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Pagina 58 - A Discourse of Freethinking, occasioned by the rise and growth of a Sect called Freethinkers...
Pagina 48 - A Confutation of the Rhemists Translation, Glosses and Annotations on the New Testament so farre as they containe manifest impieties, heresies, idolatries, Superstitions, Prophanesse, Treasons, Slanders, Absurdities, Falsehoods and other evills.
Pagina 81 - The Auncient Ecclesiastical Histories of the first six hundred yeares after Christ, written in the Greeke tongue by three learned Historiographers, Eusebius, Socrates, and Evagrius . . . All which Authors are faithfully translated out of the Greeke tongue by Meredith Hanmer.
Pagina 4 - A Testimonie of Antiquitie, shewing the auncient fayth in the Church of England touching the Sacrament of the body and bloude of the Lord, here publikely preached, and also receaued in the Saxons' tyme, aboue 600 yeares agoe. Imprinted at London by John Day, dwelling ouer Aldersgate beneath S.
Pagina 35 - The Light of the World : a most True Relation of a Pilgrimess travelling towards Eternity. Divided into Three Parts; which deserve to be read, understood, and considered by all who desire to be saved. Reprinted from the edition of 1696. Beautifully printed by Clay on toned paper. Crown 8vo. pp. 593, bevelled boards, 10s.
Pagina 203 - A Spiritual Journey of a Young Man, towards the Land of Peace, to live therein Essentially in God, who met in his Journey with three sorts of Disputes, With some Proverbs or Sentences which the Old-Age spake to the Young Man.
Pagina 149 - The History of the Parliament of England: Which began November the third 1640.
Pagina 156 - Vse, and Doctrine of the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist in the old Church ; as likewise how, when, and by what Degrees the Masse is brought in, in Place thereof. Translated by KS Lond.
Pagina 27 - The Text of the New Testament translated out of the vulgar Latine by the Papists of the...
Pagina 65 - A, and Impartial View of The Manner and Occasion of the Scots Colony's Coming away from Darien. In A Letter to a Person of Quality. [Signed PC] Printed in the Year 1699. 40 p. 4°. Reserve Scott no. 69. Some early former owner of this copy has inserted 'Edinburgh' before, and 'by James Watson

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