A History of the Thirty Years' Peace, A.D. 1816-1846, Volume 4

G. Bell and sons, 1878

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Pagina 5 - History of Arms and Armour from the Earliest Period. By Auguste Demmin. Trans. by CC Black, MA, Assistant Keeper, SK Museum. 1900 Illustrations.
Pagina 10 - DICTIONARY, this volume contains the following Appendices, which will show that no pains have been spared to make it a complete Literary Reference-book : — A Brief History of the English Language. By Professor JAMES HADLEV.
Pagina 404 - ... when they shall recruit their exhausted strength with abundant and untaxed food, the sweeter because it is no longer leavened by a sense of injustice.
Pagina 5 - Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature. Containing an Account of Rare and Curious BOOKS published in or relating to Great Britain and Ireland, from the Invention of Printing, with Biographical Notices and Prices, by WT Lowndes.
Pagina 9 - His laborious comparison of twenty languages, though never published, bore fruit in his own mind, and his training placed him both in knowledge and judgment far in advance of Johnson as a philologist. Webster's...

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