Sikkim Human Development Report 2014: Expanding Opportunities, Promoting Sustainability

“The 2014 Sikkim Human Development Report comprehensively charts the progress made by the Himalayan state of India over the past decade. The data and analyses presented here highlight: the efficacy of state policies in promoting a rapid expansion of both social and economic opportunities; the attention paid to sustainable development and preservation of the rich biodiversity of the region; the impressive advances made in the area of poverty reduction; and the successes achieved in the public provisioning of basic social services (it is the first state in India for instance to achieve total sanitation coverage). The Report underlines the conscious efforts by the political leadership as well as the state bureaucracy to stay connected with people. it also identifies several areas which require greater attention, such as the need to expand livelihoods, manage urbanization, establish a knowledge society, eliminate drug abuse and promote universal health coverage.” -- Back cover.

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Over de auteur (2015)

Sikkim Human Development Report Cell, Chief Minister's office, Government of Sikkim.

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