The New Bath Guide

R. Cruthwell, 1789 - 79 pagina's
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Pagina 22 - That gentlemen crowding before the ladies at the ball show ill-manners, and that none do so for the future — except such as respect nobody but themselves. 7. That no gentleman or lady take it ill that another dances before them — except such as have no pretence to dance at all.
Pagina 8 - Sudatories, conftrueled upon elegant Plans, with Floors fufpended upon SquareBrick Pillars, and furrounded with tubulated Bricks, for the equal Conveyance of Heat and Vapour.
Pagina 22 - That no gentleman or lady take it ill that another dances before them — except such as have no pretence to dance at all. VIII. That the elder ladies and children be contented with a second bench at the ball, as being past, or not come to, perfection. IX. That the younger ladies take notice how many eyes observe them.
Pagina 15 - Abbey-Church ; the fpring or main fource of which is in the centre, and is covered over with a large leaden refervoir to reftrain its rapid motion, and to difperfe the water more equally to the different parts of the Bath, as well as to receive the pipes of the different pumps, which fupply the water for drinking; by which means, as the water flows upwards in a ftrong, large, and uninterrupted ftream, all communication between the water ufed for drinking, and the water in the bath, is prevented.
Pagina 31 - The weft front of this elegant ftrufture is enriched with feveral ftatues, befides a reprefentation of the vifion of Oliver King, as above related. It contains many curious monuments ; has a handfome altar-piece, reprefenting the Wife Men's Offering, given in the year 1725 by General Wade, one of the reprefentatives of this city ; and an excellent organ, thought by very good judges to be one of the beft in Europe. This church was formerly called the Lantern of England...
Pagina 51 - ... be paid one moiety to the informer, and the other moiety to the poor of the parish...
Pagina 49 - Cornwall ; and his temper and affections so public, that no accident which happened could make any impressions in him ; and his example kept others from taking any thing ill, or at least seeming to do so. In a word, a brighter courage, and a gentler disposition, were never married together to make the most cheerful and innocent conversation.
Pagina 63 - In the neighbourhood of every univerfity there are girls, who with fome beauty, more coquetry, and little fortune, lie upon the watch for every raw amorous youth. Our hero was quickly caught...
Pagina 56 - Egyptian mummies. In the chapel stands a chest of old armour, brought from the castle, on opening of which were found three original letters, written by Oliver Cromwell; two of them, it is said, were lent to a gentleman who never returned them, the third is preserved...
Pagina 48 - His courage work'd like flames, cast heat about, Here, there, on this, on that side, none gave out. Not any pike in that renowned stand, But took new force from his inspiring hand, Soldier encourag'd soldier, man urg'd man, And he urg'd all ; so far example can.

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