Religious apologetics - philosophical argumentation

Yossef Schwartz, Volkhard Krech
Mohr Siebeck, 2004 - 574 pagina's
"The dialog between the religions and various cultures has shown their common ground and emphasized the differences which characterize the individual religion or cultural identity. This volume shows how the boundaries between the talk of apologetics and philosophical argumentation fade and it combines historical and contemporary case studies from Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Contents include: On the Conditions for Systematic Theology in a Global Public, In the Name of the One and of the Many: Augustine and the Shaping of Christian Identity, An Apology for Mr. Toland in a Letter to Himself, Autobiography as Self Apology. From Deism through Transcendentalism to Atheism: Benjamin Franklin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Adams, On Theologization of Kabbalah in Modern Scholarship, Leo Strauss' Rediscovery of the Exoteric, A Philosophical Myth in the Service of Christian Apologetics? Manichees and Origenists in the Sixth Century, Critique of Sculptures: Polemics of al-Jahiz and Ibn Hazm against Christianity and Judaism, Reason and Faith: Inter-religious Polemic and Christian Identity in the 13th Century, Self-Definition, Apology, and the Jew Moses Maimonides: Thomas Aquinas, Raymundus Martini, Meister Eckhart, Nicholas of Lyra, Choices for Changing Frontiers: The Apologetics of Philio of Alexandria, The Two Sons of the One Father: The Salvation-Historical Interpretation of Luke 15:11-32."

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Yossef Schwartz
Michael Zank

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Yossef Schwartz, Born 1965; studied Religion, Theology and Medieval Philosophy in Jerusalem, Zurich and Fribourg; 1996 PhD; Professor of Scholastic at the Cohn Institute (Tel Aviv University).Volkhard Krech, Geboren 1962; Studium der Theologie, Soziologie und Philosophie; 1991-1995 wiss. Mitarbeiter an der soziologischen Fakultat der Universitat Bielefeld; 1996 Promotion und 2001 Habilitation; seit 1995 Referent fur Soziologie an der Forschungsstatte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft in Heidelberg.

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