make him despise labor as be-, feast, we should express the neath his dignity, or demand the humble and benevolent feelings homage and service of others of our hearts, by taking the lowon that account. So far from est seats ; for he that truly acts this, he seems to have forgotten out an humble heart shall be exhis own personal honors, and alted, but he that proudly exhis whole heart was engaged in alts himself shall be abased. the work for which he came in- He set us an example of kindto the world. That God might ness to enemies ; not to render be glorified, and guilty, ruined evil for evil, to bless them that and undone sinners saved, was curse, and to pray for them that the great object of his mission ; persecute and treat us despite therefore, he says, “I seek not fully. mine own glory, but his that Did those who profess to be sent me.” And they that do the disciples of the meek and the will of God and keep his lowly Jesus, keep his example commands, let them be high and doctrines continually before or low, rich or poor, honor- them, how different would be ored or despised by the men of their life and conversation ?this world, are acknowledged as

How amiable must they appear, his dearest friends and breth- | when cloathed with humility, as

with a garment ? For when the He was not allured with the King's daughter is all glorious splendor of earthly pomp and within, her cloathing is, of greatness, nor did he court the wrought gold. company and favor of those The kingdoms of this world who were possessed of them, or have their origin in pride and

measure imitate their selfishness. From the same manners; but he came to Jeru- source have arisen innumerasalem, riding upon an ass, and ble rules and maxims of worldly a colt, the foal of an ass, at- honorand greatness. The breach tended by his disciples, who of these causes personal and were neither rich or mighty. national contentions, wars and

He chose the company where blood shed. It is accounted he could do the most good, let it honorable and manlike, by the be at a marriage feast, or eating men of the world, when the with despised publicans and sin- proud and selfish feelings of ners. He was among his dis- their hearts are crossed, by a ciples as one that served, and fancied or real injury, to resent did not disdain even to wash the same with spirit and firmtheir feet, although he was their ness, least they appear low, dasLord and Master. His public tardly and mean. But let Christeaching was without pomp and tians look unto Jesus, as their ostentation, in all the simplicity their great example and pattern, and majesty of truth. He re- when they are tempted to exalt proved, without respect of per- or avenge themselves. sons, the sins, hypocrisy and When did he ever exalt hima follies of men.

self or seek his own glory?He taught us never to set up When did he resent or revenge ourselves or demand honor from personal injuries ? Among his others. That when bidden to a disciples he was as Vol. V. No. 1.


in any

one that

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served, he went about doing, world ? 'As a parent do I walk good. When abused and ill circumspectly before my house, treated, he patiently suffered. not inculcating by example, When reviled he reviled not a- pride and selfishness? Do I gain, but prayed for his perse-teach my children the meek, cutors and murderers, “ Father humble spirit and doctrines of forgive them, for they know Jesus, and hold up his example not what they do."

as the most amiable and honorIf we have not the spirit of able pattern for them to follow ? Christ, let us make ever

Can I, in humble imitation much profession of discipleship, of my divine Lord, pray from we are none of his, nor will he the heart, that God would for. own us as such. If any man give my enemies, who have inlove the world, its ways, max- jured and abused me? Such ims and feelings, more than the reflections as these might often humiliating doctrines of Christ, remind us of our duty, and lead the love of the Father is not us to humble repentance for our in him. The light that shines sinful deficiency. most amiable in the Chris- How lovely is the Christian tian character, is from the or- character, adorned with humilinament of a meek, humble ty? What a train of graces atand quiet spirit. This more than tend it? It is the humble soul all other things distinguishes alone that can be truly happy in the Christian from the world in this world, or that is prepared common, and is an evidence to for the blessedness of Heaven. himself and others, that he be-. Such alone will be approved by longs to that kingdom that is not our Lord, when he comes to of this world.

judge the world.

