An Inquiry Into the Nature and Form of the Books of the Ancients: With a History of the Art of Bookbinding, from the Times of the Greeks and Romans to the Present Day; Interspersed with Bibliographical References to Men and Books of All Ages and Countries

R. Groombridge, 1837 - 212 pagina's

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Pagina 120 - Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by authority of the same...
Pagina 202 - He offered me a worn-down press for two shillings, which no man 'could use, and which was laid by for the fire. I considered the nature of its construction ; bought it, and paid the two shillings. I then asked him to favour me with a hammer and a pin, which he brought with half a conquering smile, and half a sneer. I drove out the garter-pin, which, being galled, prevented the press from working, and turned another square, which perfectly cured the press. He said, in anger, "If I had known, you should...
Pagina 117 - ... since, to the great reproach of the nation, and a much greater one of our holy religion, the thievish disposition of some that enter into libraries, to learn no good there, hath made it necessary to secure the innocent books, and even the sacred volumes themselves, with chains — which are better deserved by those ill persons, who have too much learning to be hanged, and too little to be honest.
Pagina 61 - ... those library books, some to serve their jakes, some to scour their candlesticks, and some to rub their boots. Some they sold to the grocers and soap sellers, and some they sent over sea to the bookbinders, not in small number, but at times whole ships full, to the wondering of the foreign nations.
Pagina 80 - But what they meane do I not understande. But yet I have them in great reverence And honour, saving them from filth and ordure, By often...
Pagina 61 - I know a merchant-man which shall at this time be nameless, that bought the contents of two noble libraries for forty shillings' price : a shame it is to be spoken ! This stuff hath he occupied instead of gray paper, by the space of more than these ten years ; and yet he hath store enough for as many years to come.
Pagina 121 - ... or increase the prices of any such printed books, in sale or binding, at too high and unreasonable prices, in such wise as complaint be made thereof unto the king's highness, or unto the lord chancellor, lord treasurer, or any of the chief justices of the one bench or...
Pagina 13 - According to Isidore, it was first made at Memphis ; and according to others, in Seide, or upper Egypt. It was manufactured from the inner films of the Papyrus or Biblos, a sort of flag or bulrush, growing in the marshes of Egypt.
Pagina 81 - I have here sent you, my dear sister Katherine, a book, which although it be not outwardly trimmed with gold, or the curious embroidery of the artfulest needles, yet inwardly it is more worth than all the precious mines which the vast world can boast of...
Pagina 204 - ... which nothing but dire necessity could have restrained ; and from that he was saved by the promptitude with which, on his forwarding a modest outline of his history, with the notes he had made of these lectures, to Davy, that great and good man rushed to the assistance of kindred genius.

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