Christi Libri quatuor. Londini,

1827. 18mo. 6s.

A very neat edition, edited by Charles Butler of Lincoln's Inn, who has prefixed a life of Kempis.-Cum Vita T. à Kempis per Heribertum Rosweyden. Edinb. 1757.32mo. 5s. A very elegant and correct edition from Ruddiman's press.-Interpret. (Latino Sermone elegantiori) per Sebast. Castellionem. Cantab. 1685. 12mo. 5s. This book, for 300 years, has continued to be the favourite companion of devotional readers of all communions and opinions. It is the finest work that hath proceeded from the pen of man, the gospel being of divine origin.'Fontenelle.

KEMPIS, Thomas à. Of the Imitation of Jesus Christ, translated from the Latin, with an Introduction and Notes by the Rev. T. F. Dibdin, D.D. London, 1828. 8vo. 17. 1s.

An elegant edition, illustrated by six plates, including Salvator Mundi after Guercino. Fifty copies were printed upon LARGE


Other Versions.

A Treatyse of ye Imytacion and Folowynge of Cryst, compyld in Laten, by Johnn Gerson and translate by Mayster Wyllyam at Kynson Doctor of Diuynyte at the speciall Request and Commaundement of Pryncesse Margate Moder of Kynge Henry the VII. and Countesse of Rychemount and Derby. London (by W. de Worde). 4to. The three first books 96 leaves, the fourth book, 18 leaves. London by Richarde Pynson. 4to. Books 1-3, Q 4, A and B in octaves, the rest in sixes. The forthe Boke.' 18 leaves. Towneley, pt. i. 533, 91. London, by R. Pynson, 1503-4. 4to. White Knights, 1749, 117. 5s. - London, by R. Pynson, 1517. 4to. Books 1-3 end on the reverse of the leaf after



Q ii. The forthe boke' on the third leaf

after sign. ciii. London by Robert Redman. 16mo. folios Clxxxv.

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The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas a Kempis. Southwarke by Johan Redman. 16mo. London by Robert Wyer. 16mo.

the perpetuall Reioyce of the Godly euen in
this Life.' London, by H. Denham.

The Imitation of Christ, three Bookes newly translated, &c. by Tho. Rogers. Lond, 1584. 16mo. Inglis, 842, 4s. --Lond. 1589. 16mo. London, 1592. 24mo. -London, 1598.

The fourth Booke of the Imitation of
Christ, translated and corrected by T. Rogers.
London, 1592. 24mo.

The Imitation of Christ, by Wm. Page.
1639. 12mo.

Of the Following of Christ, paraphrased into English Verse. London, 1694. Bindley, pt. iii. 1549, 2s. 6d. Sotheby's in June, 1827, 17.

The Christian's Pattern; or, a Treatise of
the Imitation of Christ, translated by George
Stanhope, Dean of Canterbury. London,
-1698. 8vo. -1711. 8vo.
1696. 8vo.
1721. 8vo. 1727. 12mo. -1742. 8vo.

1759. 8vo. 1772. 8vo. -Aberd. 1779.

12mo. London, 1793. 8vo.

-1809. 8vo.

The Works of Thomas à Kempis; containing a Treatise of the Imitation of Christ and other Pieces. London, 1710-21. 8vo. 2 vols. with plates by Vandergucht. 12s.

The Christian's Exercise, translated by
Robert Nelson. London, 1715. 8vo. 5s.
1717. 8vo. with plates by Vandergucht.
Select Pieces of Thomas à Kempis. Edinb.
1721. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s.

The Christian's Pattern, translated by
Lec. London, 1760. 8vo. 3s.

Of the Imitation of Christ, in three Books;
wyth the Book of the Sacrament, translated
by John Payne. London, 1763. 8vo. 5s.

The Imitation of Christ; in three Books.
By Thomas à Kempis. Translated from the
Latin by John Payne. With a recommen-
datory Preface, by Thomas Chalmers, D.D.
Glasgow, 1822.

The Life of Thomas à Kempis. See
BUTLER, Charles, of Lincoln's Inn.

KENDALL, E. A. An Argument for construing largely the Right of an Appellee of Murder, to insist on Trial by Battle; and also for abolishing Appeals. Second Edition revised and enlarged. Lond. 1818.


This edition contains the fourth boke.'-
Newly examyned, corrected and imprinted.
And a lytell deuoute morall Doctryne called
the spiritual Glasse of the Soule. London
by Thomas Godfray. 16mo. Inglis, 843.
The Folowing of Christ, by Richard Whit-
forde. London, by J. Cawood, 1556. 16mo.
Gough, 1937, 17. 4s. 1585. 16mo.

