The New York medical times, Volume 2


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Pagina 57 - The faculty of every regularly constituted medical college or chartered school of medicine, shall have the privilege of sending two delegates. The professional staff of every chartered or municipal hospital containing a hundred inmates or more, shall have the privilege of sending two delegates ; and every other permanently organized medical institution of good standing shall have the privilege of sending one delegate.
Pagina 392 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF CHILDREN. By J. FORSYTH MEIGS, MD, Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, &c., &c., and WILLIAM PEPPER, MD, Physician to the Philadelphia Hospital, &c.
Pagina 303 - The Action of Medicines in the System ; or, " On the Mode in which Therapeutic Agents introduced into the stomach produce their peculiar effects on the Animal Economy.
Pagina 189 - Pharmacopoeia, arranged in Classes according to their Action, with their Composition and Doses. By a Practising Physician.
Pagina 124 - Wythe's Dose and Symptom Book. Containing the Doses and Uses of all the principal Articles of the Materia Medica, etc.
Pagina 187 - WHAT TO OBSERVE AT THE BEDSIDE AND AFTER DEATH, IN MEDICAL CASES. Published under the authority of the London Society for Medical Observation. A new American, from the second and revised LondoL edition.
Pagina 153 - If a strong solution of iodide of potassium be added to a minute portion of any of the salts of mercury placed on a clean, bright plate of copper, the mercury is immediately deposited in the metallic state, appearing as a silvery stain on the copper, which cannot be mistaken, as no other metal is deposited by the same means. By this method, corrosive sublimate may be detected in a drop of solution, unaffected either...
Pagina 287 - Be it Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to forward a copy of these resolutions...
Pagina 363 - PRINCIPLES OF MEDICINE; comprising General Pathology and Therapeutics, and a brief general view of Etiology, Nosology, Semeiology, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Hygienics.
Pagina 56 - The secretaries of all societies and other bodies entitled to representation in the Association, are requested to forward to the undersigned correct lists of their respective delegations, as soon as they may be appointed ; and it is earnestly desired by the Committee of Arrangements, that the appointments be made at as early a period as possible.

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