmation, an account of Gowries conspiracy, a list of the magistrates of Perth, an account of the two inundations in 1210 and 1621, etc Compiled by James Cant. Perth, i""4- xxii, (1), 261, 200 pp. Sm. 8° G.3846.9

Adamson, John, translator.

Silva, N. L. da. Dona Ignez de Castro. 1808. Adan, ou de la feuillie, drame. See Adam de la

A dans. See Adenez.
Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719.

Works collected bv Mr. Tickcll. With index. In 6 v. London, 1804- Portrs. Plates. 8° G.3711.1

Contents. 1,2. Spectator. 8. Same; Tatler. 4. Guardian: Freeholder; Whig-examiner. 5. Dialogues upon ancient medals; Remarks on Italy; Present state of the war; Trial and conviction of Count Tariff, Christian religion; Essay on Vir. eil's Georgics. fi. Poems; Rosamond, an opera; Translations from Horace and Ovid; To the author of Cato; Cato; The drummer, or the haunted house; Poemata.

[Select plays.] In British theatre, 1791, vols. 20,21. G.3963.1.20,21

Namely: 20. The drummer. 21. Cato.

Same. In Modern British drama, iSn, vols, i, 4.


Namely: 1_ Cato. 4. The drummer.

Same. In New English theatre, 1777, vols. 7, 10.

G.3964.1.7,10 Namely: 7. The drummer. 10. Cato.

Cato. In British drama, 1S17, vol. 1. G.3965.2.1

Same. In London theatre, 1815, vol.9. G.3966.2.9

Same. In Select British theatre, 1815, vol. 8.


Same. Caton. [Trad, par P. A. de La Place.] In Theatre anglois, 1749, vol. 8. G.3964.3.8

Criticism on Paradise lost. /«Milton, J. Poetical works, 1801, vol. 1. G.3832.6.1; 2564.8.1

Remarques sur le Paradis perdu. In Delille, J. Œuvres, 1824, vol. 13. G.240.3.13; «2693.1.13

Cf.MBERLAND, R. Life of Add i son. In British drama, 1S17, vol. 1.

Sewell, G. Vindication of the English stage. 1716.

Addison, Lancelot, 1632-1703.

West Barbary, or, a narrative of the revolutions of Fez and Morocco. With account of present customs. Oxford, J. Wilmot. 1671. (23), 226, (7) pp. 8D G.148.17; 5059a.4

Additional scene to the comedy of the Minor. London, 1761. 19 pp. 8° No. 11 in G.3971.35

Address by members of the House of representatives, to their constituents, on the war with Great Britain. Baltimore, 1812. 35 pp. 8°

No. 9 in G.323.10

Written by Josiah Quincy.

Address in regard to the claims of the officers of the revolutionary army. [Signed. Equal justice.] Washington, 1828. 11 pp. 8" No. 8 in G.322.3

Address of the Convention [of delegates chosen to consider on the state of public affairs and on the means of relieving the people from the evils of misgovernment and war] to the free electors of NewJersey. [1814.] 24 pp. 8° No. 9 in G.324.15 Address of the Democratic young men's general committee, to their fellow-citizens. AVw York, 183c. 12 pp. 8° No. 24 in G.321.16 Address of the General committee of correspondence, to the democratic citizens of Pennsylvania, on the presidential election, 1812. Phila. 20 pp. 8° No. 7 in G.324.3 Address to the government of the United States, on the cession of Louisiana to the French; and on the breach of treaty by the Spaniards. New ed. Phila., 1S03. (i),5'6pp. 8° No. 10 in G.323.16 Address to the ladies on the indecency of appearing at immodest plays. London. 1756. (l), 22 pp. 8° No. 5 in G.3824.16 Address to the landed, trading and funded interests of England on the present state of affairs. London, 17S6. (1), 151 pp. 8° No. 3 in G.324.4 Address to the judges and the public. See John

Lee. Address to the "Senior captains" of the U. S. navv. [Signed, Nautilus.] 1834. çr, pp. 120

No. 16 in G.322.5 Adela, tragedy. See Jane West. Adelaide; or, the emigrants, tragedy. See R. L.

Sheil. Adelaide du Guesclin, tragédie. See F. M. A. de

Voltaire. Œuvres, 1784, vol. 2, and Répert. gén., 1S21, vol. 15. Adelaide of Wulfingen, tragedy. See A. F. F. v.


Adeline, drama. See J. H. Payne.
Adelphi, comcedia. See Terence.
Adelung, Johann Christoph, 1732-1806.

Grammatisch-kritisches Wôrterbuch der hochdeutschen Mundart. MitD. \V. Soltau's Beytragcn, revidirt von F. X. Schônberger. Wien, 1811. 4 v. 4° G.21.51

Mithridates oder allgemeine Sprachenkunde mit dem Vater L'nser in bey nahe 500 Sprachen und Mundarten. [Fortgesetzt von J. S. Vater.] Berlin, 1S06-1S17. 4v. SJ G.158.9; 2956.18; *B.192.12 Adenez, or Adans, called Adam le Roi, ijth century.

Li romans de Berte aus grans pies. Précédé d'une dissertation sur les Romans des douze pairs; par P.Paris. Paris, 1S36. (3), lx, 198 pp. Facsimiles. Romans des douze pairs, 1. 12° G.3545.3.1

Adieux de la parade, prologue. See C. Collé. Théâtre, 1777, vol. 1.

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