ALFORD, H. Chapters on the Poets of
Ancient Greece. 1 vol. London. $3.
Poetical Works. 12mo. Bost. $1.
Greek Testament, with Notes. vols. 1
and 2. 8vo. London. $14.
ALHAMBRA, (The) Plans, Elevations,
Sections, and Details, by O. Jones.
plates, of which 67 are printed in colors,
and the remainder elaborate engravings in
outline; from drawings taken on the spot
in 1834 by the late Jules Goury; and in
1834 and 1837, by Owen Jones. With a
complete translation of the Arabic inscrip-
tions, and an Historical Notice of the Kings
of Granada, from the conquest of that city
to the expulsion of the Moors. 2 vols.
Columbia folio, half mor. top edge gilt.
London. $150.
ALISON, A. Essay on the Nature and
Principles of Taste. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

The History of Europe, from the Commencement of the French Revolution, 1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons, 1815. Embellished with fine portraits, 14 vols. 8vo. London. Cloth, $40. Half calf, $55. Full calf, $60.

American Edition, 4 vols. 8vo. Sheep.


Second Series. History of Europe. From the Fall of Napoleon, in 1815, to the Accession of Louis Napoleon in 1852. vols. 8vo. Lond. (Vols. 1, 2, and 3 ready.) Cloth, each, $4.


The same, N. Y. edition. 5 parts, 8vo. Paper. $2.50.

Military Life of John, Duke of Marlborough. With Maps. 12mo. N. Y. $1.50. New and enlarged edition. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852. $8.

Essays, Political, Historical, and Miscellaneous. 3 vols. 8vo. London. Half calf, extra. $9.

Principles of Population, and their connection with Human Happiness. 2 vols. 8vo. $8.

ALLEN and Thompson's Narrative of the
Expedition to the River Niger, 1841. 2
vols. 8vo. Plates. London. $3.

Philosophy of the Mechanics of Nature, and the Source and Modes of Action of Natural Motive Power. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 797. N. Y. 1852. $3.50. ALLIES, T. W. The Church of England cleared from the Charge of Schism, upon Testimonies of Councils and Fathers of the First Six Centuries. 2d ed. enlarged. 8vo. London. $3.

ALLEN, Julian. Autocracy in Poland and Russia; or, a description of Russian Misrule in Poland, and an Account of the Surveillance of Russian Spies at home and abroad. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

ALIX, J. P. Remarks upon the History of the Albigenses. 8vo. Oxford. $2.25.

Remarks upon the History of the Churches of Piedmont. 8vo. Oxf. $2.25. ALLSTON, Washington. Lectures on Art and Poems. Edited by R. H. Dana, Jr. 12mo. N. Y. $1.25.

Lectures on the Works and Genius of
Washington Allston. By William Ware.
12mo. Boston. $0.75.
ALLYN, Avery. A Ritual of Freemasonry,

illustrated by thirty engravings. To which is added, a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa, the Orange, and Odd Fellows' Societies. With Notes and Remarks. 12mo. N. Y. $5. ALMANAC, British, and Companion. 12mo. (Published annually). London. $1.25. ALPHABETS, Monograms, Old Architec tural Ornament, Sacred Illustrations, and Borders collected on the Continent and in England. With 20 beautifully colored and illuminated engravings. Imper. 4to. morocco. London. $7.50.

ALPS, Switzerland, and the North of Italy;

with numerous engravings. And descriptive text by Rev. C. Williams, 8vo. London, 1854, extra cloth, gilt edges. $3.50. ALTON LOCKE, Tailor and Poet: a Bi

ography. 12mo. New York. $0.75. ALTAR OF THE HOUSEHOLD: a

Series of Services for Domestic Worship for every Morning and Evening in the Year; Select Portions of Holy Writ; and Prayers and Thanksgivings for Particular Occasions. Edited by Rev. John Harris, D. D. 1 large vol. 4to. London, 1854, extra cloth, gilt edges, reduced to $4.

Or, calf extra. $5.

ALLEN, Abby. Home Ballads: a Book for New Englanders. 12mo. Bost. $0.75. ALLEN, John. Inquiry into the Rise and

Growth of the Royal Prerogative in England. 8vo. London. $3.50. ALLEN, Jos. Battles of the British Navy. Illustrated with numerous fine Portraits. 2 vols. 12mo. Lond. Cloth. $2.50. Half calf, $4; full calf, ex. $4.50. ALLEN, Jos. H. Ten Discourses on Ortho- AMERICA as I Found It. By the author of Memoir of Mary Lundie Duncan. 12mo. N. Y. 1852. $1.

