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The year nine, by the author of 'Mary Powell'.

Anne Manning




Just published, price 78. 6d., in post 8vo. cloth, with Vignette,

HELEN AND OLGA; A Russian Tale.

"Told in a very simple, and at the same time a very impressive manner. The story is an illustration of the miseries of serfdom. * * * As a narrative this

Russian Tale' has much merit, while, as a picture of a phase of Russian life, its local colour'gives it a character of probability which is not often found in fiction. It will therefore be perused with pleasure by many readers; and it can, on the score of instruction as well as of entertainment, be cordially recommended to the favour of the general public."--Observer.

A certain amount of ability and tact appears in all this author's works, the subject and style of which will generally secure many readers."-Literary Gazette.

“We must pronounce · Helen and Olga' to be one of her most readable works. There is no particular concentration of interest, either in the events or the character, but most readers will find it such an attractive and lively novelette that they will have their attention and their interest sustained throughout."English Churchman.

Second Edition, price 78. 6d., post 8vo. cloth, with Frontispiece,

THE GOOD OLD TIMES: A Tale of Auvergne.

“It is written in a clear, pointed style, embellished with original fancies, and eloquent with an earnest meaning. The various scenes and characters are obviously studies from life-the life of restlessness, of fear, of devotion, among the friends of martyrs, described by the chroniclers of that epoch, stained with the blood of fanatical wars and persecutions. Colette, as delicately and distinctly limned in the successive chapters, might have formed a figure in the fifteenth-century group, drawn by a home-inspired artist. Then, the struggle round the walls of Le Puy is a picture of olden warfare of arquebuss and halberd battles, of priestly soldiers, sworn to shed no blood, but casuistically, with a ponderous club, immortalizing the miserable rouliers. Again, the crélin is a portrait painfully accurate. Indeed, the entire story is vivified by its evident reality."-Athenæum.

Works by the Author of "MARY POWELL”—continued.

THE PROVOCATIONS OF MADAME PALISSY. With Coloured Frontispiece by WARREN. Third Edition, price

78. 6d., post 8vo. cloth. “One of the most graceful of stories gracefully told; something to touch the heart, to call up a smile, and to summon a tear even into manly eyes. We do not remember ever having met with a book at once so natural, so clever, and so emphatically delicious.''-Church and State Gazette.

“It is a long time since we have met with a book of such truly excellent characteristics as are apparent in every page of this volume.”-Bell's Messenger.

“On the basis of the true history of Palissy, the writer has formed the present work; has given a very spirited sketch of his labours; has exhibited the extravagancies, amounting to crime, of a man of genius driving on in the pursuit of his darling object; and has depicted, as the title promises, with a good deal of power, the plagues of a wife who has such a husband."--Christian Observer.

CLAUDE THE COLPORTEUR. With a Coloured Frontispiece, after WARREN. New Edition. The hero of the narrative is, in plain English, a Bible hawker among Roman Catholics chiefly; and his difficulties, ill-treatment, conversations, and beneficial influence form the staple of the book-his character is well drawn." -English Churchman.

“ The volume is one of no ordinary merit; for it throws intense interest around common occurrences and common characters; and presents, not only a vivid series of pictures, but a well-sustained tale."-Church and State Gazette.


With Frontispiece. Post 8vo. cloth, price 78. 6d. “It may be said of all her works, that of their kind they are very good; and this cannot fail to give pleasure to every reader capable of appreciating literary merit, and it will commend itself for family reading, on account of the genial tone of the morality which runs throughout.”—Atlas.

“ The gentle, affectionate, and cheerful temper of the heroine, and the whole tone of the book, must have an influence for good upon any reader who is at all open to such influence, and is willing to allow books of this kind a higher office than that of merely amusing them for a few hours."-English Churchman.

“ Above all, we notice a deep and pervading earnestness of religious feeling, which tends to elevate the story above the range of mere fiction; and this is a feature more especially which enables us to commend the book to the favourable consideration of our readers."-Church and State Gazette.

TASSO AND LEONORA. With Frontispiece. Post 8vo. cloth, price 78. 6d. Another agreeable addition to the now numerous productions of a writer whose simple but graphic style is embellished with a vivid truth in manners and costume." - Gentleman's Magazine.

“The author is famous for constructing pretty historical fictions, and this is one of the best of them. The love story of the unfortunate Tasso is brought before the reader with much dramatic effect and archaic propriety.”—Press.

“ The subject is one of much interest, the chief incidents of the life of Tasso being ingeniously interwoven with notices of Italian history and the customs of that age.Literary Gazette.

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