The Nikola Tesla Treasury

Simon and Schuster, 1 jul 2013 - 687 pagina's
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Here's the Tesla collection you've been waiting for: 214 figures; 668 pages; and 107 articles, letters to editors, and lectures. All the famous lectures and articles that you'd expect are here, You'll also get his many letters to editors, commenting on Marconi, Edison, and many issues of the day. And if that wasn't enough you'll also get other articles that you've heard about but probably never seen. This is an amazing collection that will give you the most complete look into the mind of Nikola Tesla, who has been called the most important man of the 20th Century. Without Tesla's ground-breaking work we'd all be sitting in the dark without even a radio to listen to.

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The Tesla Alternate Current Motor
Teslas New Alternating Motors
Experiments with Alternating Currents of High Frequency
Alternate Current Electrostatic Induction Apparatus
Electric Discharge in Vacuum Tubes
Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High
The Drehstrom Patent
Mr Tesla on Thermo Electricity
On the Source of Roentgen Rays and the Practical Construction and Safe
Tesla on Animal Training by Electricity
My Submarine Destroyer
Teslas New Discovery
Electrical oscillator activity ten million Horsepower Burning
The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means
Teslas Reply to Edison

The Physiological and Other Effects of High Frequency Currents
He Now Produces Radiographs At A Distance
Roentgen Ray Investigations
Roentgen Rays Or Streams
Nikola Tesla Objects
Possibilities of Wireless

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