ALTO WAN; or, Life and Adventures in the
Rocky Mountains. 2 vols. 12mo. $1.25.

doxy. 12mo. Bost. $0.75.

AMERICAN ABORIGINAL PORTFOLIO, By Mrs. Mary H. Eastman. With 27 superb line engravings on steel, by the first artists of the country. One volume,

folio, Phila. 1853, richly bound in ultrama- | A NA CREON, See Pindar. rine cloth, extra gilt. $6.

AMERICAN ALMANAC AND REPOSITORY OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE, for the year 1854; 12mo. Bost. paper, (annually.) $1. AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY. The Library of American Biography, edited by Jared Sparks, assisted by several of the most distinguished American writers. Por12mo. $7.50.

traits. First series. 10 vols.

Second Series, complete, with a General Index to the whole. Plates. 15 vols. 12mo. Boston. $15.

AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONS. The American's Guide: comprising the Declaration of Independence; the Articles of Confederation; the Constitution of the U. S., and the Constitutions of the various States of the Union. 1 vol. 16mo. Phila. 1852. $1. AMERICAN Historical and Literary Curiosities. Comprising fac-similes of Autographs and Historical Documents of great interest and value. An entirely new edition, greatly improved with additions. Large 4to., N. Y. half morocco, $7. same work, large paper, Imperial folio, antique morocco, $16. AMERICAN Journal of Science and Art.


Conducted by Profs. Silliman, and B. Silliman, Jr. Published bi-monthly, New H. per annum. $5. AMERICAN POETS, (Gems from); containing Selections from nearly 100 Writers; among whom are Bryant, Halleck, Longfellow, Percival, Whittier, Sprague, Brainerd, Dana, Willis, Pinckney, Allston, Hillhouse, Mrs. Sigourney, L. M. Davidson, Lucy Hooper, Mrs. Embury, Mrs. Hale, &c. &c. 32mo. Frontispiece. N. Y. $0.38. AMERICAN SCENERY; or Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature. From Drawings by W. H. Bartlett, engraved in the first style of the art. And descriptive Text by N. P. Willis. 2 vols. 4to. London. Morocco extra, $25. AMERICAN STATISTICAL ANNUAL, for the year 1854. Compiled, from authentic sources, by R. S. Fisher and C. Colby. 12mo. N. Y. $1.50. AMERICUS VESPUCIUS. Life and Voyages of, by C. E. Lester and A. Foster. 8vo. N. Y. $2.

[blocks in formation]

ANACHARSIS' Travels in Greece. From the French of Barthelemy. Illustrated with maps, plans, views, and coins. 6 vols. 8vo. and Atlas. London. Half calf, neat. $14.

ANCIENT EGYPT, her Testimony to the Truth of the Bible. Engravings and colored plates. 8vo. London. $3.50. ANCIENT FRAGMENTS, from Confucius, Zoroaster; Sanchoniatho; Hanno ; King Hiempsal; Publius Syrus; Manetho; Demophilus, &c., and The Excellent Sayings of the Seven Wise Men of Greece. Translated into English by various authors. 12mo. N. Y. $1.25.

ANCIENT HISTORY, Containing the

History of the Egyptians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Medes, Lydians, Carthaginians, Persians, Macedonians, the Seleucidæ in Syria, and Parthians. 4 vols. 12mo. N. Y. $2. ANCIENT UNIVERSAL HISTORY, Sacred and profane, from the Earliest Records to the Fall of the Roman Empire. 14 vols. crown, 8vo., with 1200 wood engravings. London, 1852. $30. ANDERSEN, John. The Course of Creation. With a Glossary of Scientific Terms. Illustrated. 12mo. Cincinnati. $1.25. ANDERSON, A. History of the Origin of

Commerce, from the earliest accounts. 4 vols., 4to., London. Scarce, calf, neat. $10. ANDERSON, Chr. The Annals of the English Bible, revised, abridged, and continued by Rev. S. I. Prime. 8vo. N. Y. $175.

