Imperial Unity and the Dominions

Clarendon Press, 1916 - 626 pagina's
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Pagina 323 - Defence, and which were to the effect that one or more representatives appointed by the respective Governments of the Dominions should be invited to attend meetings of the Committee of Imperial Defence, when questions of naval and military defence affecting the oversea Dominions...
Pagina 390 - ... every representative Legislature shall, in respect to the colony under its jurisdiction, have and be deemed at all times to have had full power to make laws respecting the constitution powers and procedure of such Legislature: Provided that such laws shall have been passed in such manner and form as may from time to time be required by any Act of Parliament Letters Patent Order in Council or colonial law for the time being in force in the said colony.
Pagina 551 - That it will be to the advantage of the Empire if a Conference, to be called the Imperial Conference, is held every four years, at which questions of common interest may be discussed and considered as between His Majesty's Government and His Governments of the self-governing Dominions beyond the seas.
Pagina 171 - The charge of the Indians, and the trusteeship and management of the lands reserved for their use and benefit, shall be assumed by the Dominion Government, and a policy as liberal as that hitherto pursued by the British Columbia Government shall be continued by the Dominion Government after the Union. To carry out such policy, tracts of land of such extent as it has hitherto been the practice of the British Columbia Government...
Pagina 308 - Chapter and any rules made thereunder shall with effect from such date as may be fixed by him in that behalf apply in relation to any class or classes of magistrates in the State as they apply in relation to persons appointed to the judicial service of the State subject to such exceptions and modifications as may be specified in the notification.
Pagina 253 - Real and personal property of every description may be taken, acquired, held, and disposed of by an alien in the same manner in all respects as by a natural-born British subject ; and a title to real and personal property of every description may be derived through, from, or in succession to an alien, in the same manner in all respects as through, from, or in succession to a natural-born British subject...
Pagina 356 - There shall be an Inter-State Commission, with such powers of adjudication and administration as The Parliament deems necessary for the execution and maintenance, within the Commonwealth, of the provisions of this Constitution relating to trade and commerce, and of all laws made thereunder.
Pagina 553 - That upon matters of importance requiring consultation between two or more Governments which cannot conveniently be postponed until the next Conference, or involving subjects of a minor character or such as call for detailed consideration, subsidiary Conferences should be held between representatives of the Governments concerned specially chosen for the purpose.
Pagina 105 - Conciliation and arbitration for the prevention and settlement of industrial disputes extending beyond the limits of any one State.
Pagina 552 - Such other Ministers as the respective Governments may appoint will also be members of the Conference— it being understood that, except by special permission of the Conference, each discussion will be conducted by not more than two representatives from each Government, and that each Government will have only one vote.

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