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Anna d'
A lady's visit to Manilla and Japan.

1863. Abbeville, Société Imperiale d'emulation d' Memoires, 1852-7.

1857. Abeken, B. R. See Cicero. Abercrombie, John, M.D. Philosophy of the moral feelings.

3rd ed. 1835, Inquiries concerning the intellectual powers and the investigation of truth.

10th ed. 1840. Abernethy, John

Memoirs, with a view of his lectures, writings, and character, by G. Macilwain.

2 v. 1853. Abrantes, Laure P., Duchess d’ (Madame Junot) Memoirs.

8 v. 1831. Accum, Frederick

A system of theoretical and practical chemistry 2 v. 1803. Acland, Hugh Dyke

The recovery by the Vaudois of their valleys. From the original,

by H. Arnaud, with a history of that people previous and subsequent to that event.

1827. Adams, A. See Belcher. Adams, W. H. Davenport Famous beauties and historic women.

2 v. 1865. Addison, Charles G.

History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the

1842. Addison, Joseph Works. New edit., with Notes by Hurd.

6 v. 1811. Select Works. See Aikin's British Poets. Sir Roger de Coverley, by the Spectator. The notes and illustrations by W. H. Wills.

1850. Life, by Lucy Aikin.

2 v. 1843. See also Spectator.

2 v.

Tragedies, trans. by R. Potter.

New ed. 1812.
Lyrical dramas, trans. by J. S. Blackie

1850. Tragedies, trans., with biographical essay and appendix of

rhymed choral odes, by E. H. Plumptre. 2 v. 1868. Agassiz, Louis Jean Rodolphe Etudes sur les Glaciers.

1840. Atlas to ditto. A journey in Brazil.

1868. Agrippa von Nettesheim, Henry Cornelius Life, by Henry Morley.

2 vols. 1856. Aguilar, Grace Home influence. A tale for mothers and daughters.

24th ed. 1869. The mother's recompense; a sequel to Home influence.

21st ed. 1869.
The vale of cedars.
The Days of Bruce.

Home scenes and heart studies.
Aïdé, Hamilton
The Marstons.

3 v. 1868. Aikin, John

General biography; or lives of the most eminent persons,

arranged according to alphabetical order, by J. Aikin and others.

10 v. 1799-1815. Select Works of the British Poets, with biographical and critical

prefaces. New ed., with supplement by Lucy Aikin. 1845. Annals of the reign of George III.

1816. Lives of John Selden and Archbishop Usher, with notices of the

principal English men of letters with whom they were connected.

1812. Letters from a father to his son, on topics relative to literature and the conduct of life.

3rd ed. 1796. Letters to a young lady on a course of English poetry. 1804. Memoir, with a selection of his miscellaneous pieces, by Lucy Aikin.

2 v. 1823. Aikin, Lucy

Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. 2 v. 2nd ed. 1818.
Memoirs of the Court of King James I. 2 v. 2nd ed. 1822.
Memoir of John Aikin.

2 v.


2 V.


2 v.

2 v.

2 v.

3 v.

3 v.

3 v. 3 v. 3 v.

Aikin, Lucy, Continued
Life of Joseph Addison.

Memoir of A. L. Barbauld. See Barbauld.
Memoirs, miscellanies, and letters, including those addressed to

Rev. Dr. Channing. Edited by P. H. Le Breton. 1864. Ainsworth, William F.

Travels and researches in Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, and Armenia.

1842. Ainsworth, W. Harrison Cardinal Pole, or the days of Philip and Mary.

1863. John Law the projector.

1864. The Spanish Match, or Charles Stuart at Madrid. 1865. The Constable de Bourbon.

1866. Old Court.

1867. Airy, George Biddell

Six lectures on Astronomy, delivered at Ipswich in March, 1848. Aiton, John, D.D.

The lands of the Messiah, Mahomet, and the Pope, as visited in 1851.

1852. Akenside, Mark Poetical works, with Life, by Rev. A. Dyce.

1857. Akerman, John Y.

A descriptive catalogue of rare and inedited Roman coins, from

the earliest period of the Roman coinage, to the extinction of the empire under Constantinus Paleologos, with plates.

1834. Coins of the Romans relating to Britain, described and illustrated.

1844. An archæological index to remains of antiquity of the Celtic, Romano-British, and Anglo-Saxon periods.

1847. Albemarle, George Thomas, Earl of

Memoirs of the Marquis of Rockingham and his contemporaries.

2 v. 1852. Alberoni, Cardinal Julius

Life. See Moore, G.
Albert, Prince

Early years, compiled under the direction of Her Majesty the
Queen, by Lieut. Gen. the Hon. C. Grey.


2 v.

3 v.

2 v.

Alcedo, Antonio de

Geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West

Indies. Trans. with additions from modern voyages and travels, and from original and authentic information by G. A. Thompson.

5 v. 1812. Alderson, Sir Edward

Selection from Charges and other detached papers, with an

introductory notice of his life, by C. Alderson. 1858. Alfieri, Vittorio Tragedies, translated by C. Lloyd.

1815. Alford, Henry The School of the Heart and other poems.

18:35. The Queen's English. Stray notes on speaking & spelling. 1864. Alfred, the Great

Anglo-Saxon version of Boethius De Consolatione Philosophiæ, with an English trans. by J. S. Cardale.

1829. Life, by Dr. R. Pauli. A trans. revised by the author, edited by Thos. Wright.

1852. Life, trans. from the German of Dr. R. Pauli, and Alfred's

Anglo-Saxon version of Orosius with a literal translation and an Anglo-Saxon alphabet and glossary, by B. Thorpe.

1853. Life by Asser. See Giles. Alison, Rev. Archibald

Essays on the nature and principles of Taste. 2 v. 3rd ed. 1812. Alison, Sir Archibald History of Europe from 1789 to 1815.

1839-42. Atlas to ditto. History of Europe from 1815 to 1852.

8 v. 1852-7. Index to ditto Allen, William

The Dead Sea, a new route to India, with other fragments and gleanings in the East.

2 v. 1855. Allen, William and Thomson, T. R. H.

Expedition to the river Niger in 1841, under the command of
Capt. H. D. Trotter.

2 v. 1848. Almeida, William B. d'

Life in Java, with sketches of the Javanese. 2 v. 1864.

10 v.

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