The Family Book; or, the Genius and Design of the Family Constitution. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

Historical Sketches of the Native Irish.
Small. 8vo. London. $0.75.
ANDERSON, Rev. James. The Ladies of
the Covenant. Memoirs of distinguished
Scottish Female Characters, embracing the
Period of the Covenant and the Persecution.
12mo. N. Y. $1.50.
ANDERSON, W. Practical Mercantile Cor-

respondence. A Collection of Modern Let-
ters of Business, with Notes Critical and
Explanatory, an Analytical Index, and an
Appendix, containing Pro Forma Invoices,
Account Sales, Bil of Lading, and Bills of
Exchange. Also, an Explanation of the
German Chain Rule, as applicable to the
Calculation of Exchanges. 12mo. N. Y. $1.

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tions and Corrections from the Lexicons of Gesner, Facciolati, Scheller, Georges, &c., Royal 8vo. N. Y. Sheep. $5. ANDREWS, Bishop. Private Devotions, and Manual for the Sick. London. 12mo. Cloth. $1; morocco, $2.25.

Sermons. Complete in 5 vols. 8vo. (Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.) Oxford. $13.50.

Tortura Torti sive ad Matthæi, Torti librum responsio. 8vo. Oxon. $2.88.

Responsio, ad Apologiam Cardinalis Bellarmini. 8vo. Oxon. $2.88.

Pattern of Catechistical Doctrine, &c., 8vo. Oxford. $2.40.

Opuscula Posthuma, et Index. 8vo.
Oxford. $1.50.
ANECDOTICAL OLIO, containing Anec-
dotes, Literary, Moral, Religious, and Mis-
cellaneous, by Rev. Messrs. Hoes and Way.
8vo. $1.
ANGEL-VOICES; or Words of Counsel.
18mo. Bost. $0.38.

ANGELO, MICHAEL Life of, by Dup-
pa; and Life of Raffaele, by De Quincey.
12mo. London. $0.75.
ANGLO-SAXON, (The) 1 large vol. 8vo.,
with numerous illustrations. London. $6.

Version of the Holy Gospels. Edited by B. Thorpe, F.S.A. 12mo. N. Y. $1.25. ANGOULEME, Duchess Memoirs of, by Mrs. Romer. 1 vol. London, 1852. $3.50. ANLEY, Miss C. Earlswood, a Tale of the Times. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

COVERY; or, Year Book of Facts in
Science and Art, for 1854. 12mo. Boston.

$1.25. ANNUAL REGISTER, of the History and Politics of the year 1852. 8vo. bds. London, 1853. $5.

ANTIQUITIES AND MARBLES, in the British Museum. Including the Townley Gallery, Elgin and Phigaleian Marbles, Egyptian Antiquities, Etruscan Vases, &c., 18mo. Engravings. London. $1. ANTHON, C. Ancient and Mediæval Geography. For the use of Schools and Colleges. 8vo. Sheep. $1.75.

1826 to 1847. 22 vols. 8vo. half calf extra, quite new, fine copy. $100.

Complete from the commencement. Fine set, in 98 vols.calf. London: scarce. $175.

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The same work for 1850-53. Each ANTHON, H. An Easy Catechism for
Children; or, the Church Catechism with
Scripture Proofs.

18mo. Part 1. $0.61.

School Dictionary of Antiquities. 12mo. N. Y. $1.25.

ANTHON, C. E. A Pilgrimage to Treves, through the Valley of the Meuse and the Forest of Ardennes, in 1844. 12mo. N. Y. $0.75.

Catechisms on the Homilies of the Church. 18mo. N. Y. Paper. $0.61. Contents: I. Of the Misery of Mankind; II. Of the Nativity of Christ; III. Of the Passion of Christ; IV. Of the Resurrection of Christ. D. A. & Co.

ANTHON JOHN, The Law Student; or
Guides to the Study of the Law in its Prin-
ciples. Octavo. Sheep. N. Y. $3.

St. Clement, St. Polycarp, St. Ignatius, St.
Barnabas the Pastor of Germany, &c. By
Archbishop Wake. 8vo. Lond. $1.50.

ANSPACH, F. R. The Sepulchres of Our
Departed. 12mo. Phila. 1854. $1.
ANSTED, NICOLAY, &c. Manual of
Geographical Science, Mathematical, Phy-
sical, Chartography, Terminology. 8vo.
London, 1852. $3.
ANSTED, D. T. Ancient World; or Pic-APPERLEY, C.
turesque Tour through Creation. Plates.
8vo. London. $3.

The Same.