The Imitation or Following of Christ, by
Thomas Kempise, amended and polished by
Seb. Castalio, and englished by E(dward)
H(ake). London, 1567. 16mo. Dedicated
to Thomas Duke of Norfolk. White Knights,
2248, 12s. London, 1568. 16mo. Ad- S, in eights. Bindley, p. ii. 1105, one leaf
joined is A short pretie Treatise touching ms. 16. resold Perry, pt. iv. 306, 114. 11s.

Hibbert, 4404, 5s. A third edition appeared in 1818.

Letters to a Friend on the State of Ire-
land, the Roman Catholic Question, and the
Merits of constitutional religious Distinctions.
Svo. 3 parts.

Timothy. Flowers of Epigrammes out of sundrie the most singular Authors. London, 1577. 16mo.

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This laborious compilation will be duly

valued, as long as ecclesiastical history bears

any repute amongst us.'-Nicolson. Hib-

bert, 4355, 17. 4s. Steevens, 1717, 32. 3s.

Dowdeswell, 438, 31. 3s. Nassau, pt. i. 2347,

russia, 31. 4s. Dent, pt. ii. 570, morocco,

41. 4s. Bindley, pt. ii. 2493, 4. 10s.

Brockett, 1814, russia, 87. 15s.


1305, 117. 11s. LARGE PAPER, extremely

rare. A copy is in the library of A.

Nicholson, Esq. Collation.-Title, one

leaf; epistle dedicatory to Sir William

Glynne, Bart. 6 pages; preface, 8 pages;

antiquities, including appendix, pp. 703;

general index, 30 pages; a glossary, 116


pages. Pages 553-4 are omitted.

p. 23.



1. Three Roman urns and a patine.
2. The rectory house at Islip. p. 51.

3. The seat of Sir William Glynne, Bart.

p. 55.

4. Ambrosden Church. 431.


The seat of Mr. John Coker. p. 509.

Burcester Church. p. 559. 7. Borstall. p.

679. 8. 9. Seat of Sir John Walter, Bart. pp.

682, 3. Greatly enlarged from the Author's

mss. Notes. Oxford, 1818. 4to. 2 vols. Edited

by the Rev. B. Bandinel, D.D. Prefixed is a

portrait of Kennett, by James Fittler. Pub-

lished at 67. Hibbert, 4356, 37. 11s. Drury,

4689, russia, 71. 2s. 6d.

The Case of Impropriations, and of the

Augmentation of Vicarages and other insuf-

with an Appendix, &c. Lond. 1704. Svo. 5s.

A Sermon at the Funeral of William Duke

A complete History of Eng-ficient Cures, stated by History and Law;

land, illustrated with Notes, and the

Effigies of the Kings and Queens.

The second Edition corrected; with

Amendments and Additions to the

third Volume. London, 1719. folio.

3 vols.

This work was collected by White Ken-

net, Bishop of Peterborough. The preface

to this second edition was written by Hughes,

and the additional notes, signed J. S. are

generally attributed to Strype. See Nichols'

Literary Anecdotes. Marquis of Towns-

hend, 1930, 17. 11s. 6d. Hibbert, 4586,

37. Ss. Willett, 1360, 47. 14s. 6d. Bindley,
pt. ii. 201, 4l. 14s. 6d. Contents. Vol. I.
1. Beginning with the History of Britain to
William the Conqueror, by John Milton. 2.

From the Conquest to the End of King Ed-

ward III. by Samuel Daniel. 3. The Reigns
of K. Richard II. K. Henry IV. V. and
VI. all new writ in Mr. Daniel's Method.
4. The Reign of K. Edward IV. by John
Habington. 5. The Lives of K. Edward V.
and Richard III. by Sir Thomas Moore. 6.
The Life of K. Richard III. by George Buck.
7. The Life of K. Henry VII. by Francis
Lord Bacon. Vol. II. 1. The History of
K. Henry VIII. by Edward Lord Herbert of
Cherbury. 2. The Life of K. Edward VI.
by Sir John Hayward. 3. The Life of Q.
Mary, by Francis Godwin, Bishop of Here-
ford, translated by J. H. 4. The History of
Q. Elizabeth, by William Cambden, newly
done into English. 5. The Annals of K.

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Critical Dissertations on the Tree of Life
in Paradise, the Creation and Fall, and on
the Oblation of Cain and Abel, with an Ap-
pendix. Oxford, 1747. Svo.

