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Pagina 343 - That hangs his head, and a' that ? The coward-slave, we pass him by, We dare be poor for a' that ! For a' that, and a' that, Our toils obscure, and a' that ; The rank is but the guinea stamp ; The man's the gowd for a
Pagina 377 - The various systems that have been formed concerning the standard of right and wrong, may all be reduced to the principle of sympathy and antipathy.' One account may serve for all of them. They consist all of them...
Pagina 96 - ... that age) ; of the promised sight, or play ; of praised sufficiency at school. It is of mangling and clear-starching, of the price of coals, or of potatoes. The questions of the child, that should be the very outpourings of curiosity in idleness, are marked with forecast and melancholy providence. It has come to be a woman, before it was a child. It has learned to go to market ; it chaffers, it haggles, it envies, it murmurs; it is knowing, acute, sharpened ; it never prattles.
Pagina 244 - Clothing the palpable and the familiar With golden exhalations of the dawn. Whatever fortunes wait my future toils, The beautiful is vanished — and returns not.
Pagina 95 - The innocent prattle of his children takes out the sting of a man's poverty. But the children of the very poor do not prattle. It is none of the least frightful features in that condition, that there is no childishness in its dwellings. Poor people, said a sensible old nurse to us once, do not bring up their children ; they drag then*up.
Pagina 96 - The children of the very poor have no young times. It makes the very heart lo bleed to overhear the casual street-talk between a poor woman and her little girl, a woman of the better sort of poor, in a condition rather above the squalid beings which we have been contemplating. It is not of toys, of nursery books, of summer holidays (fitting that age) ; of the promised sight, or play ; of praised sufficiency at school. It is of mangling and clear-starching, of the price of coals, or of potatoes.
Pagina 299 - Ce n'est pas comme général que je gouverne , mais parce que la nation croit que j'ai les qualités civiles propres au gouvernement; si elle n'avait pas cette opinion, le gouvernement ne se soutiendrait pas.
Pagina 31 - ... has neither moral dignity, nor intellectual nor organic strength, to resist the seductions of appetite. His wife and children, too frequently subjected to the same process, are unable to cheer his remaining moments of leisure.
Pagina 31 - Domestic economy is neglected, domestic comforts are too frequently unknown. A meal of coarse food is hastily prepared, and devoured with precipitation. Home has little other relation to him than that of shelter — few pleasures are there — it chiefly presents to him a scene of physical exhaustion, from which he is glad to escape. His house is ill furnished, uncleanly, often ill ventilated — perhaps damp; his food, from want of forethought and domestic economy, is meagre and innutritious; he...
Pagina 96 - It was never sung to, — no one ever told to it a tale of the nursery. It was dragged up, to live or to die as it happened. It had no young dreams. It broke at once into the iron realities of life. A child exists not for the very poor as any object of dalliance ; it is only another mouth to be fed, a pair of little hands to be betimes inured to labor.

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