The People You Despise Shall Rule Over You: Jesus Christ's Message From Mt. Shasta, Rule the World By Inner Knowledge

iUniverse, 2001 - 184 pagina's
The corporate executive who wound up living in his car, the man who started out on a 1000 mile sojourn without enough money to finish, the artist who's going for broke at 58. Be one of them, on your final journey towards the completion of your life--and the life of our planet. Why hesitate now?!Let clerks, waitresses and grocery store owners from a unique small town in America, living under the shadow of a famous mountain, tell you what they know, the answers you've been looking for since September 11. You'll never be the same as you read this riveting prophetic and understandably human message from Jesus Christ himself, in your name. Who else's?Warning: This book is way beyond religion and the Christian world probably won't like it. You will, "you" meaning all the people of earth, regardless of religion. It's for you. He comes, and prepares the way. The essential book of the end times.

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