To the poor The operation of pride and in spirit he will give the king. selfishness appears in so many dom of Heaven, but the proud colors and forms, wearing some- he knoweth afar off. ZETA. times the garb' of reason, and sometimes of religion, that we TO THE EDITORS OF THE CON. carinot too carefully watch and NECTICUT EVANGELICAL MAexamine our own hearts. With what propriéty then, as in the It has been a question, What are solemn view of judgment and the comforts of the Holy Ghost ? eternity, might we often ask our- T is conceived the comforts of selves such fol- the Holy Ghost, are much lowing : Do I possess the hum- the same as joy in the Holy ble, benevolent and forgiving Ghost, or joy and peace in bespirit of the meek and lowly lieving, produced by the power Jesus, as the governing principle of the Holy Ghost. This joy in heart and life? Does my light or comfort is spiritual, both in its thus shine in what distinguishes cause and effect, in the heart of a Christian before men, or am I every believer. It hath also spirconformed to the proud and self-itual objects, from which it deish feelings of a sinful world? Am rives its consolation. I afraid or ashamed, before scof- Joy produced by the Holy fing sinners, or formal profes- Ghost, or the comfort of the sors, to do what duty requires Holy Ghost, is heaven begun in in regard to this or another the souls of the children of God,


wherein they take present sat- the Lord, they will joy in the isfaction in his love. Yea, it is God of their salvation. begun glory; for it is the very

The joy or

comforts which comfort which the soul enjoys the Holy Ghost gives, are such, in God, and in his promises that the more persons employ The Holy Ghost leads to God, their souls in them, the more and to happiness in him ; for comfort and sweetness they find what else is happiness, but the in them. Their rejoicing is in fruition of, and living upon a the light of God's countenance. happifying object. And such is The believer seeks after this felithis joy; for it is Heaven in the city; and the enjoyment of it is soul; a foretaste of the felicities his rejoicing; for he knows his of those who are now in the happiness is grounded in the place of blessedness. But it is love of God. His favor is life, only begun glory. There are and his loving kindness is better higher degrees, and more per- than life. Hence spiritual joy fect fruitions that remain for the hath this love, and is that from people of God in another world. which it draws all its consolation But these are the beginings and and refreshment. earnest tokens thereof, and come The true joy of the child of to the soul by acts of believing. God, fixes not on the things of Peter says, whom having not

this world, and rejoices in them seen, ye love; in whom though him, through Christ in the new

only as they come from God to now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeak- his father's care.

covenant ; and are witnesses of

One beam of able and full of glory.

his love, darted into his soul, hath The children of God only, are more ravishing delight in it, the subjects of this joy: no than if he had the whole world stranger intermeddles therewith. in possession. And this is the The new name written in the joy of hope, through the Holy white stone, no man knoweth, Ghost, as the Apostle calls it. saying he that receiveth it. But these are but foretastes of a

The joy or comfort we are a glorious fruition, which are enquiring after, is that which is very imperfect compared with suited to the soul and thorough-that of sight, which shall be ly affects it: as said Mary, My hereafter. And the reason of soul doth magnify the Lord, and this foretasted joy is, because the my spirit hath rejoiced in God life of the children of God here, my Saviour. This affords mat- is by faith. And that which ter of joy when the outward nourishes this faith is laid up in man is encompassed and oppres- the promises, and draws consosed with distressing trouble.- lation from them. For although the fig tree shall These are comforts of the not blossom, neither shall fruit | Holy Ghost; and are called be in the vines, the labor of the breasts of consolation; and by olive shall fail, and the fields faith they give nourishment to shall yield no meat; the flocks Christians. The love of God is shall be cut off from the fold, shed abroad in their hearts, by and there shall be no'herd in the the Holy Ghost, which is given stalls ; yet they will rejoice in unto them. And they have the


' fatness of his house; which is at they are the children of God. present a part of their portion. And this affords them unspeakThey are his children, and can able comfort. cry Abba father.

The king- 2. Believers are satisfied in dom of God is secured to them. their title to this portion. And

These things afford matter for this is another comfort of the abundant joy; and they have not Holy Ghost. only the witness of their own They not only conclude there hearts, but the testimony of is enough in God to fill their God's spirit to confirm it unto most enlarged desires, but can them. And this is jcy that is say, that God is their God forhad in communion with God, as

They have a property in all his children have. The him, and can lay claim to all the Psalmist says, They shall be good he hath made over to them abundantly satisfied with the fat- in the promises. They know ness of thy house, and thou that the promises are their inshalt make them drink of the heritance; and that they are river of thy pleasures. My soul sure, and cannot fail; and thereshall be filled with marrow and fore all the happiness that, in fatness; and my mouth shall them is settled upon the chilpraise thee with joyful lips. dren of God, is theirs; and they

