Understanding Wood Finishing: How To Select And Apply The Right Finish

Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated, 2005 - 308 pagina's
Taking the mystery out of wood finishing, this completely updated second edition includes the latest technical updates on materials and techniques—from spray guns to French polishing—with detailed step-by-step instructions and explanations. The most practical, comprehensive book on finishing ever published, this guide offers advice for troubleshooting, distinguishing different products, and suggestions for creating beautiful finishes.

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This is THE definitive book on wood refinishing. Comprehensive and thorough. Just about all a wood worker needs to know about finsishing different types of wood. Highly recommended. Volledige review lezen

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Good book easy for the common guy or gal to follow and understand.good price as well. Volledige review lezen

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Bob Flexner has written more than 300 articles on wood finishing, made two award-winning videos on repairing and refinishing furniture, hosted The Furniture Workshop—his own call-in radio show, and taught several hundred workshops and seminars. Before beginning his writing and teaching career, he spent 20 years running a woodworking and restoration shop. He lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

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