12mo. Phila. $1.25.

The Chase, the Turf, and the Road. 12mo. London. $1. APPLETON, Pres., Works of, embracing his Course of Theological Lectures, Addresses,

Sermons, &c.; with Memoir. 2 vols. 8vo. Andover. $2.50. APPLETONS' Dictionary of Machines, Mechanics, Engine work, and Engineering. Designed for Men of Science, Practical Working Men, and those intended for the Engineering Profession. Containing over 4,000 Engravings on Wood. Complete in 2 large vols. N. Y. Strongly bound, $12.

Complete Atlas of the World. An Introduction to Physical and Historical Geography, and an Alphabetical Index of the Latitudes and Longitudes of 72,000 places. 64 elegantly Engraved and Colored Maps, with Comparative Scales. 1 vol. 4to. N. Y. 1854. Half morocco, $9.

Modern Atlas of the Earth. With an Alphabetical Index of the Latitude and Longitude of 31,000 places. 34 beautifully Engraved and Colored Maps, with Temperature Scales. 8vo. size, bound in 1 vol. English 8vo. N. Y. 1854. $3.50.

New Library Edition of the Standard British Poets. Edited, with Notes, by the Rev. George Gilfillan. Elegantly printed in large type, on superior paper, octavo size. Published at the very low price of $1 per volume, in cloth; or $2.50 in calf extra.








Volumes readyCOMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF JOHN MILTON. 2 vols. do. do. JAMES THOMSON. 1 vol. GEORGE HERBERT. 1 vol. THOMAS GRAY. 1 vol. CowPER. 2 vols. do. do. GOLDSMITH, &c., 1 vol. THE NIGHT THOUGHTS OF EDWARD YOUNG. 1 vol. **The series will embrace the whole range of British Poets, from Chaucer to the present day. A volume will appear every two months.





Library Manual; or, Catalogue Raisonné of upwards of Twelve Thousand of the most important Works in every Department of Knowledge, in all Modern Languages. 1 vol. large 8vo. Pp. 434. Half-bd. $1.25.

Traveller's Guide for the Southern and Western States, with Colored Maps. 16mo. 1854. $1.

Traveller's Guide for the Northern and Eastern States. 24 Maps. 16mo. 1854. $1.25.

New and Complete United States GuideBook for Travellers. Numerous Maps. 16mo. 1854. $2.

New York City and Vicinity Guide. Maps. $0.38.

New York City Map, for Pocket, $0.12.

Popular Library of the Best Authors. 28 vols. 16mo., sold separately. Per vol. $0.50. Essays from the London Times. Two Series. The Yellowplush Papers. By Thackeray. The Maiden and Married Life of Mary Powell. Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China, in 1844-46. By M. Huc. 2 vols.

By Horace Smith.

Gaieties and Gravities.
The Paris Sketch Book. By W. M. Thackeray. 2 vols.
Little Pedlington and the Pedlingtonians. By John
Poole. 2 vols.
The Ingoldsby Legends. First Series. By Rev. Rich-
ard Harris Barham.

The Book of Snobs. By W. M. Thackeray.
Papers from the Quarterly Review. By Sir Francis
Head and others.

A Journey to Katmandu; or, the Nepaulese Ambassador at Home.

A Book for Summer Time in the Country. By R. A. Willmott

Papers from Blackwood's Magazine.
Jeames's Diary, &c. By Thackeray.
Punch's Prize Novelists. By Thackeray.
Men's Wives. By Thackeray.
The Lives of Wellington and Peel.
A Shabby-Genteel Story. By Thackeray.
Confessions of Fitz Boodle. By Thackeray.

The Luck of Barry Lyndon. By Thackeray. 2 vols. Life and Memorials of Daniel Webstor. 2 vols. Mr. Brown's Letters to a Young Man about Town. APULEIUS. The Works of Apuleius, comprising the " "Metamorphoses, or Golden Ass," the "God of Socrates," the "Florida, and his Defence, or a Discourse on Magic.' A new translation, to which are added a metrical version of "Cupid and Psyche," and Miss Tighe's "Psyche," a poem in six cantos. London, 1854. $1.25.


