Museum Bulletin, Nummers 121-123

University of the State of New York, 1908

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Pagina 8 - Director of Science and State Museum JOHN M. CLARKE Ph.D. LL.D. Chiefs of Divisions Administration, HARLAN H. HORNER BA Attendance, JAMES D. SULLIVAN Educational Extension, WILLIAM R. EASTMAN MAMLS Examinations, CHARLES F.
Pagina 111 - All scientific specimens and collections, works of art, objects of historic interest and similar property appropriate to a general museum, if owned by the State and not placed in other custody by a specific law, shall constitute the. State Museum...
Pagina 97 - ... cm. wide, with slender yellow midribs, and thin primary veins extending obliquely to the points of the lobes; petioles slender, wing-margined at the apex, glabrous, 2-3 cm.
Pagina 111 - State historian, whose duty it shall be to collect, collate, compile, edit and prepare for publication all official records, memoranda and data relative to the colonial wars, war of the revolution, war of...
Pagina 12 - Sgpl. 1843. 300 copies with hand-colored plates. DIVISION 3 MINERALOGY. Beck, Lewis C. Mineralogy of New York; comprising detailed descriptions of the minerals hitherto found in the State of New York, and notices of their uses in the arts and agriculture, il.
Pagina 79 - ... nutlets 3 or 4, gradually narrowed and rounded at the ends, ridged on the back, with a high narrow ridge, 7-7.5 mm.
Pagina 65 - ... pale lenticels in their first season, and dull reddish brown the following year, and armed with slender straight or slightly curved chestnut-brown spines 2.5-3 cm lįn&Rocky pastures and margins of woods ; New Hartford, Oneida co.
Pagina 66 - ... nearly straight branchlets light orange-green and marked by pale lenticels when they first appear, becoming light chestnut-brown and lustrous in their first season and dark red-brown the following year, and armed with numerous slender straight or slightly curved dark chestnutbrown shining spines 3.5-4.5 cm.
Pagina 83 - ... in their first season and dull gray-brown the following year, and armed with very numerous stout straight or slightly curved light chestnut-brown shining spines 4-7 cm long.
Pagina 87 - ... anthers dark rose color; styles 3-5, surrounded at the base by a narrow ring of pale tomentum. Fruit ripening...

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