Narrative and Critical History of America: London: 1886-1889, Volume 4

Sampson Low, Marsten, Searle & Rivington, 1886 - 640 pagina's
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Pagina 316 - Edifying and Curious Letters of some Missioners, of the Society of Jesus, from Foreign Missions. Printed in the Year 1707. 18mo, 7 1., pp. 258, Table, 2 1. 21853 A translation of the famous " Lettres edifiantes et curieuses.
Pagina 342 - Yonnondio, our women had taken their clubs, our children and old men had carried their bows and arrows into the heart of your camp if our warriors had not disarmed them and kept them back, when your messenger, Ohguesse, came to our castles. It is...
Pagina 54 - France was spoiled and lopped bare, and occupied all in five or six days, and it wrought so well that if all the physicians of Montpelier and Lovaine had been there with all the drugs of Alexandria, they would not have done so much in one year as that tree did in six days, for it did so prevail that as many as used of it, by the grace of God recovered their health.
Pagina 155 - A.— ^Correspondence relating to the boundary between the British possessions in North America and the United States of America, under the treaty of 1783.
Pagina 359 - Recueil de ce qui s'est passe en Canada au Sujet de la Guerre, tant des Anglais que des Iroquois, depuis I'annee 1682 ; and the excellent account by Abbe Belmont in his chronicle called Histoire du Canada.
Pagina 409 - Society, the principal design of which should be to collect and preserve whatever may relate to the natural, civil or ecclesiastical History of the United States in general, and of this State in particular, and appointed Mr.
Pagina 434 - To the South, to the South, for the great and exceeding riches of the Equinoctial: they that seek gold must not go to the cold and frozen North.
Pagina 296 - With regard to the condition and character of the primitive inhabitants of North America, it is impossible to exaggerate their value as an authority. I should add, that the closest examination has left me no doubt that these missionaries wrote in perfect good faith, and that the Relations hold a high place as authentic and trustworthy historical documents.
Pagina 456 - Swedish governours for liberty to pass. The Dutch promised to let them pass, but for maintaining their own interest he must protest against them. When they came to the Swedes, the fort shot at them, ere they came up...

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