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THE Miscellaneous portion of the Barton Library, covered by this second part of the catalogue, includes all of the collection not Shakespearian in its character.

The dramatic literature in this portion, added to the Shakespeare part, serves to make the drama the most distinguishing feature of the whole collection. The other important departments are those of French literature, and the ancient classics.

The collection of the English drama, independent of the Shakespeare portion, numbers nearly 1,100 volumes. It includes the collected works of all the prominent dramatists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. There are also nearly 600 early quarto editions of single plays, many of which occur only in this form. In the case of many authors, Mr. Barton succeeded in obtaining first editions of every one of their* plays, as well as all succeeding issues. These are supplemented by several hundred fugitive tracts and pamphlets upon the theatre, many of which are of great rarity.

In the French drama are the collected works of the French dramatic writers and minor dramatists, together with many single plays of authors of whose dramas no collected edition was ever published. These are accompanied by a rich collection of reprints of early mysteries and miracle plays. The Spanish dramatic writers, as well as the Italian, are fairly represented.

History in its various branches has not been neglected, and the collection is particularly strong in the material for literary history. In English, are the leading chronicles and histories; in French, the standard collections of memoirs, separate historical works, and a large number of pamphlets published during the revolution of 1789. In the Italian language are to be found the standard historical works of Italian authors. American history is represented by works of interest and value, especially upon the discovery and settlement of America.

The department of voyages and travels is fairly strong, and includes a fine copy of De Bry's collections, in sixteen volumes, described, perhaps somewhat extravagantly, in Deburc's catalogue for 1834 as a "magnificent copy, perfectly complete;" and the collections of Harris and Hakluyt.

In bibliography and literary history, besides works used by Mr. Barton in making his collection, there are to be found numerous booksellers' catalogues and sale catalogues of private libraries, many of the latter with' the prices annexed.

Among the Greek and Latin classics are to be found some of the best critical editions both English and German. In English poetry are many first editions of separate poems, complete works in the best editions, and the principal general collections. French poetry also appears in fine editions of the classic poets of France, as well as in those of the early poets, and in the collections of Barbazan, Meon, etc., besides many of the works of the Provencal poets. There are a few rare specimens of Spanish poetry. The Italian poets will be found in choice copies of the best editions.

Mr. Barton seems to have used such autograph letters as he acquired principally in illustrating his books, by inserting them in works either written or edited by their writers.

In external appearance, this collection affords many attractions to lovers of fine binding, and contains examples of the work of the best English and French binders. But Mr. Barton's taste seems to have prevented any needless sacrifice of old bindings, as many of the books, in the foreign languages especially, are still in their quaint, original, characteristic binding.

This collection is especially strong in specimens of fine typography. These rarfge from black-letter copies of the Gcsta Romanorum and other specimens of the early press, through the finely printed editions of the collected works of English and French authors, and works issued by Pickering and Crapelet, to the folio editions of the Italian classics, printed in Pisa early in this century, together with many fac-simile reproductions, and, in the department of ancient classic writers, Elzevirs and the issues of the Baskerville press. There are also many works either privately printed, or printed in limited editions, or on large paper. Among these can be found an extensive collection of the publications of the Strawberry Hill press.

Among the finely illustrated works are Scott's Poetical and Prose works, illustrated from designs by J. M. W. Turner, the illustrated editions of his separate poems published in 1815 and 1816; the Pisa folios of Italian classics, with the portraits engraved by Morghen; Barthelemy's Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis (with which Mr. Barton began his collection); the large folio edition of Lodge's Portraits of illustrious personages of Great Britain; Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, with Stothard's plates in two states; and books with exquisite illustrations of the French school, some with the plates in different states.

In this catalogue an attempt has been made to give more than a mere list by authors of the books in the collection. Such a list might serve the purposes of the bibliographer, or the specialist, but would fall far short of satisfying the wants of that large and constantly increasing class of readers and students who frequent public libraries. To meet their proper demands, great attention has been paid to entering, under the subject of which they treat, not only books, but also special essays or monographs found in collected works. References from titles of books, dramas, poems, etc., to their authors have been freely given. Great care has been taken to fix the dates covered by histories, memoirs, voyages, and travels.

The titles have been abbreviated, except in the cases of rare, odd, or anonymous books, but their phraseology and spelling have been preserved. The names of publishers and printers have been omitted in the case of books printed after the year 1800, except where they serve to distinguish some fine or noteworthy edition.

The books of the Barton collection are indicated by the letter G. before the shelf number. The other shelf numbers are those of duplicates in the general collection in Bates Hall. Notes upon the condition or state of the books apply solely to the Barton copy.

A few words of explanation are needed in regard to the preparation of this portion of the catalogue. When Mr. James M. Hubbard, after the completion of the. catalogue of the Shakespeare part, withdrew from the service of the Boston Public Library, the Miscellaneous part had already been catalogued upon cards largely by Mr. Arthur Mason Knapp, assisted by the Catalogue department whenever the regular work in that department permitted. After some delay this catalogue was put into my charge for final revision and preparation for the press. It was decided to be best to have it agree in form with the standard adopted for the Bates Hall card catalogue, so far as a printed catalogue can agree with a card catalogue. This change of form, and the fact that this revision was done only as a part of my regular work, have been the principal cause of the seeming delay in publishing the second part. Through all the revision and printing Mr. Knapp has given his constant and valuable assistance; and for a large part of this revision the services of Miss Harriet E. Green were secured. Mr. James Lyman Whitney, the head of the Catalogue department, has given the catalogue the benefit of his critical knowledge and large experience. The other members of the Catalogue department have rendered cordial assistance. Mr. James M. Hubbard read all but the first 150 pages before they were put upon the press. His suggestions and criticisms have been extremely valuable. Mr. Louis Freeman Gray, the office-secretary, has been an invaluable assistant in putting the catalogue through the press.



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