Suggestions on the Study of United States History and Government: Prepared for the Use of Students in Harvard University

Harvard University, 1893 - 132 pagina's

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Pagina 96 - All charges made for any service rendered or to be rendered in the transportation of passengers or property as aforesaid, or in connection therewith, or for the receiving, delivering, storage, or handling of such property, shall be reasonable and just; and every unjust and unreasonable charge for such service is prohibited and declared to be unlawful.
Pagina 128 - It has been a conviction of pressing necessity, it has been a belief that we are to be deprived in the Union of the rights which our fathers bequeathed to us, which has brought Mississippi to her present decision. She has heard proclaimed the theory that all men are created free and equal, and this made the basis of an attack upon her social institutions; and the sacred Declaration of Independence has been invoked to maintain the position of the equality of the races.
Pagina 128 - You may make war on a foreign State. If it be the purpose of gentlemen, they may make war against a State which has withdrawn from the Union; but there are no laws of the United States to be executed within the limits of a seceded State. A State finding herself in the condition in which Mississippi has judged she is, in which her safety requires that she should provide for...
Pagina 128 - I hope none who hear me will confound this expression of mine with the advocacy of the right of a State to remain in the Union, and to disregard its constitutional obligations by the nullification of the law. Such is not my theory. Nullification and secession, so often confounded, are indeed antagonistic principles.
Pagina 128 - to execute the laws," was an expression which General Jackson applied to the case of a State refusing to obey the laws, while yet a member of the Union. That is not the case which is now presented. The laws are to be executed over the United States, and upon the people of the United States. They have no relation to any foreign country. It is a perversion of...
Pagina 95 - Commerce is a term of the largest import. It comprehends intercourse for the purposes of trade in any and all its forms, including the transportation, purchase, sale, and exchange of commodities between the citizens of our country and the citizens or subjects of other countries, and between the citizens of different states. The power to regulate it embraces all the instruments by which such commerce may be conducted.
Pagina 112 - Secretary be directed to request the House of Representatives to return to the Senate the bill...
Pagina 95 - This has never been doubted, and probably the transportation of articles of trade from one state to another was the prominent idea in the minds of the framers of the Constitution, when to Congress was committed the power to regulate commerce among the several states.
Pagina 21 - TIME during the lecture. 6. A word-for-word reproduction of what you hear is much less valuable to you than your own CONDENSED FORM, embodying the lecturer's ideas. 7. Distinguish in your own mind the HEADS OF THE LECTURE as it proceeds, and paragraph your notes accordingly. 8. Aim to set down the SUBSTANCE OF GENERAL STATEMENTS in your own words, rather than to note a part of each sentence. 9.
Pagina 21 - NOTES. 1. Have a regular system. 2. If you have worked out a system of your own which satisfies you, do not change it. 3. Shorthand is not a great convenience, unless the notes are afterwards put into a form which may be read by any one. 4. A system of recognizable abbreviations is desirable. 5. Take notes all the time during the lecture. 6. A word-for-word reproduction of what you hear is much less valuable to you than your own condensed form, embodying the lecturer's ideas. 7. Distinguish in your...

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