Bibliotheca Americana Being a Choice Collection of Books Relating to North and South America and the West-Indies

Renouard, 1831 - 138 pagina's

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Pagina 85 - Observations on the American Revolution. Published according to a Resolution of Congress, by their Committee, for the Consideration of those, who are desirous of comparing the Conduct of the opposed Parties, and the several Consequences which have flowed from it.
Pagina 67 - Relation de ce qui s'est passé de plus remarquable aux Missions des Pères de la Compagnie de Jésus, en la Nouvelle France, les années 1673 à 1679.
Pagina 23 - Memorials of Columbus; or, A collection of authentic documents of that celebrated navigator, now first published from the original manuscripts, by order of the decurions of Genoa; preceded by a memoir of his life and discoveries. Translated from the Spanish and Italian.
Pagina 92 - Sketches of the Province of East Florida ; and Anecdotes illustrative of the Habits and Manners of the Seminole Indians : with an Appendix, containing a Detail of the Seminole War, and the Execution of Arbuthnot and Ambrister.
Pagina 15 - Voyages from Asia to America, for completing the Discoveries of the Northwest Coast of America. To which is prefixed a Summary of the Voyages made by the Russians on the Frozen Sea in search of a Northeast Passage.
Pagina 68 - THE HISTORY OF GREENLAND: including an Account of the Mission carried on by the United Brethren in that Country.
Pagina 74 - A SPEECH intended to have been spoken on the bill for altering the charters of the Colony of Massachusett's Bay.
Pagina 135 - A New Map of the Province of Quebec, according to the Royal Proclamation of the 7th of October, 1763, from the French Surveys connected with those made after the War, by Captain Carver, and other Officers in His Majesty's Service.
Pagina 22 - Maritime Geography and Statistics ; or a Description of the Ocean and its Coasts, Maritime Commerce, Navigation, &c.
Pagina 13 - A new voyage round the world. Describing particularly, the isthmus of America, several coasts and islands in the West Indies, the Isles of Cape Verd, the passage by Terra del Fuego, the South Sea coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico...

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