Fair to see, Volume 3


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Pagina 276 - ALISON. History of Europe. By Sir ARCHIBALD ALISON. Bart., DCL 1. From the Commencement of the French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo. LIBRARY EDITION, 14 vols., with Portraits. Demy 8vo, £10, 10s.
Pagina 271 - MACKENZIE. Studies in Roman Law. With Comparative Views of the Laws of France, England, and Scotland. By Lord MACKENZIE, one of the Judges of the Court of Session in Scotland.
Pagina 269 - HOSACK. Mary Queen of Scots and Her Accusers. Containing a Variety of Documents never before published. By JOHN HOSACK, Barristerat-Law. A New and Enlarged Edition, with a Photograph from the Bust on the Tomb in Westminster Abbey. 2 vols. 8vo, £1, 1s.
Pagina 281 - ATLAS OF PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, illustrating, in a Series of Original Designs, the Elementary Facts of GEOLOGY, HYDROGRAPHY, METEOROLOGY, and NATURAL HISTORY.
Pagina 277 - XENOPHON. By SIR ALEXANDER GRANT, Bart., Principal of the University of Edinburgh.
Pagina 198 - I ever be married it shall be to an old man ; they always make the best husbands ; and it is better to be an old man's darling than a young man's warling.
Pagina 279 - ... Flowers, for general Garden Decoration. 'Containing Descriptions, in Plain Language, of upwards of 1000 Species of Ornamental Hardy Perennial and Alpine Plants, adapted to all classes of Flower-Gardens, Rockwork, and Waters ; along with Concise and Plain Instructions for their Propagation and Culture. By WILLIAM SUTHERLAND, Gardener to the Earl of Minto ; formerly Manager of the Herbaceous Department at Kew. Crown 8vo, 7s.
Pagina 272 - Good Society ' — meaning thereby the society of men and women of wealth or rank — contained in this book, constitutes its chief merit, and is remarkable for the point and vigour of the author's style.
Pagina 281 - ATLAS OF GENERAL AND DESCRIPTIVE GEOGRAPHY. A New and Enlarged Edition, suited to the best TextBooks ; with Geographical information brought up to the time of publication. 26 Maps, clearly and uniformly printed in colours, with Index. Imp. 8vo.
Pagina 271 - NICHOLSON. A Manual of Zoology, for the use of Students. With a General Introduction on the Principles of Zoology. By...

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