Sea Changes: Historicizing the Ocean

Bernhard Klein, Gesa Mackenthun
Psychology Press, 2004 - 219 pagina's

The sea has been the site of radical changes in human lives and national histories. It has been an agent of colonial oppression but also of indigenous resistance, a site of loss, dispersal and enforced migration but also of new forms of solidarity and affective kinship. SeaChanges re-evaluates the view that history happens mainly on dry land and makes the case for a creative reinterpretation of the role of the sea: not merely as a passage from one country to the next, but a historical site deserving close study.


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Deep Times Deep Spaces
Costume Changes
The Global Economy and the Sulu Zone
Ahabs Boat
Staying Afloat
The Red Atlantic or a terrible blast swept over
Chartless Voyages and Protean Geographies
At SeaColoured Passenger
Slavery Insurance and Sacrifice in the Black Atlantic
Cast Away

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Over de auteur (2004)

Bernhard Klein is Lecturer in Literature at the University of Essex. He is the author and editor of a number of books, including Fictions of the Sea: CriticalPerspectives on the Ocean in British Literature andCulture. Gesa Mackenthun is Professor in American Studies at Rostock University in Germany. In addition to numerous essays on the topics of nineteenth-century American literature, colonialism, and postcolonial studies, she is the author of Metaphors of Dispossession: American Beginnings and the Translation of Empire, 1492-1637.

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