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Pagina 28 - This MS. is without any illuminations, nor could I find in it any trace of the Irish language. Vol. XXV., containing Nos. 8530-8534, is a "collectanea" which belonged to some Jesuit library, and contains a tract entitled " De Sanctis Hibernise Item de Hibernise Historia et quod qui Scoti appellantur usque ad annum fere 900 patria Hiberni fuerunt.
Pagina 6 - It itinerarium Joannis de Mandeville militis. The initial letters of the four different pieces are about two inches in diameter, and ornamented in vermilion and pink colours, but not very neatly executed, and the same observation applies to the penmanship. The first leaf of this MS. is vellum, then follow four of paper, and then two of vellum, and so on until the eightieth, which is of vellum also, and which is the last in the volume. Mandeville and Tungdolus are in the text styled
Pagina 6 - The name of the scribe has not been discovered in any part of the volume. Vol. II. containing the Nos. 1160, 1 161, 1162, and 1 163, is a middle-sized folio also in the Latin language, bound in wood covered with calf-skin, and ornamented with brass clasps. This volume is entitled, in the classing of the old library, to which it belonged, as follows : " Navigatio S. Brendani ad varias Insulas cum aliis. — Beth. Louv. 48 F.
Pagina 24 - Jberniffi," be instantly sent to the press, I find it difficult, and next to impossible, to resist their reasonable demand, since the MS. itself has been perused by several amongst them, and has been pronounced not only worthy of being printed, but highly necessary for the credit and advantage of this kingdom. Therefore, I have written again to the examiners, that each would privately report their opinions on this work as soon as possible to your paternity ; though all in their letters to me greatly...
Pagina 24 - In a letter of Robert Nugent, superior of his brethren in Ireland, and addressed from Kilkenny, January 10, 1646, to F. Charles Sangri, I read what follows : " ' I have given the commission to four of our fathers diligently to examine the works of F. Stephen White, and to forward their judgment to your paternity...
Pagina 24 - MS. which I have just ventured to express. " Stephen White. This Irish Father deserves a fuller eulogium than I am able to supply. He was the author of some historical pieces relating to Ireland, in confutation of the assertions of Giraldus Cambrensis. The Rev.
Pagina 6 - Insulas cum aliis. — Beth. Louv. 48 F." At the commencement and also at the end of the MS. may be found the following note : " Pertinet Mosterio Cansnor. Reglarm. in Bethleem ppe. Lovanium.
Pagina 19 - Annales Roscreenses." The initial line is " Patricius Archiepus in Hiberniam venit atque Scotos baptizare inchoat, nono anno Theodos. minoris,
Pagina 9 - The paper upon which this MS. is written is very coarse, and some of the writing not well executed, in comparison with other MSS. written by Michael O'Clery, whose name appears at folio 75, and also at the end of the first part of the volume, where it is stated that the MS. was finished at Donegal, upon the 7th of August, 1631, by " Brother Michael O'Clery." The name of this individual appears in several places of the second part also, with various dates in the year 1629. See pp. 7, 22. From these...
Pagina 19 - Juris peritissimi, in Ormonia, per Ferbissium ad usum RD Joannis Lynch. Ab anno Christi circiter 571 ad annum plus minus 910.

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