AQUINAS, Thomas. Commentary on the Four Gospels, collected out of the Works of the Fathers. Translated from the Catena Aurea." 8 vols. 8vo. Oxford. $18.50. ARAGO, M. Life of James Watt, with Memoir of Machinery. 8vo. Lond. $1. ARUNDINES CAMI, sive Musarum Cantabrigiensium Lusus Canori, Collegit atque edidit Henricus Drury, M.A. Fourth Edition. London. 8vo. $2.50. ARATUS, the Phenomena and Diosemea of. Translated by Lamb. 8vo. Lond. $2.25. ARCHEOLOGICAL ALBUM; or Museum of National Antiquities. Edited by T. Wright. 1 vol. 4to. Fine Engravings. London, $9. ARABIAN NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS. Translated by Forster. Carefully revised and corrected by Bussy. 1 vol. 8vo. London. Illustrated. Cloth, $2; half calf, $3. calf extra, $3.50.


The Same. Translated by Lane. Embellished with 600 Wood Engravings. very large vol. 8vo. London. Cloth, $4; half calf, $5; calf, $5.50.

The Same. A cheaper edition, on inferior paper, and smaller size. 1 vol. cloth, $3.

The Same. 2 vols. 12mo. Engravings. N. Y. $2.75.

3 vols. 12mo. Illustrated. N. Y. $3. 1 vol. 8vo. Woodcuts. Phila., 1852. $1.


ALBUM. Pro- ARISTOPHANES, Comedies of, translated ceedings of the Archæological Institute. Me- by T. Mitchell. 2 vols., 8vo. London. $7.50. moirs illustrative of the History and Anti- Scarce. quities of the County and City of York. 1 vol. 8vo. Fine engravings. London. $4.50. ARCHENHOLZ, F. W. Von. History of the Seven Years' War in Germany. Translated by Catty. 18mo. London. $1.75. ARCHIBALD CAMERON, or, Heart Trials, in 1 vol., 16mo. N. Y. $0.75. ARCHITECTURAL, Mechanical, and Scientific Works. A general assortmentEnglish, and American.-See our separate catalogue.

[blocks in formation]

Comedies, literally translated, by Hickie. 2 vols., post, 8vo. London, 1853. $2.50.

ARISTIDES, Opera ex recensione Gulielmi
Dindorfii. 3 vols., 8vo. Leipsic. $6.
ARMINIUS. The Works of James Armin-
ius, D.D. Translated from the Latin, by
Nichols and Bagnall. 3 large vols., 8vo.
Auburn, 1853. $6.

Memoirs of, by Rev. N. Bangs. 12mo. N. Y. $0.50.

ARMITSTEAD, J. Parochial Papers. [The
Choir, the School, Church Missions, Visiting,
The rich and the poor.] 12mo. 1 vol.
London, 1851. $1.75.
ARMSTRONG, Maj. Gen. Notices of the
War of 1812. 2 vols., 12mo. N. Y. $1.50.
ARNOLD, A. C. L. Philosophical History of

Free Masonry, and other Secret Societies;
or, Secret Societies of all ages, considered
in their relations with, and influence on the
mind. 1 vol. 1854.

ARNOLD, T., D. D. The History of Rome. Reprinted entire from the last London Edition. Three Vols. in one. 8vo. N. Y. $3.

The Later Roman Commonwealth. The History of the Later Roman Commonwealth. 1 vol., 8vo. N. Y. D. A. & Co. $2.50.

Lectures on Modern History. Delivered in Lent Term, 1842, with the Inaugural Lecture delivered in 1841. Edited, with a Preface and Notes, by Henry Reed, M.A., Prof. of Eng. Lit. in the University of Pa. 12mo. N. Y. D. A. & Co. $1.25.

Miscellaneous Works on the Bible, Christian Duty, Christian Politics, the Church Schools, Knowledge, Progress, on Poetry, Tracts, Education, Discipline, &c. 8vo. N. Y. D. A. & Co. $2.

Rugby School Sermons. Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Rugby School, with an Address before confirmation. 16mo. N. Y. D. A. & Co. $0.75.

Sermons on the Interpretation of Scripture. 8vo. London. $3.50. Sermons on Christian Life, its Course, Hindrances, and Helps. 8vo. London. $3.50.

Sermons on Christian Life, its Hope, Fears, and Close. 8vo. London. $3.50.

Sermons on Various Subjects. 3 vols., 8vo. London. $10.50.

The Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold, D.D. By Arthur P. Stanley, A.M. 8vo. N. Y. D. A. & Co. $2. ARNOT, H. D. Gothic Architecture applied to Modern Residences. Containing Designs

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