Elements of Meteorology: On the constitution of the atmosphere


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Pagina 317 - CHARICLES ; a Tale illustrative of Private Life among the Ancient Greeks : with Notes and Excursuses. New Edition. Post Svo.
Pagina 258 - From the foregoing statements it may be safely inferred that " the mean height of the barometer at the level of the sea being the same in every part of the globe...
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Pagina 195 - The apparent permanency and stationary aspect of a cloud is often an optical deception arising from the solution of moisture on one side of a given point as it is precipitated on the other. No phenomenon is more common amongst mountains or upon hills by the seaside than clouds upon the summits which appear to be perfectly immovable, although a strong wind is blowing upon them at the time.
Pagina 11 - Place struck on the happy idea, that this might arise from the heat developed in the act of that condensation which necessarily takes place at every vibration by which sound is conveyed. The matter was subjected to exact calculation, and the result was at once the complete explanation of the residual phenomenon, and a striking confirmation of the general law of the developement of heat by compression, under circumstances beyond artificial imitation.
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Pagina 230 - ... where districts of dry earth are found, as in Mexico for instance. The partial vacuum thus formed will, in both hemispheres, be supplied by the adjacent air lying, we shall suppose, between the latitudes of thirty and fifty degrees. If this be admitted, most of the phenomena of the Trade Winds, will, I conceive, be readily explained. It must be granted, however, before proceeding farther, that a volume of air put into motion, is like every other body, possessed with a momentum, which will continue...

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