Handbook of French Popular Culture

Pierre L. Horn
Greenwood Publishing Group, 1991 - 307 pagina's
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Throughout the world, there has been much scholarly and general interest in French popular culture, but very little has been written on the subject in English. The authors of this book address that lack in a series of highly readable and well-documented essays describing French life styles, attitudes, and entertainments as well as the writers and performers currently favored by the French public.

Several chapters explore French tastes in popular literature and other reading matter, including comics, cartoons, mystery and spy fiction, newspapers and magazines, and science fiction. Film, popular music, radio, and television are also discussed in detail, and influences from other cultures--particularly American imports--are assessed. The remaining essays examine French sports, the use of leisure time, the French style of eating and drinking, and relations between men and women and their attitudes toward romantic love. Each chapter provides up-to-date historical and bibliographic information that will enable the reader to pursue subjects of particular interest. Written by an international group of specialists, this handbook offers the benefits of broad coverage, a variety of viewpoints, and solid scholarship.

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1 Advertising
2 Comics
3 DetectiveMysterySpy Fiction
4 EditorialPoliticalGag Cartoons
5 Film
6 Food and Wine
7 Leisure
8 Love Men and Women
10 Popular Music
11 Radio and Television
12 Science Fiction
13 Sports
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9 Newspapers Magazines Feminine Press

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Populaire passages

Pagina 160 - The bitter reaction against this capricious method of imprisonment was one of the prime causes of the French Revolution; and the Declaration of the Rights of Man...
Pagina 233 - Swift evidently had in his mind the passage in Cyrano de Bergerac's " Histoire Comique des Etats et Empires de la Lune," where a similar argument takes place as to the nature of Cyrano.
Pagina 207 - Le Recueil des plus belles et excellentes chansons en forme de voix de ville...
Pagina 151 - ... decades of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth century.
Pagina 56 - LE PLAISIR D'ÉCRIRE, Le roman policier, Paris, École française de rédaction, sd J. de PORLA, Encore un coup d'arquebuse. Roman policier expérimental, suivi de «Qui a tué Victor ?», écrire collectivement un roman policier, Paris, BELC, 1982.
Pagina 253 - Les Robots humains dans le mythe et dans la science, Paris, Vrin, 1968.
Pagina 162 - The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of man's most precious rights; every citizen, therefore, may freely speak, write, and publish, subject, however, to answer for the abuse of this liberty in cases determined by law.
Pagina 247 - Université de Nantes, chemin de la Sensive du Tertre, BP 1025, 44036 Nantes Cedex, France.

Over de auteur (1991)

PIERRE L. HORN is Professor of French at Wright State University. He has published studies on Marguerite Yourcenar, Louis XIV, and Lafayette, as well as articles in French and English language journals.

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