Enquiry into the Meaning of the Text,

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A View of Mr. Kennicott's Method of cor

recting the Hebrew Text, with three Queries formed thereupon. By George Horne (Bishop of Norwich). Oxford, 1760. 8vo.

The Nature of a true Zeal considered; with a View to the present Design of collating the Hebrew MSS. A visitation Sermon preached at Norwich, Aug. 19, 1760. By Henry Goodall, D.D. 8vo.


A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Kennicott. T. Rutherforth, D.D. Camb. 1761. 8vo. -With a Postscript. Lond. 1762. 8vo.

An Answer to a Letter from the Rev. T. Rutherforth, D.D. By Benj. Kennicott, D.D. London, 1762. 8vo.

Two Letters to the Rev. Dr. Kennicott, vindicating the Jews from the Charge of corrupting Deut.xxvii. 4. London, 1762. 8vo.

A second Letter to the Rev. Dr. Kennicott.By T. Rutherforth, D.D. Lond. 1763. 8vo. Remarks on a Letter from the Rev. Dr. Kennicott, to the Printer of the General Evening Post. By Richard Parry, D.D. With the Letter itself, and another that occasioned it. London, 1763. 8vo.

The Case between Gerizim and Ebal fairly stated. By Richard Parry, D.D. London, 1764. 8vo. 1s.

A Sermon on Isaiah vii. 13—16. With Notes. By Benj. Kennicott. Oxford, 1765. 8vo.

very late notable Publications, particularly those of Dr. Benjamin Dawson and Dr. Kennicott. Lond. 1766. 8vo.

A Sermon preached before the University of Oxford, May 19, 1765. By Benjamin Kennicott, D. D. With Notes on the Sermon, on Psalms 48 and 89, and on some late Reflections of the Ld. Bp. of Gloucester. Oxford, 1765. 8vo. 1s. 6d. THICK PAPER.

A critical Dissertation on Isaiah vii. 13, 14, 15, 16. in which the Sentiments advanced by Dr. Kennicott, in a Sermon lately published, and by several other Writers, are candidly and impartially examined. Lond.

1767. 8vo.

Another Defence of the Unity, wherein St. John's Introduction to his Gospel, and his Account of the Words being made Flesh, are considered. With a few Remarks on some

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D.D. Second Edition. 1783. 8vo. Ox- | tess of. A choice Manuall of rare ford, 1781. 8vo.

Benj. Kennicotti Dissertatio generalis in vetus Testamentum Hebraicum. Curavit P. J. Bruns. Brunsvici, 1783. 8vo. A reprint of Dr. Kennicott's dissertatio generalis annexed to his second volume of his edition of the Hebrew Bible. Gosset, 2903, 16s.

Remarks on select Passages in the Old Testament: to which are added eight Sermons. By the late Benjamin Kennicott, D.D. Oxford, 1787. 8vo. 6s. Gosset, 2904, 8s. This work contains translations of XXXII Psalms. A translation of Psalms XLII and

XLIII. on a single sheet, varying a little, was privately printed about 1766.

Kennion, Edward. An Essay on Trees in Landscape. 1816. 4to. Seven parts 10s. 6d. each.

KENNY, W.S. A practical Chess Grammar; or, an Introduction to the Game of Chess. London, 1817. 4to. 7s.

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and select Secrets in Physic and
Chirurgery. The twelfth Edition.
1659. 12mo. 5s.

With a portrait of the Countess.
with a portrait, of the Countess, a small oval.
1656 with a portrait of the Countess,
in an oval of foliage (by Chantry).

Samuel. The Grammar of
London, 1716, 1718,
or 1724. 8vo. 4s.


Kent. The Kentish Traveller's Companion. The fourth Edition, with considerable Additions. Rochester, 1794. 12mo.

Pp. 348, with a table of distances, and three maps of the roads. The author of this useful pocket volume, T. Fisher, was a bookseller at Rochester.-1777—1779—1787—


3s. 6d.

This critic published poems, plays, and other writings, mostly contaminated by a style vituperative and malignant.

KENT, Elizabeth Talbot, Coun

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A Sketch of the Life and Character of Lord Kenyon, late Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench. London, 1802. 8vo. KEOGH, Botanologia universalis Hibernica. Corke, 1735. 4to. KEPLER, John. An Account of the astronomical Discoveries of Kepler, including an historical Review of the Systems which had successively prevailed before his Time. By Robart Small, D. D. London, 1804. 8vo. 6s.

KEPPEL. G. Travels in Babylonia, Assyria, Media and Scythia. London, 1827. 8vo. 2 vols.

Hibbert, 4411, 16s.

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