Lives of great missionaries (by the author of 'Hymns from the land of Luther').


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Pagina 16 - Take that ! she will call me a fool and scold me, if I carry a chip to her.' ' No,' I replied, ' she will not, take it, and go immediately; I am in haste.
Pagina 16 - Imagine, amid this wilderness, a number of small squares, each enclosing half a dozen wooden houses, and about a dozen men ; and between...
Pagina 8 - ... weak and feeble that my nature seemed as if it would speedily dissolve. I feel as if my all was lost, and I was undone for this world, if the poor Heathen may not be converted.
Pagina 15 - So we told him on the morrow, that he need not journey on, But stay and tell us further of that loving, dying One. And thus we heard of Jesus first, and felt the wondrous power Which makes his people willing in his own accepted hour.
Pagina 16 - Yes,' said the astonished warrior, 'but I did not hear it say anything.' ' If you did not, I did,' was the reply, ' for it made known to me what he wanted, and all you have to do is to return with it as quickly as possible.
Pagina 8 - Lord ;" that in life and death, we may be his! " I am in a very poor state of health ; I think, scarce ever poorer : but. through divine goodness, I am not discontented under my weakness, and confinement to this wilderness. I bless God for this retirement ; I never was more thankful for any thing, than I have been of late for the necessity I am under of self-denial in many respects.
Pagina 16 - Imagine an immense extent of country, many hundred miles broad and many hundred miles long, covered with dense forests, expanded lakes, broad rivers...
Pagina 17 - With this the chief leaped out of the house; and catching up the mysterious piece of wood, he ran through the settlement with the chip in one hand and the square in the other, holding them up as high as his arms would reach, and shouting as he went, ' See the wisdom of these English people; they can make chips talk...
Pagina 9 - ... day makes up a complete year from the first time of my preaching to these Indians in New Jersey. What amazing things has God wrought in this space of time, for...

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