The joy or comfort of the shall as certainly enjoy it, as if children of God, is but now be- they were now in full possession gun: it shall be perfected in of it. Tor we know, says the glory. Here we may consider, Apostle, that if our earthly house

1. That one part of the joy of this tabernacle were dissolved and comfort which the Holy we have a building of God, an Ghost gives the children of house not made with hands, God, is satisfaction in their

por- eternal in the Heavens. tion. They see enough in it.- And this eternal house is They look no further for an ob- made over by an everlasting ject that may make them happy. title, and secured by an obligaWorldly persons, notwithstand- tion that shall stand by the chiling all their enjoyments, are dren of God, when the world, and seeking new objects to fix upon. all that is in it, shall be burnt But believers have found their up; for they are become one resting place, and their all; and with, and are under the shadow can feelingly say, that it is good of the wings of the Almighty ; for them to draw near to God.-- having betaken themselves to They are not indeed, satisfied Christ, who is the mighty God. with those measures of enjoy- And their joy flows from the ment which they have, but are light of his countenance, the still reaching forward ; and in smiles of his favor, and the sealthis respect, they are short of the ing of his spirit. contentment which the glorined Let the world rage, and Hell spirits enjoy. But they are sat- vent its spite and malice never istied in their object, and resolve so much, yet in their title they it is enough, and will go no are securely confident. For they where else, because they have are hidden under the wings of eternal life in God. The spirit the Almighty, where they are witnesses with their spirits, that I forever safe. They want na


new title, but only to possess are so often mourning, doubting, what they have secured to them; sinking, an at a loss in themeven that joy or love of compla- selves? To this it may be ancency which God extends to his swered in general, that a soveown, in which he manifests him- | reign God may dispense his self to them as their God, and grace in what measure he pleamakes known his purposes of ses to his people: And his ingood to them.

finite wisdom proportions those They have received the first benefits that belong to their fruits of joy and comfort, and of journey, as shall best serve to God's special love to them, prepare them for, and bring which are the earnests of the them to glory in the end. And full harvest they are to gather these joys and comforts are at reaping tinie.

such, that they cant bear only 3. We may add, that believ- small degrees of them in this ers delight in their portion.- life, because of human weakThe Holy Ghost gives them comfort in God their portion.- But the joy of believers is of They are glad in the Lord all another nature, and expresseth the day long. They say with itself in a different manner from the Psalmist, Return unto thy the worldling's joy. The excelrest Oh my soul, for the Lord lency of a believers joy and conhath dealt bountifully with thee. solation cannot be known by a This makes them willing to fol- carnal mind. But a soul that low Christ, to endure his cross,

hath God for his portion, and and despise the shame. They knows the preciousness of grace, joy in the Lord, when they have the vileness and odiousness of nothing else to rejoice in. And sin, can distinguish between the indeed, they want nothing else. mirth of fools, and the refined Yea, in the midst of all tribula- joy and comforts of the Holy tions, they can rejoice in the Ghost. And in this solid rehope of the glory of God. Tho' jocing, he grows more and more their joy is here assaulted by like God, who is perfect joy and trials, that which is to be in holiness; and so the Christian another world, will be above is fully contented in his portion, them. Let this be a comfort to his Lord, and his sanctifier, who every true child of God, that loves to give refreshment to they are coming to it, as fast as those that love him. And this days and nights can pass away.

he will do, as tokens of that joy And this is one of the privileges which is to come, in the most or benefits that belong to those intimate communion with him, who are chosen of God. Light in the highest Heavens, where is sown for the righteous, and there is nothing but untainted gladness for the upright in heart. joy and comfort. Rejoice in the Lord, Oh ye The churches of old walked righteous, and give thanks at in the comforts of the Holy the remembrance of his holiness. Ghost. These comforts are the

If it be here asked, why be- refreshments communicated by lievers have no more of this joy, the Holy Ghost. (or no more of the comforts of the joy, the delight, the satisthe Holy Ghost) and why they faction and happiness which he

The peace,

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